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“If this is not what the Regime intended, then why do they keep doing it?”

“We need less regulation, less taxation. We need the government to just get out of the way. Everybody on the right has a good jobs plan.”

“All of this is so unnecessary, all of this wreckage on purpose by a rank amateur, whose biggest supporters are running around saying they don’t know who he is. I’ve known all along who he is. And that’s why I wanted him to fail, and he hasn’t failed. He succeeded profoundly.”

“When you start talking about ‘compromise,’ everybody knows what that means. That means move left.”

“Why does America need to be rebuilt? America didn’t need to be rebuilt two and a half years ago!”

“Isn’t the purpose of this debate tonight for one of these people to stand head and shoulders above everybody else in demonstrating he or she is the one who can beat Obama? Not compromise with Obama, or not moderate in such a way as to get along with Obama! Moderating is caving, as far as I’m concerned.”

“What is the point of a tactic if there’s no purpose to it? I’m not a conservative because I embrace ‘tactics.’ I’m a conservative because I believe and embrace certain broad yet fundamental principles.”

“There hasn’t been any Republican obstructionism! The Republicans, for two and a half years, didn’t have the numbers to obstruct anything.”

“Wherever you go in this country in the private sector, if you’re gonna find problems you’re gonna find either a Democrat president or a union somewhere involved in the mix that’s making the situation worse.”

“We will find out what it is that the little man-child is thinking a little over 24 hours. I expect MSNBC to start the stupid countdown any minute.”

“Ford just announced that they’re building a billion-dollar plant in India. Can you blame them? If they wanted to build a plant in South Carolina, the Obama regime would sue ’em cause it is a nonunion state!”

“The world does not revolve around Washington. This country does not revolve around Washington. Washington is nothing but a gigantic boulder in our highway to progress.”

“All government can do is destroy or redistribute wealth. It happen it cannot, by definition, create it.”

“There’s no private sector growth — and when government growth accounts for economic growth, there is no growth that benefits people in the private sector, pure and simple.”

“The Democrats are talking about racism and hostage takers and sons-of-bitches and telling us to go to hell and so forth, that’s who the independents are gonna go to?”

“We face an existential threat to our way of life! That is what is represented by today’s Democrat Party and its leader, Barack Obama.”

“Tactics and moderation without principle in the face of a destructive opponent are pointless. They’re useless. They might make you, the moderate, feel better at the end of the day, but that’s…worth…nothing.”

“We’re three years in and we’re getting ‘Who is Obama?’ stories from the New York Times! These are the guys that led the pack on creating the image of The Messiah during the 2008 campaign and all of that.”

“Republican moderates are guaranteed losers in eight out of ten elections you’re gonna have.”

“The way I look at it, I already compromise far more than anybody else I know. I tie half my brain behind my back every day just to make it fair. Nobody engages in any greater compromise than I do, and why should we believe that Democrats want to compromise with us ‘sons-of-bitches’ anyway?”

“It’s shocking the damage that’s been done to this country in three years.”

“We live in a society now where the federal government is involved in everything.
Our Treasury is broke. Entitlements are breaking us. An inexperienced man-child president is destroying us. Business is under attack. Freedom and liberty are under attack, right in front of our eyes.”

“Not only has Obama taken jobs away, he has made sure that fewer people have health insurance.”

“We have a guy who’s happily presiding over decline! There nothing motivational or inspirational at all about this guy. There never has been.”

“This show never really ends. It’s a continuum, just have a 21-hour break here, and we’ll be back, same time, same place tomorrow, and revved and ready.”

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