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RUSH: Guess what? Do you remember back in, I guess it was January or February, shortly after The One had been immaculated and they had that joint leadership meeting in the White House, and Obama told Boehner, “You can’t listen to Rush Limbaugh, that’s not how things get done”?

Politico has it today, the White House is blaming me for Boehner’s decision to say “no” to Obama’s joint session speech next Wednesday. The White House, some anonymous voice in the White House telling the people at Politico, the steno pool, it’s a Rush Limbaugh thing. Yep. Limbaugh goes on, chides Boehner, and then Boehner says “nope” and tells the president can’t do the speech on the 7th. And we got supporting audio sound bites. So I’m now back to being the titular head of the Republican Party after having been an entertainer for a couple days. Twice a week they do get it right, the truth.


RUSH: “White House Furious Over Speech Delay,” this White House source blamed me. “At 11:55 a.m. Wednesday, the White House tweeted the news about the joint session. ‘And then Rush Limbaugh beat Boehner up,'” the source told Roger Simon at Politico. “The conservative talk show personality was in his familiar state of high dudgeon. ‘This is a pure campaign speech and to give it the imprimatur of a speech before a joint session of Congress, there’s no way, he doesn’t deserve that. Boehner’s got to say no. Now, whether he will, I have no clue.'” Then Boehner said no, and now they’re blaming me. At least one source is to The Politico, blaming me.

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