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RUSH: I have a question for you, Brian Williams. Now, I need to preface this by saying that I know Brian Williams. I have met Brian Williams several times, and Brian Williams off the air is one of the funniest individuals you’ve ever met. He’s a genuinely funny guy.

But there’s something that happens to people when they go to work at that network at NBC. I don’t care whether it’s at MSNBC or NBC or CNBC, something happens to people over there. Now, my question for my good friend Brian Williams is: Are you having trouble sleeping at night? You and your network have supported Obama’s inept budget-
breaking, failed economic policies. Your network has supported, encouraged, applauded, defended Obama’s assault on the American way of life. Brian, how are you sleeping at night? I’d like to know. By the way, this is a takeoff of when he asked Rick Perry last night if he had any trouble sleeping because of the numbers of people executed in Texas via capital the punishment.

I had a lot of favorite parts of the debate last night but one of my favorite parts was the audience response to Brian Williams’ litany of the Texas executions. The audience applauded, and Perry didn’t back down. “You come into our state and you kill a cop or you come into our state and you kill a kid and you are going to pay the ultimate price,” the audience applauded, and here comes NBC, you’ve got Brian Williams and John Harris from Politico; and they brought out this Jose Diaz-Balart, the Telemundo guy to ask questions about illegal immigration. I warned you people what was gonna happen in this debate. Why didn’t they bring Al Sharpton out to ask questions about black people? Why didn’t they bring out some feminist…? (interruption)

Well, I know they had him in the analysis, but if you’re gonna bring out the Telemundo guy to ask questions about illegal immigration or whatever, why not bring out some black guy to ask questions about race and bring out a feminazi to ask questions about women? What the hell was going on with this last night? Folks, I don’t know about you, but I do not know why the Reagan library people partnered with NBC. I don’t know why it is that our Republican candidates continue to put themselves in these situations where they’re gonna be queried by Democrat reporters. Grab audio sound bite number three. As I say, I warned you. This is last Friday on this program, and NBC last night was doing everything they could — yeah, MSNBC, NBC, whatever — to protect Obama. They wanted to make sure that, at least as far as their questions were concerned, nobody on that panel would talk about Obama. So here was my warning last Friday, audio sound bite number three.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Anything that distracts our effort from the economy, jobs, higher taxes, federal regulations, is not a good thing. … We’ve just got 14 months here, folks. Fourteen months to save this nation, 14 months to stop the assault on the private sector. … Over the next six, seven months or longer, you’re gonna see ramped-up stores about gay marriage, social issues, illegal immigration, what have you, as a means of distracting the Republican presidential field from jobs, stimulus spending, higher taxes.

RUSH: And now listen to a montage — a moderator montage — of Brian Williams last night and the co-moderator, John Harris of Politico.

WILLIAMS: Where do the poor come in? Where do they place in this party?

WILLIAMS: Massachusetts ranked only 47th in job creation during your tenure as governor.

WILLIAMS: Unemployment is better in over half the states of the union than it is right now in Texas.

HARRIS: Why are so many people in Texas uninsured?

HARRIS: Supporting welfare for illegal immigrants and trying to forcibly vaccine 12-year-old girls against sexually transmitted diseases.

HARRIS: Is he less conservative than meets the eye?

HARRIS: Who on the stage is anti-science?

HARRIS: Tell us which one of these people are saying crazy or inane things.

WILLIAMS: Your state has executed 234 death row inmates. (audience applause) Have you struggled to sleep at night?

RUSH: You hear the audience applauding there? Audience is applauding. “Have you struggled to sleep…?” Brian, are you having any trouble sleeping, supporting this assault by the Obama regime on the American private sector? We have to admitted, ladies and gentlemen, that Rick Perry probably lost the vote of cop-killers everywhere last night, but the Democrats probably had that voting bloc sewn up anyway. (interruption) Chris Matthews said they’re what? Over what? Festive over…? Festive over immigrants? I don’t care what Chris Matthews says. I don’t care what they say at MSNBC. That’s the whole point. These people have lost their sanity a long time ago. They’re the poison. They have descended into nothing but full-throated hate.

