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RUSH: What did I say in the previous hour? The president’s jobs plan that everybody’s awaiting in September: Just redo the stimulus. Just double it. The first stimulus was so good, it just wasn’t big enough, all those jobs that were created and saved. Just do it again, especially since you know the Republicans won’t go for it. Remember the president’s jobs program — I told you this yesterday — the president’s jobs program is not a jobs program. It is a campaign proposal. Everything the Bamster does from here on out is about reelection. It’s not about substantive economic policy or foreign policy or anything of the sort.

Now, I know I’m right about this. If the strategery is to not run on the record, ’cause they can’t run on the record, but they want to, what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna run on how good the record would have been if it weren’t for all the Republican obstructionism. Now, they’re gonna have to work awfully hard to pull that off because we all know that Barack Obama had supermajorities in the House and Senate for the first two years of his presidency, and we’re only at a little over two and a half years. So for 2009 and 2010, he had 60 votes in the Senate; until Scott Brown was elected, he had supermajority in the House. The Republicans did not have the numbers to stop him on anything. In fact, there wasn’t much Republican obstructionism. The Republicans were scared to death to say anything critical of Obama for the first year. The only obstructionism he got was from conservative media.

He didn’t get any obstructionism from Republicans and he’s not getting a whole lot now, but he is getting a lot of obstruction, nothing we can do other than talk, but conservative
media is not rolling over and playing dead for the guy. So he’s gonna come along and gonna say, “Look, if it weren’t for all that obstruction, my record, we would be in great shape if it weren’t for the Republicans.” But, of course, they couldn’t have stopped him.

Well, “The Tatler has learned President Obama’s new jobs program might be unveiled right after Labor Day. The White House has gone silent for a long time while unemployment remains above 9% and economic growth slumps to .4%. What could be his new, imaginative idea? Could be Stimulus 2? … Today’s Washington Post is floating a trial balloon from White House aides that report: ‘President Obama has decided to press Congress for a new round of stimulus spending.’ No dollar amounts were mentioned.” There it is, Stimulus 2. I’m gonna tell you right now, minimum trillion dollars. First stimulus on the record is $787 billion, 797, whatever it is. He’ll go for $1.3, 1.4 trillion. And it won’t be with the expectation of getting it.

He wants the mileage out of opposing it. He wants the mileage out of the Republicans saying “no” to new jobs, “no” to a growing economy, “no” to tax increases on corporate jet owners. That’s what he’s setting up here. We and everybody know it’s coming. Only now, instead of relying on the Republicans in Congress as the primary opponents, it’s going to be the Republican presidential candidates who will be carrying the water, who will be articulating the opposition to this. So while Obama is going to be trying — see, this is the pitfall I think awaiting the regime. While they are going to be running against the Republicans for obstructing his wonderful agenda, the fact is the focus of attention is going to be on the Republican presidential nominee and the Republican presidential nominee, whoever he is, will have had nothing to do with anything Congress did, unless of course the nominee happens to be Paul Ryan. And they’re still floating that out there.

Folks, in a pure political sense this ought to be a slam dunk to swat away. Here’s a guy with the most publicly, openly seeable, viewable, failed economic record since Jimmy Carter, the most profound public failure as a president in anybody’s lifetime who is alive today, who is going to be running for reelection on how good things would be right now if it weren’t for all the stuff the Republicans did standing in his way, except the Republicans in Congress aren’t gonna be running for president. A different bunch of Republicans are, and none of them have anything to do with whatever the White House is going to be accusing the Republicans of doing in terms of obstructing Obama. This ought to be a piece of cake.

So he’s gonna come out, he’s gonna propose this massive stimulus, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s double the size, $1.7, 1.5 trillion. Why not go for the whole shebang since you
know it’s never gonna get passed. You don’t want it passed necessarily. I mean you’ll take it if it happens, but that’s not why you’re doing it. You’re doing it because of all the things you’ll be able to say you want to happen because of it, massive new employment, unbridled economic growth, punishment of corporate jet owners, all of this if we could just get the new stimulus. Yes, the facts and figures are in, our first stimulus was so wonderful, it was so great, saved so many jobs, it was just too small. Now we’re gonna make that correction, we’re gonna make it twice as big. That’s what they’re gonna do. They want to be able to say what will happen if it passes, what the Republicans are preventing from happening. That’s it. So simple.

Folks, this ought to be one of the easiest things for the Republican Party in the history of campaigns to swat away. All the Republican presidential candidates, even before we have a nominee, in the debates, campaign appearances, all they have to say is what I just said, just tell the American people what Obama’s doing, that he doesn’t really expect this stimulus to ever be passed. That’s not why he’s proposed it. Just tell ’em, hit ’em between the eyes with the truth. The president is not even focusing on jobs with this. The president is not even trying to grow the economy. The president knows he can’t grow the economy with his policies. His policies shrink the economy. What Obama’s trying to do is blame the Republican Party for what he has done. It’s that simple.

That’s the message. You tell that to every group you speak to, on every television show you appear. I myself will do it. I, however, myself will not be the nominee. I don’t want to be. But that’s gonna be the message. That simple. Already have it figured out. That is why I feel confident ’cause I’ve already got it figured out. I know what they’re gonna spring on us after Labor Day. I’m confident I can take my August recess golf trip in total comfort that I am already prepared for what I’m gonna be faced with when I come back. I already have a strategery to deal with it. And, ladies and gentlemen, as I said in the first hour, the burdens of this office are always with me, whether I’m on the golf course or in the 19th hole or on a massage table. They’re always with me.

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