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New Jersey has made enormous strides under Governor Chris Christie. But if you think liberalism has been defeated, think again. Case in point: a new statewide law targeting school bullies.

Under the law, a bully who can earn that label simply by cutting into the school lunch line can be reported to the cops by classmates using the anonymous “Crimestoppers” hotline. Yeah, no potential for abuse there.

In elementary schools, kindergarteners on up will spend six class periods learning the difference between “telling” on their fellow students – and “tattling” on them. Yes, the difference between becoming a state-sponsored snitch and a private-sector snitch. High schools students will be told that if they see bullying, they must butt in: because there are “no innocent bystanders.”

New Jersey’s “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights” requires all public schools to implement “comprehensive” anti-bullying policies. There are pages and pages of them. Each school must employ an anti-bullying specialist to investigate complaints; each district must employ an anti-bullying coordinator; and the state Education Department must document results on its website. Educators who fail to comply could lose their licenses.

Within a generation of liberals insisting it’s inhumane to spank or even discipline young children bullies have apparently taken over the schools, to the extent that police must arrest students cutting lunch lines, and kindergarten kids go to snitch class.

Let’s face facts. It’s state legislators who were bullied! The schools are so “chickified” that it will be years if ever before they’re liberated from liberals!

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