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RUSH: Obama is just looking as small and tiny as he can. Now going to another bridge. A bridge that is not in peril. A bridge that is not threatened. He’s going to a bridge that he believes needs repair. He’s hoping to embarrass Boehner and McConnell. He’s flying to Boehner country to sell his jobs idea near a major structure in need of repair, and it isn’t, but that’s the optic that he wants to create. So I have a question: If Obama knows that there is a bridge that might collapse resulting in death, and in North Carolina ten days ago, last week, whenever it was, remember there were 153 bridges and four very near — there’s Clinton right now from Newsmax on Fox. So this is getting out there now. He-he-he-he-he.

There’s gonna be a mea culpa at some point down the road. Clinton’s gonna have to do something about this. (imitating Clinton) “I was misinterpreted in what I said. I firmly support the president of the United States. I think he’s doing the right thing.” He’ll worm his way out of it somehow, it’s gonna be fun to watch. At any rate, ladies and gentlemen, four bridges near where Obama was, he wouldn’t identify them. I was asking, did his car, did The Beast travel over one of those bridges with Michelle in it? That car weighs 8,000 pounds without her in it. Did he put himself and her at risk driving over one of these bridges? He didn’t tell us which ones they are.

So if he knows that there is a bridge somewhere that might collapse, resulting in death, and he’s gonna go stand next to it while people risk their lives driving back and forth across the bridge, why did he give $535 million to Solyndra and not spend that money fixing this bridge? Why is he giving millions of dollars to unions but not fixing this bridge? Does he not realize this? The president of the United States goes and stands next to a bridge, he wants people to think — by the way, there’s nothing wrong with this bridge. It’s just outdated. It just can’t handle the traffic so they’re gonna build one side by side. It’s already in the works. It’s gonna get started in four years, finished by 2022 (if then), but it’s already in the pipeline.

There’s nothing in Obama’s stimulus that has anything to do with it. It’s purely a photo-op. There’s nothing wrong with the bridge, but he wants people to think it’s dangerous. Who knows what kind of hell he’s gonna cause with this. But why is he giving trial lawyers all kinds of money but not fixing bridges? Why did we give him nearly a trillion dollars with the first stimulus and he didn’t fix any bridges? He goes to a bridge, tries to convince people that it is dangerous and in need of repair. He pushed through a $1 trillion shovel-ready jobs bill, later says there aren’t that many shovel-ready jobs while laughing about it with Jeffrey Immelt.

Yet clearly he’s fixated now on this bridge when it didn’t get fixed. This is the Brent Spence Bridge. It doesn’t qualify for any program that exists now or any Obama is proposing; and, even if it got money, there are other projects ahead of it. Work wouldn’t start for years. (interruption) Well, they’ve already done the environmental studies, what they need to do here. But even if they hadn’t and they had to do those, that would add time to it. There are no earmarks for the Brent Spence Bridge in Obama’s jobs bill. There’s not a penny allocated for it. So what’s he doing there? There’s not a penny allocated for the Brent Spence Bridge.

The only thing that got repaired with the first stimulus was the Democrat Party’s infrastructure, and we see what happened to it. So what this shows is his smallness, his coldness, incompetence (maybe that’s the first thing: glaring incompetence), misplaced priorities; that all of this spending, this massive spending spree of his has totally failed. Half a billion dollars for a bankrupt, no-business-there solar energy company, and nothing for the bridge. Nothing for the bridge! He’s looking really small, folks. He’s looking really, to me, tiny. At the UN, it looked like he was standing in a shower. Where were the Greek columns? Those green tiles looked like he was in a shower at some health club spa or something. (interruption)

Well, I know it’s the same tiles that are always there at the UN but with him standing there yesterday I just got the impression it was at a resort, in need of repair. Didn’t have the money to repair it because he’s gotta go to a bridge that also doesn’t need to be fixed. He gave the money to Solyndra. You know, Obama also believes that businesses are sitting on piles of cash, laying off workers just to increase profits. They’re sitting on piles of cash. They have lots of money and are not spending it, not hiring people. He probably believes they should be punished with higher taxes, too. Well, we know he does. That would be “fair” to a guy like Obama, a man predisposed to distrust business owners, just like Elizabeth Warren.