They are supporting, whether they know it or not, policies that are causing people to lose their jobs, lose their homes, lose their faith in their country. You had a network that’s behind this and supporting that destruction, I don’t care what they say or think. You know, I love Newt. You know, Newt said you put these guys in who sit there and try to get us fighting with each other and so forth. I don’t mind back and forth between the candidates when the issues warrant it here, but the effort was clear last night. They were going to do everything they could, moderators, to keep Obama out of range; make sure that Obama wasn’t being discussed.


RUSH: This the fundamental problem that we have, ladies and gentlemen. We conservatives, you and I, we argue over facts and ideas. The left lies and appeals to emotion. The establishment Republicans run for the hills at the first sign of any controversy or problems. This is why our credit rating is downgraded. This is why we drop to fifth on lists of great competitive societies as we have done now. I can’t tell you how livid that news made me yesterday. United States of America number five! Our economy is number five on the list of competitiveness. We have to borrow over $1 trillion from the ChiComs, and we still have a president here who spends money as though we’ve got a surplus of incalculable trillions, and we’re borrowing trillions from the ChiComs!

This is why the country is declining, because these political hacks on the left — in and out of the media — are deceitful. The question that Brian Williams should have asked last
night, if he was truly serious, would have been: “The Social Security trustees say the program’s going broke and unsustainable. The increase in elderly is such in this country that we do not have enough pee to pay for retiring seniors. There really is no such thing as a trust fund with segregated monies and there hasn’t been for 50 years, and the Democrats refuse to talk about any of this or look for reforms. If you’re president, how would you address it?” That’s the Social Security question for anybody running for president.

Instead, we get: “How do you sleep at night with all those executions in Texas?” Or we get, “You wrote that Social Security’s a Ponzi scheme! Did you really mean that?” There are serious problems, and we’ve got the media, the leftists and so forth totally circling the wagons here in order to protect Obama. We borrow more than $4 billion a day. A day! We borrow $4 billion. I don’t think the moderates last night asked one question about the deficit or our national debt. It never crossed their minds because all they wanted at the end of that night was for the viewers to think the Republicans are killers, haters, racists, bigots, all that rotgut garbage. All that small-minded crap that they’re incapable of thinking beyond. Here, grab sound bite number five. This is Brian Williams framing the debate, no doubt just the way the White House wanted him to.

WILLIAMS: A majority of people in this country now believe the Republican policies of the first eight years of the past decade are responsible for the economic mess we’re in, and we should quickly add a majority also don’t believe the current Democratic president has set the right policies to fix the fix we’re in. Question is, really: Eh, who can?

RUSH: That’s how the whole thing was set up. It’s all Bush’s fault! Eight years of Bush. Well, Michele Bachmann said when she’s president she’s gonna get the price of gas back down to $2 a gallon; and everybody is hem-hawing over that. It was $1.76 a gallon when Obama was immaculated. You know that? You remember that? It was $1.76 two and a half years ago. But now we can’t drill for our own oil. We’ve got a moratorium. We cannot explore, develop, produce our own energy. We have federal dictate against that. We’re not permitted as a country to add to our own energy supplies. No, we have to continue to import it or what have you.

In large part because of a hoax that is climate change. You look at all this stuff with Obama, green energy. This news that continues to pop out about this Solyndra bunch, now turning out to be a totally fraudulent, phony hoax of a company. They were a solar panel company. They announce they’re going out of business last week and the tears started flow, “Oh, (crying) can’t compete with the ChiComs!” It wasn’t that. They got $503 million in federal loan guarantees or what have you. Here’s Newt last night in the debate. John Harris said, “Speaker Gingrich, it sounds like we have a genuine philosophical disagreement here. In Massachusetts a mandate, almost no one insured. In Texas, a limited approach, about a quarter uninsured. Who’s got the better end of the argument here?”

GINGRICH: I’m, frankly, not interested in your effort to get Republicans fighting each other. I for one, and I hope all of my friends up here, are gonna repudiate every effort of the news media to get Republicans to fight each other to protect Barack Obama, who deserves to be defeated, and all of us are committed as a team. Whoever the nominee is, we are all for defeating Barack Obama. (applause)

RUSH: Right on, right on. There was tremendous applause. We, of course, edit the applause in the interests of time.

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