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“Do you think the mobsters who took out James Hoffa’s father misunderstood the orders? All they were supposed to do was vote him out, instead they took him to Giants Stadium?”

“I don’t know about you, folks, but I’m starting to get Obama burn-in on my flat screen. He’s on so damn much. It’s starting to tick me off.”

“Government attempting to control always runs up against creative entrepreneurs who will find ways around it.”

“Maybe Obama does not want to end this recession. Some say that FDR purposefully prolonged the Great Depression to get his socialist agenda pushed through. I would not doubt Obama is doing the same thing.”

“We will not solve our country’s unemployment problem until Barack Obama himself is unemployed. It’s that simple, folks.”

“We don’t have a guy who loves this country the way you and I do.”

“Obama has a chip on his shoulder about this country. He needs a continued crisis. He needs a never-ending crisis to be able to push through these bits of legislation, otherwise very unpopular.”

“The government doesn’t start small businesses; it obstructs the creation of them. And once they start up, it taxes them and makes it even harder for them to grow. That is Barack Obama, that’s Keynesian, that’s leftism, socialism, whatever you want to call it. Doesn’t work.”

“A lot of people think if you raise taxes on the rich somehow it’s gonna end up with the poor, but the poor are still poor after taxes go up on the rich. It just never happens.”

“Being paid for not doing anything was never part of my growing up. The pension, there was no such thing. I was raised thinking that was my responsibility.”

“Whatever happened to Obama Killed Osama? That’s supposed to get them all the way through the election.”

“The only reason any of the State-Controlled Media organizations exist is to help Obama.”

“Obama is a committed leftist who has a grievance against this country, and he is insistent on cutting this country down to size.”

“Obama’s not a triangulator. He is a movement liberal. He is a movement socialist.”

“I have a lot of friends who were so good at what they did that when they retired they were paid by their companies not to go to work for anybody else, just so they wouldn’t be a threat.”

“So the stimulus plan was a slush fund whose ultimate purpose was to see that the $787 billion that was spent was largely returned to the Democrat Party and then spread out among various candidates from Obama on down to whoever qualified for it based on their ranking within the Democrat Party.”

“There’s a little irony, folks, in James Hoffa being such a brownshirt for the Democrats when it was they, especially Bobby Kennedy, that spent years trying to put his dad behind bars, and they eventually succeeded, and here James Hoffa is in bed with the party that targeted his dad.”

“There wasn’t any private sector job creation with Obama’s stimulus. There was simply saving state jobs. That stimulus money’s gone, it’s been spent, and there have now been layoffs.”

“Of all the places Obama could go on Labor Day, he goes to Detroit to celebrate the triumph of organized labor.”

“El Rushbo, the Big Barbarian at the Gate.”

“What is this hope fades? As far I’m concerned, hope is soaring. The more Obama fails the better off we are.”

“Small businesses in Obama’s world are the millionaires and billionaires that he wants to punish.”

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