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“Whatever Irene’s gonna cost us, it pales in comparison to the hurricane of the Obama administration. Barack Obama is the real Category 5.”

“It’s not entitlements that have busted the budget. The spending and entitlements are known. What’s been added to the entitlements is where we’re in trouble. The purposeful spending, the stimulus, the Porkulus, the TARP, all of these things above and beyond the entitlements.”

“In the end, Powell will vote for Obama. There’s no doubt. The titular head of the Republican Party, the ideal model Republican will vote for Obama. Melanin is thicker than water, folks.”

“People vote on the basis of likability. This is what the news media fear about Perry and Palin, I’m telling you, they are likable.”

“Being against this president is not being against a black guy. Being against this president is not being against a person. It’s being against destructive policies that are destroying people’s children and grandchildren’s future and their opportunities.”

“FEMA has taken money from little Joplin, Missouri, to use for selected victims of Hurricane Irene. I kid you not.”

“Do you want Barack Obama to spend this country into such debt that even sperm cells face a tax rate of 78%?”

“Many of you in Kansas City and in Sacramento will remember that one of the things I did as a highly trained broadcast specialist that established me as a great thinker was a commentary entitled, ‘Ban the ugly.'”

“If you go to a bowling alley you can quickly see the ugly tend to marry each other.”

“Admit it. You are addicted to this show. It’s a healthful addiction. It’s an airborne phenomenon, spread by casual contact. It’s known as EIB. And if you get it, you are cured.”

“So we’re supposed to believe all these weather people about global warming, when they are willing to lie to us about something as obvious as a hurricane. Folks, it was right out there for everybody to see. I mean this hurricane was not what we were told it was.”

“If they’re journalists, they’re liberals. They politicize everything. And folks, once you understand liberals lie, the rest of it is easy to understand and easy to predict. It isn’t difficult at all.”

“It was not a coastal destructive hurricane storm. This was a rainstorm. But ever since Hurricane Katrina and the success they had in politicizing that, every subsequent hurricane has been looked upon as a political opportunity by people in the media.”

“There’s no meaner political group of people in America today than today’s Democrats. There’s no more combative group of people in American politics today than America’s Democrats. There’s no more extreme group of people in American politics today than the Democrat Party. Where is it written that these independents are gonna flock to that?”

“This hype over Hurricane Irene is a national embarrassment. The media, the government are out there peddling fear when facts and calm would make for much better investments and would result in much more credibility for these people reporting this stuff.”

“I love Shatner. He’s a funny, funny guy.”

“Politics is part of everything. The weather’s been politicized; the climate’s been politicized; hurricane track forecasts have been politicized.”

“This was a desire for chaos. It was a great illustration of how the media in news, in sports, has templates and narratives and exaggerates beyond reality, creating fear so as to create interest.”

“One of my favorite quotes from the weekend came from Shepard Smith on Sunday morning. He said, ‘Just as expected, the rainfall totals are lower than expected.’ Just like the employment numbers are always ‘lower than expected.'”

“The regime cannot and will not run on its record. The best that this regime can hope for is to say that their record would have been astoundingly good were it not for Republican obstructionism.”

“The exaggeration and the large gap between truth, reality, and fiction in the way Hurricane Irene was reported is such that a lot of people will now start asking the same questions about general news reporting.”

“The whole show can’t just be all me. Well, yes, it can. But people have been patiently waiting on the phones.”

“I’m gonna tell you something: Obama drops more G’s in a week than Perry does in a year.”

“Forget truth when thinking of what liberals are going to say. You are expecting them to say something that’s truthful. They are not going to be truthful. They are liberals.”

“Barack Obama has destroyed, via his policies, the United States economy. I did not want that to happen! I wanted him to fail in the implementation of his policies.”

“The independents will stay locked solid with the Republican nominee if the focus of the campaign remains on the future in economics and unemployment, spending, and debt. That’s how you’re gonna own the independents.”

“Another academic, someone who has no experience in the private sector is joining the economic team. How bright is that? And it took two teleprompters for Obama to do a three-minute announcement! Now, how bright is that?”

“Honest to God, NASA scientists say we’re being observed from space aliens, and if we don’t dial it back on the greenhouse gases, they’re gonna invade us and wipe us out as a civilization to save this planet! And we’re getting stories today from the political asking, ‘Is Rick Perry Dumb?'”

“Go ahead and talk about entitlement reform. Over the long haul, it obviously has to happen. But it doesn’t explain this massive indebtedness. Obama is solely — and the Democrat Party is solely — responsible for that, and that is a point worth being made and pounded until people understand it instinctively.”

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