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RUSH: Interesting story. This is from the Carolina Journal: “President Barack Obama stood before thousands of screaming supporters at North Carolina State University Sept. 14, urging Congress to pass the American Jobs Act, his $450 billion plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy. ‘Pass this jobs bill, and there will be funding to save the jobs of up to 13,000 North Carolina teachers, cops, and firefighters,’ he said. But he didn’t say that his bill would fund the jobs only for one year. Nor did he say how the jobs would be paid for after that.” (interruption) It’s exactly what it is, H.R. The hundred thousand cops of Clinton, do you remember this program, hundred thousand cops, the federal government, in the midst of a crime wave, was going to pay local governments to hire more cops for a year or two. And after they hired the cops, the money would run out, and then who would pay them after?

The same thing with Obama’s teacher plan here. The money was to hire teachers and firemen and cops for one year. This is a typical way that the left does things, typical liberal thinking. Get something passed that has no way to be continually funded, leaving the state to hold the bag after the Feds drop it on them, which is what’s happening right now with unemployment compensation as we told you at the beginning of the program. The states are now in debt a total of $38 billion dollars after funding the Fed’s mandated unemployment compensation extension. It’s the states that pay for that. They had to borrow money from the federal government to pull it off because the states didn’t have the money.

Now the first interest payments are due on the borrowing, a total aggregate interest payment of $1 billion due Friday. The states don’t have it. But this is how the Feds get their hands in. So the $450 billion, “Oh, yeah, we’re gonna save your teacher’s job… (whispering) for one year.” And then, if the states don’t have any money to keep those people hired, they lose their jobs. The hundred thousand cops thing, Clinton thing, only 69,000 jobs, 69,000 cops and others ended up being hired. So this is typical. This is the way to go out and do things, make a big, grand announcement, “Oh, yeah, we’re gonna fund jobs, 13,000 teachers,” for a year, and then after that it’s up to the states. If the states don’t have the money, tough toenails.


RUSH: By the way, when these teachers get laid off in after one year, who gets blamed for it? The nearest Republican. Through budget cuts. “The Republicans don’t care!” The Republicans are accused of cutting budgets when Obama only funded something for a year, and the cycle repeats. Republicans get all defensive, try to show, “No, we don’t hate teachers. We love teachers. We didn’t cut the budget.” Try to go out and explain it. The media gangs up. And that’s the cycle: Fund something for a year, those people lose their jobs, you blame it on the Republicans for having no heart and no compassion; and the famous budget cuts and so forth “for their rich buddies,” all that sort of stuff. That’s how it works.

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