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RUSH: I could swear that I had this story a week ago before I went to vacation. In fact, I know I did. It may have been about a different company. I think it was. It was about a different green outset. Now, listen to this. This from Fox News: “A green jobs program in one of America’s greenest cities is being called a bust 16 months after a $20 million federal grant to weatherize homes in Seattle ended up putting just 14 people to work in mostly administrative jobs and upgrading only three homes in the area. ‘The jobs are not there,’ Todd Myers, who wrote the book ‘Eco Fads,’ told Fox News. ‘So we’re training people for jobs that don’t exist.'”

What was it? Before I left on vacation, there was a story like this, some green outfit shutting down. I think it also had to do with the weatherization of homes — and, of course,
“green energy jobs,” this is one of Obama’s big hooks for the future. This is where our economy is gonna revive. And this is the kind of nonsense that evolves from discussions… It was a solar power company that went kaput. That’s it. It was a Massachusetts solar power company went kaput and they moved to China. That’s what it was. They moved over to ChiComs. Now it’s a green outfit in Seattle. This is happening everywhere. Nobody’s buying the Volt, the whole foundation of the new technology and all these new green jobs that Obama promised is just imploding on itself. It never existed in the first place!

Now, you ask yourself. These are smart people. I mean, they’ve got college degrees. They have, as we used to say in Missouri, “book learning.” But they’re idiots! They’re just full-blown idiots, and they sit around the faculty lounge and they theorize about all this stuff. (interruption) What do you mean, “no”? Oh, of course they’re all liberal idiots. I don’t think I need to mention that they’re liberals. Everybody knows that. I’m sorry, these people sit around in the faculty lounge and they theorize about all these utopian stuff. None of them have ever been in the private sector. None of ’em have ever changed the oil in their car, they’ve never gotten their fingernails dirty, and they’re sitting around talking about “clean, renewable energy.”

There’s no such thing. Even the sun’s not renewable! The sun’s gonna burn out someday. The sun is gonna run out of energy. It’s gonna go dark. Yet somebody who believes in this nonsense has been elected president of the United States and has made it a central portion of his jobs program to create all of these green energy jobs, and there aren’t any. In fact, there is a country that has really gone full bore into trying to do this, and they practically bankrupted themselves. The country is Spain — and it happened recently, within years. Recently enough that anybody could learn, this is not what you do. Yet here we are, continuing to plod forward on this same myth. We’re chasing rainbows. I don’t want to hear all these good intentions.

“Well, Rush, you gotta at least give ’em credit for their good intentions. They’re trying.” I don’t know. That doesn’t count. All their good intentions, what did that get us with the war on poverty? What did that get us with the Great Society, all these great intentions? Every liberal program come down the pike… Social Security (I know this is gonna irritate some of you) is a Ponzi scheme that is given credibility simply because it’s run by the government. But it’s no different than what Bernard Madoff was doing. There’s not a shred’s bit of difference in what Madoff was doing and what Social Security is — pure and simple — and we have reached the point where Madoff went to jail in Social Security. There’s no longer money to pay late-arriving investors.

The early investors get paid off as later suckers pour money into the program. In our case, it was mandatory. We had to invest. We were given no choice. But it’s a failure. It’s an absolute disaster. Look at how many programs in our entitlement structure are modeled after Social Security: Medicare, Medicaid, you name it — and behind every one of these programs was big hearts, good intentions, compassion. “We are going to help people,” and we’re not. How are people being helped now? It’s all caught up with us. And now, green jobs. Seattle green jobs program. I forgot to tell you there’s a really key element of this story that in my eagerness here, I left out. They got 20 million federal dollars (which is really what this is all about.)

They got 20 million federal dollars to weatherize homes. Fourteen jobs were created with the $20 million, most of them administrative, and only three homes were upgraded. Now, what do you think happened to the money? From back in July of 2009, press release from Obama’s union brownshirts, the SEIU: “Union Leader Says Greening Buildings Key to a Green Economy — Speaking at the National Conference of State Legislatures’ (NCSL) Summit on ‘Green Jobs,’ 32BJ SEIU President Mike Fishman called on lawmakers around the country to prioritize buildings in their green strategies because buildings account for 60% of the country’s total energy consumption and generate 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions.”

So manmade global warming (a hoax and a fraud) was the basis on which federal dollars were borrowed, printed, spent, taxed, whatever, and given to other people for phony jobs that were never gonna be anything. It’s a money-laundering scam! The green jobs industry is a money-laundering scam. It’s a vote-buying scam. It’s nothing other than a slush fund. The stimulus plan? Slush fund. Green jobs sound good, and look at how many companies get on board this green business in their marketing, ’cause they think that you, the general public, have fallen for it. So every company touts how they’re greening their manufacturing process, greening their sales process, greening the very ingredients in their products or service or what have you, all to make you think they care about the environment and that they are good stewards.

In fact all it is is a giant slush fund. It’s one slush fund after another, federal taxpayer dollars going to Democrat candidates, supporters, donors, what have you, under the guise of creating a new industry, “green jobs;” weatherizing homes, protecting the environment, saving the climate. It’s a huge, huge scam. Anything to do with energy and the environment that involves manmade global warming, climate change, is now an official scam. Three homes weatherized in Seattle! Do you know what that means? That means they just picked three homes to weatherize just to be able to say that the program did some work for which it was created. Fourteen people in administrative posts hired with a $20 million federal grant. Would somebody explain to me how a $20 million federal grant to weatherize homes is an industry anyway, green or otherwise?

