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RUSH: Okay, so these people, these rich white spoiled rotten jerks want everybody else to pay taxes so they don’t have to pay for anything. What do we want? What do we want free? I’ll list it for you.

We want free speech, we want freedom of association, freedom to bear arms, free markets, freedom of religion, freedom from confiscatory taxation, private property, freedom from government smothering regulations, freedom from lawless politicians and bully bureaucrats. We want freedom from union bosses and their demands and freedom from race-baiting hacks. We want freedom from Obamacare, freedom from cap and trade, freedom from activist judges. We want freedom from subsidizing communist professors, incompetent teachers and spoiled brats dancing in the streets chanting incoherent slogans. We want freedom from food police, lightbulb police, salt police. That means freedom from Mayor “Doomberg.” We want freedom from the America haters who seek to destroy this society and demand that we pay for it. That’s our freedom agenda.

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