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By the way, a lot of people want to know, “Have you picked a winner yet, Rush?” Yeah, we have. We have chosen the latest Two If By Tea sweepstakes winner, the person to whom we are going to personally deliver the tea. Yes. But we’re not ready to announce it yet. I mean, it’s a random selection but we’ve got to do the background stuff and all that. We have notified the other winners. We called them on Wednesday. (chuckling) Normally these people their answering machines pick up we just leave a voice message. But I think now they’re out there expecting us to call because every damn one of them picked up. (laughing) So we talked to them for about 10, 15 minutes each. It’s fun. It’s amazing. You people in this audience are the greatest people.

You’re the most down-to-earth, genuine, real people — and every one of our sponsors that’s a direct-response client tells me that when we have a meeting with them. They are just blown away with how polite, decent, just down-to-earth everyone is that they meet and interact with. We found that too with our Two If By Tea winners. The grand prize winner has been picked. When we’ve made the announcement, when we’ve called the winner ourselves, is when we will tell you who it is and where. But you didn’t win it, the odds are, so you need to focus on the next one coming up. We’ve got trips to Las Vegas planned. We have all kinds of stuff coming up between now and the end of the year as ongoing Two If By Tea sweepstakes contests continue. So just be patient.

We’ll roll these out in conjunction with Republican debates and other political events; because, of course, Two If By Tea, we’re trying to tell everybody, “The liberals are coming!” Rush Revere.

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