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“Obama views the misery of others as necessary steps that must be taken to change the country. No level of unemployment or homelessness or deficits will deter him.”

“If they ever do a colonoscopy on Obama, they’re gonna find Richard Wolffe’s head there.”

“Obama doesn’t want greatness in the individual; it would overshadow government. He is an obstacle to greatness, by design.”

“Here I am a marketing specialist, supposedly immune to the tricks of the trade. I’m almost afraid to admit this. I spend ten to 15% of my working day trying to find out when the next iPhone is coming and what the next operating system is going to be, rather than just wait for it.”

“We got all this anti-bullying legislation being proposed? It needs to be aimed at Obama because Obama is the bully, who attempted to force his way to the front of the line at the US House of Representatives chamber and he got smacked down.”

“The left wing race-baiters that I know are comfortable with the status quo because it gives them their platform to exist.”

“I think the only reason that race is still an issue in this country is the left keeps it as an issue.”

“You know, it’s interesting, the only place we get media montages are MSNBC. It’s the only place anymore. The only place for reliable left-wing socialism is MSNBC.”

“If you end up doing what you love, you’re really never working. It doesn’t strike you as work. There’s nothing really arduous about it.”

“Obama has been schooled in radicalism, not Americanism. Radicalism and Americanism do not mix.”

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“Apparently there’s something in the White House where presidents can steer hurricanes.”

“We don’t respect Obama because he doesn’t respect the country! We don’t respect him because he’s trying to reverse centuries of greatness in this country.”

“Obama is the reason people cannot stand Washington or politics right now. The United States of America is in serious trouble, thanks to him, and he’s playing scheduling games.”

“Obama has to compete with the National Football League opener, and he can’t win that fight because the National Football League opener is gonna be on NBC, and it is going to outrate every other network carrying Obama by a factor of five. It’s simple mathematics

“My talent’s on loan. When I die, so goes the talent. There is no other with it. I’m me. There is no other me just like there’s no other you. So it’s simply thanking God. When I say, ‘Talent on loan from God.’ I’m not saying my talent came from Gaia, I’m not saying my talent came from Obama or from anybody in government.”

“Is Obama trying to destroy the US economy and capitalism in order to get even with this country, or does he actually try to improve things temporarily — with deregulation, lower taxes, and all that — so that he could get reelected so that he can do even more damage in his second term?”

“You know, our new motto here is Resist We Much. And Boehner Resisted We Much. “

“There’s always mythology associated with singular figures who are founders of corporations or companies or what have you. Meaning that they end up being built up to be bigger than they were, but in Jobs’ case, he clearly was the energy behind the new Apple when he took over.”

“Real Americans are sick and tired of things like affirmative action, or any other policy that separates and segregates people. We’re tired of it, because it hurts the country.”

“Tea Partiers represent the majority of thinking — socially, fiscally, character, mortality, all that, the Tea Party represents the vast majority of thought — and they know it, and that’s why Liberals are threatened by it.”

“Oh, yeah, Labor Day. That’s national holiday. Thanks for reminding me, otherwise I’d-a shown up here, I guarantee you.”

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