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“If somebody told me today they wanted to put Bush’s face on Mount Rushmore, I’d be in there supporting it.”

“The left doesn’t want to be judged on the results of anything they do. They only want to be judged on their good intentions.”

“Obama’s excuses are tired. Nobody believes a word he says.”

“I believe that watching football is nostalgic for people. I believe that it helps people to remember what America is.”

“I’ll tell you what: If Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme, then set Bernard Madoff free.”

“It was inevitable that 9/11 would be politicized. Everything in our country always is politicized.”

“Everything on television’s fake, fraud and phony now. Even reality TV is scripted. But sports, whether it be football or baseball, it’s unknown, it’s drama, and the only people that can screw it up are the announce crews.”

“I like watching the best. I’m not into amateur anything.”

“Obama is going to the soup kitchen to visit the beneficiaries of his policies…on 9/11.”

“You know who the happiest guy in America Thursday night probably was? Obama. And you know why? ‘Cause he knew that I wasn’t gonna be here on Friday to talk about that debacle of a stupid speech.”

“Obama went to a soup kitchen, 9/11, a day of service, as though we’ve got something to apologize for, for what happened on 9/11.”

“Sports has always been an escape, but never more so than now, and in the case of football, power, strength and a nostalgic reminder of what the country is.”

“Look at what this nation went through. The shock, the horror, the terror, the doubts, the confusion, the fears of what’s next, and out of that day — and out of that treachery and confusion we got the most implausible result: No more attacks. Quite a job, Mr. President Bush.”

“We had ten years of no attacks because of the way George W. Bush and his administration oversaw our safety — and they left a plan for Obama to follow, which Obama did, when he wasn’t complaining about what he inherited.”

“I think there’s a mad desire to escape from what this country has become, and the horror each and every day of having to live through whatever policy or plan President Obama has for people.”

“There’s a reason why these numbers for football are so high. Obama clearly has people hungering for an escape.”

“‘Democrats Fret Aloud Over Obama’s Chances.’ This story is a wake-up call. This is the New York Times calling for Obama to take the gloves off. They want him to ‘go gangsta.’ They want him to go ‘goonion.’ That’s a combination, Snerdley, of ‘go goon’ and ‘union.'”

“Obamaism isn’t working. The people making out like bandits are Wall Street and CEOs, the kind of people that Obama’s voters think Obama hates like they do! Obama’s in bed with ’em.”

“One of my favorite sayings: ‘It is what it is.'”

“A tiger is a tiger. A snake is a snake. The media is the media. Polls are polls. They are used to influence and shape opinion, not reflect it in many cases.”

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