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You may have heard, ladies and gentlemen, some girl who was convicted of murder in Italy had her conviction overturned by a second jury. I think her name was Knox, Amanda Knox. Yeah, that’s her name. (interruption) Oh, you’ve heard about it? Oh. You mean I’m behind on it? Well, I feel like this is the Casey Anthony thing. I didn’t hear about that until it had two weeks lifespan left in it and I didn’t hear about Amanda Knox ’til yesterday. I figured nobody knew who she was. All right, I don’t need to tell you about it, you already know about this, right? Whoa. Yeah, I didn’t think anybody knew. She’s on her way back to Seattle because the second jury in Italy overturned her conviction. (interruption) Movie offers, oh, yeah, whole thing. Look, I didn’t think anybody knew this. I thought I had a scoop here. Never mind.

I’ll bet you didn’t know this. Her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito — (interruption) you know that, too? Well, heck. What am I doing here? I thought I’m on the cutting edge here. He was being freed. He’s convicted of murder, too, but he’s being freed but he’s not cute, so you have to really dig deep in any article to find out anything about him. I didn’t know about this ’til yesterday. Obviously, I don’t read everything. Where do you have to read to find out about this? I don’t watch cable news that much anymore because I just don’t. I know everything before it’s reported there. I’m telling you I don’t read a lot of splash websites. I don’t read AOL. I don’t read MSN. I don’t Facebook, Google, tweet, so I didn’t know ’til yesterday this is such a big deal. I was asking myself, “Okay, what’s wrong with me?” And then I quickly said, “Nothing.”

Not my fault I didn’t know about this. This is not something I wanted to spend my time knowing about anyway. It did make me wonder where the hell I’ve been to not know. I tell you, what I did happen to hear was part of the Italian prosecutor’s opening statement about her. This was impossible to avoid ’cause it was on every channel yesterday, he called her a sex maniac. And remember, now, this is in Italy where they say, “What’s wrong with that?” So it was no wonder she had the conviction overturned. (laughing) Sex maniac, Italy? “Yeah? You got a problem with that? Not here.” (interruption) The defense compared her to Jessica Rabbit? I don’t know who that is. Who’s Jessica Rabbit? Who’s Roger Rabbit? Well, yeah, that’s why I’m saying. (interruption) She is voluptuous, that’s exactly why she had the conviction overturned. The prosecutor blew it by calling her a sex maniac, and in Italy they say, “What’s wrong with that?”

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