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“Once the Democrat Party has put you under its wing, you’re in trouble.”

“More and more of what Obama is doing is becoming late night joke fodder. Who would have ever thought that?”

“Obama is a warrior for the unions. He’s a warrior for Jeffrey Immelt. He’s a warrior for Eric Holder. But he’s not a warrior for you.”

“There cannot be somebody with a D next to their name as president. If that happens, if Obamacare isn’t repealed, if a number of these agenda items that have been put into place are not stopped and rolled back, we’re gonna be dealing with a different country than you and I have ever seen.”

“We desperately have to get the Democrat Party out of power. That is at the top of the priority list and there’s nothing else close to it because so much is associated with it.”

“Obama is what he is in most people’s minds for one reason: The media and what they have said about him.”

“The Tea Party in a metaphoric sense is a giant wake-up. It’s exactly why they exist. And the primary reason they are feared is because there isn’t a leader and they’re really not a party. There’s no apparatus to go after.”

“Do you realize the power that members of Congress hold with the tax code? It is the greatest single power for social architecture that exists in Washington today.”

“This notion that the independents are a bunch of wimps who are gonna shy away from competition, confrontation, and any kind of argument is a big ruse that’s been played on Republicans and way too many Republicans have believed it. It’s just the exact opposite.”

“It is the EIB Network, the home of truly politically correct thinking for 23 years. We always get it right.”

“I think the Republicans in Washington still look at the mainstream media as the primary vehicle to get their message out. They do not use to their full advantage the New Media: Conservative media, talk radio, blogs, you name it.”

“I have a little tea company, Two If By Tea. If somebody gave us $523 million, I can guarantee you that we would not be filing Chapter 11 in two years.”

“What is it, specifically, that Barack Obama has done to protect the middle class?”

“The truth is Barack Obama IS a war on the middle class. Our president has used middle class taxes to pay for his lavish vacations, pay off his political foot soldiers and cronies, shrink the private sector, load up on federal bureaucrats that we don’t need and we can’t afford.”

“Obama is a ‘community organizer.’ What does a community organizer do? Have you ever tried to visualize the job of community organizer? Basically, you sit around and you agitate people.”

“The Democrat Party, particularly as it’s constituted today, is the biggest collection of extreme, mean-spirited, violent rhetoric that you’ll find in politics today.”

“One of the 35 Undeniable Truths of Life was uttered verbatim today by Obama. Undeniable Truth of Life Number Four: Peace does not mean the absence of war. Obama uttered those exact words in his speech today at the United Nations. I feel like I’ve been plagiarized.”

“It’s taken a while, but we’re there. A majority of Americans now finally believe Obama has some responsibility for the sad state of the US economy.”

“Obama is intent on, I think, around the world creating as many dependent people on him, his party, as he can.”

“That’s what all the support for unions is all about, just a giant money laundering operation. All those government union employees pay dues, and those dues are what get sent to the Democrat Party or what is spent for and on behalf of the Democrat Party.”

“For liberal journalists it has to be a Republican scandal to get their interest, and it has to be a Republican president that they can salivate over throwing out of office or forcing to resign.”

“When I made the high school football team in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, I was 15 years old, and I had never been that happy in my life over anything.”

“The more we can focus people on the disrespect the Constitution has gotten in Washington in recent years, the better I think conservatives will fare in 2012.”

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