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RUSH: Congratulations to Herman Cain and the 9-9-9 plan. Herman Cain, the big surprise winner of the Florida straw poll on Saturday.
Folks, do you realize, I mean Herman Cain won big,
and think about this. We could be on the brink of an historic election. Think about this. Let’s say that Herman Cain goes all the way, wins the Republican presidential nomination. By the way, the Tea Party people, did you have any idea
how much they hated women, voting for Herman Cain like this? I thought last week they hated blacks, last week they were racists. This week they’re sexists. At any rate, Herman Cain goes on to win the Republican presidential nomination and then goes on to be elected president, Herman Cain could be our first authentically black president. Stop and think about that.
It’s great to be back, folks, I must admit to you, though, it was a late, late night, actually early morning night. I had a rocking good time in Indianapolis, in town for the Steelers-Colts and basically got betwixt and between the sheets about five o’clock this morning for a couple hours. There’s Rachel in there rolling her eyes. No, these are always fun shows. With that little sleep, if the voice holds up, you never know, we get giddy and genuinely literally more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.


RUSH: Kevin in Oklahoma City, great to have you on the program, Kevin. Welcome.

CALLER: Hey, how you doing? I’m a first-time caller from Oklahoma City.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You said earlier that if Herman Cain is elected that he would be the first black president. What do you mean by that?

RUSH: I said first authentically black president.

CALLER: What does that mean?

RUSH: Well, during the campaign of 2008 there were a number of liberal newspaper columnists, and even Reverend Sharpton who were challenging Barack Obama’s authenticity, that he wasn’t an authentic black because he didn’t have any family history traced to slavery, that his mother was white —


RUSH: — father from Kenya, you know, was not really down for the struggle. But it was them who said that. Now, I’m simply bouncing off of them. I never get into debates over who’s an authentic black and who isn’t. It’s the left that does that, it’s the Democrat Party and their media that does that, but bouncing off what they said, Herman Cain would be more authentically black to me than Obama is.

CALLER: Oh. So it’s what they say and then you’re just repeating —

RUSH: Yeah, I’m just bouncing off of it.

CALLER: Oh, okay. And another thing you said, you said that Obama is worse than Bush?

RUSH: Yeah. Well —

CALLER: And I’m trying to figure how you came to that conclusion.

RUSH: Well, I actually didn’t say it. I agree with it.

CALLER: You agree with it, right.

RUSH: It was a poll in a magazine, The Economist, which is a British magazine, and they had a poll here with something called YouGov.


RUSH: And the majority in this poll rate Obama the same or worse than Bush, a majority said that Obama is as bad or worse than Bush —


RUSH: — in this poll. I was just citing the poll.

CALLER: But you agree with it as well, right?

RUSH: Yeah. I don’t think it’s even close. George Bush didn’t destroy the country. George Bush didn’t destroy our economy. And George Bush didn’t want to. George Bush did not declare war against this country. George Bush doesn’t run around and think that this country’s populated with people who have to be gotten even with. He doesn’t run around apologizing for America all over the place. It’s not even close.

CALLER: Yeah, I mean I understand. I didn’t vote for Obama, and our economic trouble is partly his fault, but I do believe that a lot of the blame, or half of the blame, could go to Bush.

RUSH: Well, maybe at one point, but right now Obama owns it, bro.

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