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Well, you may have heard by now, ladies and gentlemen, that Governor Christie of New Jersey has scheduled a press conference for one o’clock, 55 minutes from now. Major news organizations are reporting that Governor Christie is going to say again that he is not running. This will leave Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard stranded at the altar once again. Others are reporting Kristol has been spotted at Dulles International with a clipboard asking passengers at random if they want to run.

Great to have you here. It’s 800-282-2882 — he-he-he — if you want to be on the program.
The first giveaway to me was when Christie schedules his presser at one o’clock, directly opposite the Apple iPhone 5 announcement. That’s all I needed to know. Not gonna run. If you schedule up against an Apple announcement it means you don’t want a whole lot of people to hear about it. I’m kidding. I’m sure Christie doesn’t even know that Apple has an announcement at one o’clock. So the question, how many times does he have to announce this? By the way, Nancy Reagan is out there, (paraphrasing) “These reports are crazy. I didn’t tell him I wanted him to run. I haven’t told anybody I want ’em to run.” That’s what she’s putting out.

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