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“Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul need to quit the Republican Party, join the Democrat Party, and run against Obama.”

“You look at Newt Gingrich and you can’t help but have the reaction, ‘Gosh, what could have been.'”

“Remember the intense repeal discussions that took place immediately after Obamacare was passed? There has been a cooling off. It’s just not possible to maintain a fever pitch emotional level ad infinitum. But we’ve got to get that back, because this bill must be repealed.”

“Perry seems strong when he defends his positions; Romney doesn’t; and I think that’s probably because Romneycare is Obamacare no matter how many times Romney says states’ rights or laboratory or test or what have you.”

“Any time you start doing anything that looks like you’re pandering to the media, you’re running the risk here of turning off Republican primary voters.”

“From a political sense, this in-state tuition thing is gonna pose a greater problem for Perry than this vaccine business is.”

“Having a record is tough. Just ask our man-child president who’s trying to pretend that he doesn’t have one.”

“The idea that Barack Obama or the Democrat Party have any altruistic aims or interests in any of their legislation is something that can be disapproved by the results of any liberal program that’s come to pass prior to today.”

“What Obama is doing is converting middle-class families into poor families.”

“Romney’s worried that Ponzi scheme scares seniors, but he’s not worried that Romneycare scares Republicans. In a comparison to those two, Romneycare scares Republicans far more than Ponzi scheme scares senior citizens.”

“Reform programs that are structured to fail are not good programs. We need to end programs that are hostile to individual liberty, and this is something every Republican ought to be able to agree with on that stage and in these debates.”

“Being poor today simply means being dependent on the government, which is exactly what Obama and the Democrat Party wants.”

“If your state has a budget problem now or if your town or community has a budget problem now, you haven’t seen anything until Obamacare is fully implemented.”

“If anybody were to see in shocking numbers what life will be like under Obamacare before the 2012 presidential election, he wouldn’t get ten votes.”

“What percentage of poor children in America get two free meals a day at school even in the summertime? It’s an amazing thing, poverty in this country.”

“It’s Obama that’s cut $500 billion from Medicare in his health care plan, and yet the image persists that Republicans want to take your health care away from you.”

“The economy turned the corner! It turned the corner going back to the Great Depression, and on the way it passed Misery Avenue.”

“I don’t even have an Xbox or a PlayStation! The poor have something that I don’t have.”

“Newt was on his game last night. Just in terms of substance, nobody outdoes Newt.”

“Obama is creating more and more people who are defined as poor in this country.”

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