Tell me how in the name of Sam Hill does that create jobs? So the president gets to run around and talk about all the job creation he’s engaged in, all the new energy, all this sweet sounding stuff — and every bit of it is a scam just like Social Security and Madoff was a scam. And, folks, it’s important to understand this because all of this, all of this comes from the American left. All of this is liberalism. This is what liberalism is. This scam, “green jobs,” I’ll tell you: The end result is nothing more than shifting money to unions. In fact, I’d venture to say that over 75% of every Obama jobs or similar-type initiative has been a scam or a ruse to get money to unions, because that money will come back in the form of dues (donations, contributions, what have you) to the Democrat Party.

In the meantime, you, the innocent citizens of this country, are being lied to and scammed — taken to the bank, taken to the cleaners — while you lose your jobs and while your
kids’ and grandkids’ futures maybe for the first time in the country’s history are not nearly as bright as your future was when you were their age. All of this is done for one reason, for one express purpose, and that is the empowerment of Democrats in perpetuity by growing government and government union jobs. How many Chevy Volts have been sold 225, 125, whatever the number is? Electric cars? Not to harp on the Volt. Any electric car. Where does the electric car get its power? From a battery. Where does the battery get its power? You plug it into the wall. Well, where is the power source for what’s behind the wall? It’s a power plant. Where does the power plant get its power? Where does it get its energy? Coal! What does President Obama say he is hell-bent on putting out of business? Coal. So what is going to power your electric car?

In fact, if everybody went out and bought electric cars like Obama wants, we would have to be building a coal-fired power plant every two days just to provide the electricity to charge the batteries that will let you drive 40 miles a charge. We can’t afford four more years of this. American will still be here. People will still get up in the morning and go to work and all that. The Yankees and Red Sox will play baseball. The NFL will still be going on, all that will happen, but the country will not be what it was, and if this goes on another four years, it may be two generations minimum to reverse all of this, or even get started reversing it. We can’t afford four more years of this. This administration is nothing but a scam. It’s nothing but a fraud.


RUSH: Pat in Elkhart, Indiana. You’re next. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, it’s a privilege and an honor to speak to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Question I have for you about climate change. If someone truly believes in climate change, the way the president and Al Gore do, how can you justify a long-term investment in something like renewable energy or homes? I mean aren’t these things something you invest in because you believe the climate is gonna be stable? I mean why would I take out a 30-year mortgage if I thought my home would be under ten feet of sand when I’m ready to sell it?

RUSH: So what are you basically saying? That they really don’t believe what they’re claiming to believe?

CALLER: Or, I don’t know, is the message, don’t make a long-term investment? I don’t know.

RUSH: Well, see, the trick is — and I have mastered the trick — is understanding liberals. And to understand liberals in the global warming case, you have to understand global warming’s not about global warming. Climate change is not about climate change. It’s about something totally different. It’s about growing government. It is about taking liberty and freedom away from individuals. Simply a mechanism. It’s the result of study. These people have gotten together and they said, “Okay, how can we advance our big government –” they may not talk this way, “but how can we advance our big government agenda and take freedom away from the people? Okay, we’ve gotta guilt them. We have to make them feel guilty about something so they will willingly pay to make amends for the sins that they have committed.”

And what are the sins they’ve committed? Well, they’ve driven cars that are too big. They have had thermostats that they’ve had either too cool or too warm, and now it’s time to
pay the price. And we make them think that they have unwittingly, they have been victimized by evil corporations, they have participated in destroying the environment. But it’s not too late. They can save it. So you invest these people with the power to redeem themselves, and basically what you do is get them to agree to pay higher prices and higher taxes, grant the government more power. What they get in return is feeling good about themselves. They are saving polar bears. They are saving ice floes. They are saving the planet.

It’s not about global warming. It’s not about climate change. It’s about socialism. It’s about communism. Every liberal agenda item is. The war on poverty is not about the war on poverty. Medicare is not about Medicare. Social Security is not about providing a retirement for people. Medicaid is not about medical care for the poor. Obamacare is not about affordable health care for every American. There’s not one liberal agenda item that is truly about its title. Everything in liberalism is a trick to get you to willingly vote for or to sign on to socialism, the enrichment and the empowerment of your betters, the elites, who will run your life.

So when you ask me, Gore and Obama, how do they justify their belief in global warming with renewable energy? They’re not even thinking about global warming or renewable energy. Green jobs is not about green jobs. Renewable energy is not about renewable energy. Jobs programs are not about jobs, if they are proposed by liberals. All they are are tools to expand the size of government and thus their own power. Folks, it really is easy to understand liberalism, it’s easy to understand it. It’s challenging to admit it. It’s challenging to admit that there are Americans who want to do what Obama is doing, but it’s easy to understand how they do it.

People ask me — and I don’t say this in a braggadocios way, please don’t misunderstand me here — people ask, “How do you know all this?” Like William Shatner asked, “How do you know?” ‘Cause I know liberals. I know socialism. I know liberalism and I know the people who believe it, and I know how they want to get where they want to go. Once you know that, and you can understand it with an IQ of 75. You don’t need an IQ of 150. I’m not kidding. I’m not trying to be funny.

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