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“Obama has been in office now almost as long as JFK was, yet Obama is still running around blaming George W. Bush. So by that logic, you’d almost have to say that JFK never was president.”

“Herman Cain could be our first authentically black president. Stop and think about that.”

“If you wanted to say that there is a centrist position in American politics today, and by that I mean a majority position, the Tea Party is it.”

“I see Larry Flynt is offering up to $1 million for details of sex with Rick Perry. I want to make a counteroffer, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to offer up to $1 million for any details of sex with Warren Buffett’s secretary. ‘But, Rush! But, Rush! She’s not a public figure like Rick Perry.’ The hell she’s not! She’s now the most influential woman in America, Warren Buffett’s secretary and her tax rate.”

“The Republicans are answering more questions about Obama’s policies than he is having to answer.”

“I don’t believe that the Republicans in Washington understand thoroughly and fully the New Media. I believe that they still operate under the premise that they have to get their message out through ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post, New York Times.”

“Nothing in the Republican Party is different today than it was in ’76 or 1980. A conservative nominee is considered a threat to the Republican establishment and must be done away with.”

“I don’t know of anybody who can define for me the moderate core or the centrist core. What is it?”

“The country does not want from the Republican Party a centrist or a moderate. This is a time and a place that calls for unabashed, unapologetic conservatism.”

“Reagan was the equivalent of the Tea Party in ’76 and ’80.And the Republican establishment was as lined up against him then as they are against the Tea Party today.”

“I want to know what the core beliefs are for moderates and centrists. It could be interesting. Doubt it, but it could be.”

“We’ve done the centrist route. We’ve gone the moderate way. We’ve gone with the guy who could cross the aisle and work with the other side. It is never gonna win, particularly now. Boldness, fearlessness, while at the same time being filled with optimism and good cheer, that’s what’s called for right now.”

“Everybody’s in there laughing themselves silly. And I understand, I’m a naturally funny guy.”

“According to President Obama, life is no more complicated than our choice of footwear. If jobs are a problem, take off your bedroom slippers and put on some marching shoes.”

“These are always fun shows. With that little sleep, if the voice holds up, you never know, we get giddy and genuinely literally more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.”

“Remember, folks, we were told that Obama would be the first postracial president, postpartisan president? Instead, what do we get? He’s not our postracial president; he is our MOST racial president! He’s the MOST racial president that we’ve ever had. He is the MOST partisan president we’ve ever had.”

“Obama has never been what he promised. He’s never been anything but the most partisan hack politician out there.”

“The Republican establishment wants you to think that they are conservatism today, and of course, they’re not.”

“The pop culture and the news culture is dominated by liberals and it makes it look like that’s what the whole country is, but it isn’t.”

“Can you imagine, if any Republican president, black or white, told black people to ‘stop complaining’ and take off their bedroom slippers?”

“I don’t have any doubt in my mind that Fast and Furious was a backdoor way of sabotaging the Second Amendment. There’s no doubt in my mind that’s what the regime had planned for it.”

“The man most responsible for this disaster is the least available to answer for it. He doesn’t take questions about it, yet you go to these debates and the Republicans are put on trial as though they’re suspects and what would they would do — and, of course, anything they would do to ameliorate, fix the situation, is looked upon as suspect.”

“If you start complaining about roughness in the National Football League, you ought not be in the league. It’s the nature of the beast.”

“There’s so much stuff being said out there. It’s very difficult for any other conservative to be considered original with me on the scene.”

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