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“I want to say something to you conservatives out there. I want to tell you how damn proud of you I am, because you made this happen. The Republican leadership would have accepted anything Boehner put forth, because they are operating out of fear.”

“Whenever you do anything out of fear, how does it turn out? Doing anything from the perspective of fear is disastrous, or potentially so. That has been the position of the Republican leadership and the inside the Beltway so-called conservative media.”

“Jim Jordan opposes Boehner’s 3.0. He’s not wavering. He gets it. He’s standing firm on this. So he’s become a bigger target of the Republican leadership than Harry Reid, Pelosi and Obama. That’s the way it works.”

“A bunch of Tea Party people who can’t be bought are now being tweeted. Tweeting them is going to pressure them. Is that not hilarious? They’re going to tweet harass ’em.”

“Members of Congress in both parties who think they’re in safe districts where their reelection is guaranteed are possibly going to find out that they’re not if they take action such as has been threatened against Jim Jordan.”

“Winners do not compromise. Winners do not compromise with themselves. The winners who do compromise are winners who still don’t believe in themselves as winners, who still think of themselves as losers.”

“Obama has taken our country to the brink. The gross domestic product, the growth numbers today, my friends, are unacceptable. It is a shame and it is an embarrassment.”

“On what basis is Barack Obama viewed as a leader? On what basis is Barack Obama viewed as even a winner? He and his party were shellacked in the November elections.”

“It’s flat-out amazing this show is making any sense today.”

“I am your host, El Rushbo, the hardest working man in the ‘know’ business.”

“I don’t believe the news reports that say Obama’s losing sleep. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe his hair’s getting gray. I think they’re putting flour in it every day to make it look like it’s getting grayer or whatever the makeup trick is.”

“The ChiCom economy is growing at 94 percent. We’re being outperformed by a communist country. There’s no excuse for this.”

“We do not have to compromise with the people who are destroying this country who will not put forth their own ideas — and the reason they won’t put forth their own ideas is because were they to do so, the country would automatically totally reject every one of them.”

“You want to talk about craven villains? Look no further than the Oval Office.”

“The views expressed by the host on this program make more sense than anything anybody else happens to be saying out there. And the reason is the views expressed by the host on this show are rooted in a daily unstoppable, relentless pursuit of the truth.”

“The Democrats aren’t going to sign on to a Balanced Budget Amendment, because it’s like asking Colonel Sanders to stop killing chickens. It isn’t going to happen.”

“We are living in a manmade disaster, personally made by Barack Obama.”

“There’s nothing ‘smart’ about this administration, and there’s nothing ‘balanced’ about it. The fact that we let them get away with owning the notion that they’re smart and they have balance in what they’re doing is absurd! They are the most leftist, destructive administration this country has had in the modern era. Maybe ever!”

“The Democrats and their cohorts and the Drive-Bys have collectively ratcheted up this divisive, uncivil, reactionary language to trash the Tea Party — and, by extension, conservatives.”

“We’re not terrorists! We’re not killing people. We are Americans who disagree with you! We’re Americans who disagree with statism. We are Americans who disagree with socialism, communism and liberalism. We’re not holding anybody hostage. We are the hostages! We are paying the ransom all the time.”

“Brevity is the soul of wit.”

“Our country has been kidnapped, and you’re asking a ransom from us in the form of higher taxes and less liberty and less freedom each and every day — and you dare to write pieces calling us terrorists!”

“A ‘severely shrunken federal government’ is a pipe dream! We are trying right now to stop the inexorable growth of this monster that is strangling and squandering every asset in this country.”

“The liberals do not own the wealth of this country. It’s not theirs to distribute and redistribute.”

“We want to hold onto some of our money. For that we’re called terrorists. We oppose tax increases because we know that tax increases are not going to fix what’s wrong with the country.”

“Do you know the debt ceiling has already been raised three times under Obama? You could be excused for not knowing that, since the news media has never reported it.”

“Obama’s out there now saying that the recession was far worse than they had realized. The point of going back to 2007 is to cement the whole notion that Bush did it, to cement the whole notion that this is Bush’s problem. But doesn’t all of this mean that the economists have been incredibly wrong for four years in a row now?”

“Everything we heard from 2007 until today was a lie. It’s been revised down today. It was much worse, and it coincides with the Democrats taking office.”

“You know that’s what Democrat presidents do. They make their hair look grayer to make them look like they’re working hard, not getting any sleep, getting older and more mature. Still the crisis has gone too far if The One is losing sleep over it. We can’t have that. We can’t have our esteemed Dear Leader losing sleep!”

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