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RUSH: Well, there’s a big dilemma down on Wall Street. The Occupy Wall Street crowd, I got hold of the minutes of their most recent meeting from their website, and they have realized that chilly temperatures have set in, which means that they are going to need sleeping bags. One of the challenges they have — honestly — one of the challenges they have is: Should they knit their own sleeping bags or should they sacrifice or compromise and go to a store and buy them? Because if they do that, they’re engaging in capitalism, which is what they’re protesting against. They’re really conflicted about what to do and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


RUSH: This Occupy Wall Street bunch is kind of like how I felt back in 1985 when I was in Sacramento and the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament thing got started. These people were gonna march coast to coast for global nuclear disarmament. They went to Mount Shasta and did a total harmonic convergence. They went up to the top of Mount Shasta and they all went, “Ohm,” hoping to send vibes to Reagan and Gorbachev not to push the nuke button and then the idea was to march across the country, get to the Pentagon and stage a die-in, replicate what would happen at the moment of a nuclear blast, essentially all fell down and then started pouring red paint all over the steps to represent blood. Never happened, but that was the objective. Just a big bunch of nuts.

But this bunch of nuts is growing, and it’s gonna be fun to cover this crowd. And of course they’re getting serious treatment from some news organizations. One thing. Note that it is reported they are everywhere, except Washington. They’re in New York, they’re all over the place, but they are staying away from Washington. Why, when they have all these problems with capitalism and so forth, why are they not in Washington where all these decisions are actually made? And the reason is, of course, that they got no problem with what’s going on in Washington with Obama and the Democrats, so they’re going to stay out of there and just spend time in other cities. But nevertheless some of the agony that they’re going through is hilarious. It’s literally hilarious. Should they spend their money on sleeping bags or bedroom slippers? Should they actually go to the grocery store or should they ask for donations of food? They are doing everything they can to avoid engaging in capitalism. Wait ’til you hear some of the things that they’re conflicted over.


RUSH: I mentioned at the open of the program that I got some stuff from the official site of those kooks calling themselves Occupy Wall Street. The official site of these kooks is called General Assembly, and I have here the minutes from a meeting. They posted the meeting minutes on their website and discussed at length, should we sew our own sleeping bags or give in and buy ’em? Here’s a little excerpt.

Justine: “I’m concerned that buying new sleeping bags is against the principles that people came here for.”


Justine: “I was under the understanding that there is an anti capotalist [sic] –” by the way, capitalist is spelled c-a-p-o-t every time it’s written here, capotalist [sic]. “I was under the understanding that there is an anti capotalist [sic] part of this movement and consumptions when we feel emergency need is how we deal with issues in capoticalsm. [sic] Should we address issues the same way.”

“That point’s been brought up before. On the point of consumption, it will be next to impossible for us to operate without buying some of the stuff we need. We try to balance our principles with our need without making it too difficult. I’ve been visiting Salvation Army stores and buying as many sleeping bags as I can so I believe it’s possible for us to get our supplies from charity stores and the like.”

I have an idea. These people, they obviously want to live in their communes, and they want to sew their own sleeping bags, and there’s more. I mean that’s just a little excerpt. Why don’t we find a state with vast wilderness where the federal government owns significant acreage and just give these people a piece of that land. They can knit their own clothes and sleeping bags, they can grow their own food and their own pot, but they will have to walk there. So we make sure it’s a western state: Montana, Idaho, a lot of open air out there, a lot of federal land. These people want to live as far away from capitalism as possible, fine, give them the land, they can go knit and sew, do whatever they want to do out there, but of course they can’t use the airlines, they can’t drive cars. Those are evil, destroying the planet, capitalist.

General Assembly minutes, October 3rd, 7:30 p.m. “Wanted to make sure that we the people are okay with the people up front running it. The people up front are facilitators. Anyone can facilitate if they get in touch with the working group. Bri: Is a co-facilitator. She wants consent on weather [sic] of [sic] not we agree for them to be facilitators. … Let’s move the agenda first. Passed with no blocks.”

“The first point, comfort budget.” Okay, here’s Jeff, he’s one of the guys, one of the leaders of the group, they got a budget for comfort. He says, “I work with comfort. We have some major concerned [sic] about people sleeping here. Mainly we need sleeping bags. Sleeping bags cost money and no one is donating sleeping bags. With that in mind we have a proposal to use some of the donated money to buy sleeping bags. We would like to request about 2000 dollars from the fund for sleeping bags. We think if we buy 100 $20 sleeping bags, that would be enough for the time being.”

