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RUSH: Tim in San Diego. Welcome to EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Good. Thank you.

CALLER: I have a question for you and a piece of trivia, but if I may I want to preface my comments by saying how proud I am of you for starting your new business.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: You have started more jobs in this country than the president did in the entire last month.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that, sir, thank you very much.

CALLER: And it’s true. You know, I can’t stop thinking about when you and Kathryn went to Joplin and she was handing out some envelopes filled with cash to some of the vendors there.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And they were turning her down, ’cause in 23 years of listening to you, I can’t think of a more perfect illustration between the contrast of the liberal mind and the entrepreneurial mind. The liberal stands in line to get free money from Obama’s stash, and they don’t care where it comes from.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But these entrepreneurs in Joplin, they were very skeptical, “Where’s the this money coming from? What strings are attached?”

RUSH: That’s right. To explain what he’s talking about, we took a semi load of Two If By Tea to Joplin on the Fourth of July and gave it away, but we also knew that there were vendors from all over the region, not just from Joplin, who were selling their own beverages and hot dogs and stuff, and because we’re giving our product away, we didn’t want to take away their business, so we put some cash in envelopes and Kathryn went around and offered it to each of the vendors. And you’re right. The vendors were a little suspicious, where’s this coming from, is there a string attached to this and so forth.

I have a very cool wife, and she came up with the idea to do this. I should tell you that it ended up that most of the vendors were made to understand and they were appreciative and took it, and we did it simply because we thought it was the right thing to do. Here we are taking a truck in there, giving our stuff away, and this is their way of earning a living, so we just wanted to compensate them for whatever they might have lost by the fact that we were giving some tea away.

CALLER: Well, the difference is you earned every penny of your stash and Obama has never earned a penny of his.

RUSH: Damn straight.

CALLER: But when it comes to shovel-ready jobs, I do disagree with you, Obama has created some, and those are of the gravediggers who buried the people murdered with the Fast and Furious guns that he gave to our enemies.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: So he does create shovel-ready jobs.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Now, here is my question for you. You know, WikiLeaks just released thousands of classified documents, and I’m furious about that. But I’m wondering, do you lay the blame for this at the feet of Barack Obama, or do you think this could have happened to any president?

RUSH: Well, I’ve wondered, ’cause the WikiLeaks guy has to get his stuff from somewhere. Now, his source, we’re told, is an angry gay soldier, Brad Manning. I don’t know the fact he’s gay has anything to do with it. That’s just how he’s been described, angry, but he had to get it from somewhere. He was a buck private, wasn’t he? Yeah, hacked his way through the system, supposedly, is all that we know. So, yeah, this Julian Assange had to get this stuff from someplace. It’s logical to think, totally reasonable to think that an administration that considers the US military as one of the problems in the world would take action to undermine it.

CALLER: I think you’re right. I think he creates an atmosphere that’s a lot more conducive. It could happen to any president but when you have a president who apologizes for the country, says the Constitution is fundamentally flawed, that creates an environment that’s a lot more conducive to treasonous acts and hurting your own country. If the guy at the top wants to fundamentally change the fabric of society and he surrounded himself with radicals, then, you know, what problem does a low level guy who has access to classified documents have —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — on helping him rip that fabric apart?

RUSH: Exactly. Because you end up inspiring those low level guys. They think they’re doing their patriotic duty.

CALLER: I agree. Now, here’s some trivia for you. Next time you see Bob Schieffer interviewing Obama about the hackers over at WikiLeaks, remember that if you rearrange the letters to the words Barack Hussein Obama, it spells “I am a hacker’s anus, Bob.”

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Now, that is true, you can check it out for yourself, no lie.

RUSH: Wait a second, Barack Hussein Obama can be made to spell “I’m a hacker’s anus?”

CALLER: “I am a hacker’s anus, Bob.” Now, they’ll probably never schedule another interview with poor Bob Schieffer after that, but it’s true, check it out for yourself.

RUSH: It would be an “analgram.”

CALLER: That is correct.

RUSH: All right, I didn’t know that, I didn’t spend a lot of time rearranging the letters in his name. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I found some program called anagram genius and it did it and I went, “Hey, that’s kind of fitting.”

RUSH: Is it a smart phone app or is it a computer app?

CALLER: I don’t know. I don’t have anything to do with it, it’s probably available on a download.

RUSH: Well, wait a minute. You used it. You say you discovered it. With what device did you use it?

CALLER: Oh, just on my home computer.

RUSH: On your home computer. Mac, Windows, what kind?

CALLER: Windows.

RUSH: Windows, ah, piece of junk.

CALLER: Hey, you know, yesterday you said you’re not a Fanboy for Apple, but you also said you spend about 25% of your time just trying to find out when the next release is going to be.

RUSH: Ten to 15%.

CALLER: You sound like a Fanboy to me.

RUSH: Well, what I meant by I’m not a Fanboy, I don’t know code, and I’m not even proficient enough to use Terminal, which is a poor man’s attempt to write code to change some things in the OS, operating system. I can do it if somebody comes up with a command, I can paste it in there if I want to but I was just trying to tell the real Fanboys when I was talking about Jobs that I don’t pretend to be anything other than a high-end and fairly well informed consumer. But the great stuff about Apple products is, you don’t have to know how they work, they just do.

Now, when I say spend 10 to 15% of my time, what I mean is I am so excited about iOS 5, the operating system, the new system for the iPhone and the iPad, and the iPhone itself, iPhone 5, I just try to stay as informed as I can on all the rumors, what the phone’s gonna look like and what iOS 5’s actually gonna have in it. And the reason is, is that stuff increases my productivity profoundly, and I have fun at the same time I’m being productive.

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