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RUSH: You know, ladies and gentlemen, it must be a real dilemma for Obama, a real dilemma. Does he keep trying to destroy the US economy and capitalism in general in order to get even with this country, or does he actually try to improve things temporarily — with deregulation, lower taxes, and all that — so that he could get reelected so that he can do even more damage in his second term? What do you think he’s thinking? No, seriously, because here is a guy, here is a guy who’s been schooled in radicalism, not Americanism. Shelby Steele’s exactly right; I’m exactly right. The guy’s got a grudge. He thinks this country’s exceptionalism and greatness is illegitimate. He views the misery of others as necessary steps that must be taken to change the country.

No level of employment or homelessness or deficits will deter him and yet he’s gotta get reelected.

So the dilemma that he faces must be a big one. Does he keep trying to destroy the US economy and capitalism in general, or does he actually try (temporarily) make it look like things are getting better? You know, some deregulation here, maybe lower taxes for a while over there so he gets reelected and then return to the original agenda? It’s gotta be a real dilemma for them there in the White House, ’cause they know he can’t get reelected on his record, and they know he’s not gonna get reelected on this job speech. Well, they may not know that. Who knows? It’s clear that we have a bunch of childish and immature people and sycophants themselves who are around Obama. Obama himself say he’s only 70% done. He said he’s got 30% more destruction to go.


RUSH: Chris in Tampa. Chris, I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Wow, Rush. Mega dittos. It is an honor and a pleasure.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: A few weeks ago you had a caller on, a very obnoxious caller named “Carl,” and you threatened Carl. You told him that you were gonna play John F. Kennedy’s speech to the Economic Club of New York in 1962.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I waited for the speech. I have the speech. I’ve waited for it. I know the speech inside and out, and you never played it. And I noticed that during the whole debt ceiling debate, no one invoked John F. Kennedy.

RUSH: Yeah. You know, I must have just overlooked that and of course the highly overrated staff forgot about it instantly, too, and therefore didn’t remind me. We’ve got it. We’ve got it in our archive of audio sound bites.

CALLER: I believe it would put the Democrats in their place.

RUSH: Nah, it won’t. It’s a different Democrat Party. It is a different Democrat Party. JFK serves as a martyr and an icon for a whole bunch of different reasons, but not policy anymore.

CALLER: I know. If he were alive today…

RUSH: This is not your father’s or your grandfather’s Democrat Party.

CALLER: I know. And another thing, and I didn’t ask Snerdley about this, but the other day you also said the problem with capitalism is that it’s not taught.

RUSH: Not accurately taught.

CALLER: Well, I went to a business school and I got to learn it — you know, just 101 — but it’s what opened my eyes and caused me to be able to see the hypocrisy in the left-wing media.

RUSH: Cool! I’m just telling you, it’s not taught in high schools. It’s not taught in junior high. The concepts of capitalism — rugged individualism, individual liberty and freedom — that stuff’s not taught now. You know the difference is, I didn’t take a course in capitalism. It was not formally taught. It’s just the way the country was. (interruption) No, the teachers weren’t socialists, but I mean it’s just the way it was, you went to work, you knew what it was. The values, they were inculcated. Go to work and you work hard. You’re the first guy in, the last guy out. It was not necessary to be taught. The point is today it is necessary to be taught. Pure and simple. Glad you called out there, Chris.

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