“HOW THIS WILL WORK, we will ask for questions then concernes [sic] then blocks, then we will vote. CHRIS is stack taker: So I just want to know how many people are sleeping here already and if itÂ’s projected that number will increase. Someone on medical counted around 400 the other night and it HAS been increasing. Roney: My question is does the budget requested account for taxes on the sleeping bags?”

These are the minutes. This is what these people were talking about at their board meeting. This is the Occupy Wall Street group.

“David: How long will 20 dollar sleeping bags last with winter coming up? Not very.
Great concern, we have none currently they are the most asked for item. WeÂ’d rather buy cheap ones now. We also have more blankets than sleeping bags so you can use blankets in conjunction with sleeping bags. LUKE: How many requests for sleeping bags do we get every day? He doesnÂ’t know off the top of his head an accurate number. But he would guess about 100. Should we not just buy fabric? And construct sleeping bags?”

Then someone goes on to say: “I’m concerned buying a new sleeping bag is against the principles that people came here for.” Somebody says, “Why?” “I was under the understanding that there is an anti capotalist [sic] part of this movement and consumptions when we feel emergency need is how we deal with issues in capoticalsm. [sic]”

Then the next set of minutes: needs of the occupiers. Most needed: “Sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, and large clear plastic storage bins to keep it all dry, polar fleece sweaters, pants, socks –” this is what they want people to give them, the Occupy Wall Street kooks. This is what they want people to donate them. It isn’t gonna be long, folks, before we are going to hear that the Republicans gave the protestors blankets that were infected with smallpox. You wait. Some of these people are gonna get sick, gonna blame it on Republican donations to try to thin the herd. Well, the Republicans are gonna fix the bridges so they collapse when you drive across one and sabotage all the bridges and so forth. “We’re also looking for volunteer legal counsel, doctors, nurses, dentists, mental health professionals, a volunteer accountant, volunteer computer expert, artists, people willing to do loads of laundry, and folks to print off fliers for us. Dedicated, capable volunteers for the food committee.”

They’ve got a website tax deductible monetary donations can be made at. So they want capitalists to give them stuff. Doctors, nurses, they want these people to perform their services free, while they are at the same time protesting everything that would make any of that possible. (interruption) It’s obvious that that’s what they need. They obviously need more mental health professionals than anything else. And that list of people they need, isn’t that a group of people you’d describe as “the rich”? Legal counsel, doctors, nurses, dentists, mental health professionals, an accountant, computer experts, artists? And, of course, people willing to do laundry. Why don’t they do their own laundry? Oh, because they’re gonna be too busy protesting. Exactly. This is who these people are. This is what they’re agonizing over. They need all this stuff, but it’s a great conflict, because to go buy it they think is self-defeating. That’s helping the “capitolists.” So they want the “capitolists,” the people they’re protesting against to come donate items and their services.

See, these people’s mothers usually are the ones doing their laundry, and now mom’s not around. It’s their mother that makes their beds, but mom’s not around. And it’s their mom and dad that put food on the table for ’em, but their mom and dad aren’t around ’cause they hate their mom and dad ’cause their mom and dad are evil capitalists, so they’re out living on the cheap in their mind while asking all the people that actually make the country work to give them stuff.


RUSH: You know, when I was ten years old, Snerdley — when I was ten years old — I was more self-sufficient than this parade of human debris calling itself Occupy Wall Street. (interruption) No. I was in the Scouts, yeah. I was a Boy Scout for a while. No, no, a Cub Scout for a while. I even got some badges. I was a Boy Scout for a year. I was a Tenderfoot for a year. I didn’t do anything, I hated it. I didn’t like it. I went on one camping trip, got the Gold Brick Award for absolute worst, most useless guy on the camping trip. I would have probably fit in with this group then, but that was just to protest being there. My parents made me join. I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to join. So went to the top of this mountain, I just watched everybody else build the tents and put the leaves on the bottom. I got the gold brick. It was an honor. But I never once advertised that I was a parasite, like these people are doing. If you look at the minutes and read their website, these people are announcing that they’re parasites, that they are not self-sufficient and that they totally dependent on the very things and people they’re protesting. Who in the world knits their own sleeping bags and has a board of directors meeting about it for an hour before they decide? This bunch! You know, I wouldn’t doubt if we’re not careful the next president of this country is gonna come out of this group.

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