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“Herman Cain has got to know it’s BS. It’s the Washington Post; it’s a campaign. Intellectually, I mean, he’s got to know that. But I think partially what’s happening in that case is: When you think you’re in the top tier, it changes the way you act.”

“What you have in this Washington Post story is they’re trying to shape the Republican field. They’re trying to pick our nominee. Perry: racist! Michele Bachmann: disabling migraines! Sarah Palin: stupid! Paul Ryan: pushed grandmother off a cliff in a wheelchair!”

“So there you have it, Republicans live in mortal fear of me outing anyone for being insufficiently conservative.”

“See, Buffett’s old-fashioned. He doesn’t realize that billionaires only have to make $200,000 a year to be called billionaires. In Obama’s world you’re a billionaire and have a jet if you make $200,000 a year.”

“It’s time now that every Republican running for the presidency know what they’re dealing with when they go on ABC, CBS, or NBC. They are not being invited on these shows because these shows are interested in them. They’re not being invited on these shows because anybody related to this show wants to see them succeed. They’re being invited on these shows so that perhaps the media can destroy any and all of the Republican nominees or candidates for the nomination.”

“These protestors are out marching for big government. They’re advocating for Obama’s reelection. They are marching against Wall Street. Who’s in bed with Obama? Wall Street.”

“No reason to be afraid of these people. These people in the media are one-third as smart. They’re not the wizards of smart, they’re not the grand pooh-bahs. They could be easily outrun or outsmarted here.”

“Ninety-nine out of 100 times, wherever you find a union, you are going to find massive amounts of money that support by way of coercion, then donation, contribution to Democrat candidates.”

“Liberal policies in public education — continue to hurt the poor.”

“Public education’s already free, but they’re being charged with educational theft. That is the felonious charge that has been created: Educational theft, if you send your kid to a school outside your district.”

“Obama’s answering questions somewhere from the press. He said, ‘I don’t regret holding up Solyndra as a model. People felt it was a good bet. We have to keep encouraging clean energy companies.’ Encouraging them? You mean funding them under the table so the money comes back to you and to your donors. Taxpayer money is being used to make his donors whole. That’s why he wants to keep it going.”

“I’ve told you, brevity is the soul of wit. These people are gonna have to learn to say what they think with persuasion and convincibility during these debates in 30 seconds. If they can’t they’re gonna come off as looking incoherent. It’s the nature of the beast.”

“Here it is 2011 and the media still think that they can convince readers that Republicans are institutional racists.”

“It’s fascinating to watch these people as they go out and they protest the very thing they’re voting for.”

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