“They’re a bunch of cheats, a bunch of thieves who wouldn’t have anything if it weren’t for the rest of us! And we’ve been screwed. Factory owners got his big factory, but he didn’t do it on his own. It couldn’t have been done without us, what are we getting for it? Nothing but a bunch of grief and no health care!” That’s the way she looks at the world: Distrust business owners. Ditto Obama. So it would be “fair,” wouldn’t it, to go out and extract money from greedy businesses to redistribute to cooperative crony capitalists like Solyndra and LightSquared, especially if these businesses won’t go out and hire people just to help his unemployment problem.

All that would make sense to an angry, emotionally blinded guy steeped in Marxism and the black liberation theology taught at Jeremiah Wright’s church. These people don’t know the first damn thing about how businesses operate or how they make decisions. He lacks intuition. For all we know the guy may not even be anywhere near as bright as advertised. You know what I hope he does? I hope he goes to that bridge and I hope he channels Reagan. (impression) “Mr. Boehner? Mr. Boehner, tear down this bridge!” Wouldn’t you love to see Obama say, “Mr. Boehner, tear down this bridge! People are dying. People are gonna die on this bridge!” The president of the United States… That’s the dream. He wouldn’t do it, would he? Oh, I would love it.


RUSH: My dogs have created more shovel-ready work than Obama has (chuckling) just this week alone. The new puppy. Honest to God. More shovel-ready work for me this week than Obama has created all two and a half years.


RUSH: There’s a story in the Raleigh News & “Disturber” recently about Obama’s trip there and the bridges. Last week in the Raleigh area, Obama was there, and during his speech to a bunch of skulls full of mush at a university, he said that the bridges in Raleigh were about to come tumbling down unless we passed this stupid bill. That was the message he left everybody with. Dangerous situation. Bridges, in some cases in a state of urgent disrepair. (Imitating Obama), “We need to pass this bill now, pass this bill today, so we can fix those bridges.” So finally ten days after he’s gone the local media is starting to ask, “Well, how many bridges are in danger of spilling unsuspected drivers into the drink?” And it turns out none. The Raleigh News & “Disturber” went out and did their own survey, apparently.

Here’s a pull-quote. “Obama appears to have undercounted his bridges. And at the same time — employing the deft spin that political speakers use when they spice up a little information to make a big impression — the president may have over-suggested the risk to public safety.” “Over-suggested” is how lapdog media defines lying? Obama may have “over-suggested” the risk to public safety? The headline of the story is: “Worry Not, Triangle’s Bridges Are Safe.” We all knew that they were. Now, I have people e-mailing me, “Rush, Obama’s not a Marxist. He just invested $90,000 in LightSquared.” Yet, he did not just, but he did. And we want to be fair here. Obama, when it comes to their own money, they’re not Marxists, folks. Senator Obama, United States Senator Barack Obama invested $90,000 in LightSquared on the day they got FCC approval. Of course that was just a coincidence, and it was another coincidence that George Soros just happens to be a major investor in LightSquared.

LightSquared is this company that is in competition with the military over GPS and the administration is accused of having witnesses doctor their testimony in favor of the company that has financial connections to Obama. Ninety thousand dollars on the day they got FCC approval. Oh, and it’s just a coincidence here that Obama’s Department of Justice made big noise about not supporting the AT&T T-Mobile merger. AT&T is a major competitor of LightSquared. But see, this is exactly the kinds of things Marxists do. When it’s their own money, they are the biggest capitalists you’ve ever seen. When it’s their own money, they don’t spend it; they invest it, they grow it, they make all kinds of behind-the-scenes, under-the-door, backdoor deals. They do all of this crony stuff that they’re out there accusing people who aren’t doing it of doing it. When it’s their own money, whoa ho-ho-ho. And that’s pure Marxism.


RUSH: I love that Raleigh News & Observer. Obama “over-suggested” the danger of the bridges. A new way for lapdog media to define lying. Obama “over-suggested.” Yeah, I didn’t default on my mortgage; my bank over-loaned. No, no, no, no, I wasn’t stalking that Hollywood actress! I was over-admiring. (laughing) Over-suggested. Here’s what he said, by the way. You want to talk about over-suggesting.

OBAMA: There are 153 structurally deficient bridges that need to be repaired. Four of them are near here on or around the Beltline. Why would we wait to act until another bridge falls? (cheers and applause)

RUSH: Why would we…? The president of the United States knows that bridges are gonna fall and he’s gonna let people die until they pass his bill! He’s “over-suggesting” the danger. So the Raleigh newspaper wanted to know: Where are these bridges? They went out and they can’t find one that is in a state of disrepair. They can’t find one that’s in danger of collapse. Not one! I mean, this is presidential panic. This is Ted Mack and the original amateur hour. That’s precisely what this is.

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