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RUSH: Let me set the table for you. You have Obama for the last four weeks: He’s had this miniature book. He’s been waving it around at every campaign stop. He’s been saying, (imitating Obama) “Pass this bill now. Pass it now, my jobs bill. Pass it now.” Demanding that Congress pass his jobs bill, the $450 billion worth of tax increases. The bill never intended to be signed, the bill never intended to be passed. It’s there for the express purpose of allowing Obama and the Democrats to say the Republicans are the obstructionists. Okay, cut to the Republicans. The Republicans still quake in their boots over what’s said about them by the mainstream media. So Obama says Republicans are standing in the way of you getting a job. Republicans are standing in the way of new roads and bridges and schools and all the infrastructure crap that’s supposedly contained in the bill.

Republicans hear that, they cringe. Mainstream media shows up at their press conferences, “What do you think of that? Are you actually standing in the way of new schools and roads and bridges? Do you really not want people to get jobs?” That’s how it works. So the Republicans don’t want to get questions like that and they don’t want to sit there and tell the press what is really going on because they’re still intimidated by the press. Yet Eric Cantor says, “Sorry, this thing’s dead, it’s not going anywhere.” That ratchets the media up and ratchets Obama up even more. (imitating Obama) “See? See? Republicans don’t care about you, they don’t care about your house, they don’t care about roads, bridges, schools, they don’t care about you working. I do. I want you to have a job. See this? Pass this bill now.”

Dingy Harry, over in the Senate, is the only Democrat who’s put his name to the bill. And he said publicly, (imitating Dingy Harry) “Nope, we’re gonna get to this in a month or so, maybe the end of October. Got other priorities. Besides that, I have a bunch of senators up for reelection in 2012, and I don’t want to have them have to vote on this. Not gonna help ’em to have voted for tax increases,” letting the cat out of the bag that the jobs bill is nothing but tax increases. So Dingy Harry shelves the bill. While Dingy Harry shelves the bill and says it’s really nothing but tax increases and I don’t want my guys voting on it, Obama’s still out there blaming the Republicans for no action on the bill. And the media still goes to the Republicans: “Why don’t you want jobs for people? Why don’t you want new roads bridges and schools?” Republicans say, “Gee, not us. Have you not heard what Reid’s doing?”

So Mitch McConnell decides, you know what, let’s have a vote on this. The president’s entitled to a vote. He has every right to get a vote on his jobs bill, that’s what our country’s all about, president proposes a piece of legislation, he wants new jobs, he ought to get a vote on that. Dingy Harry said, “No, no, this is nothing more than a political trick.” Jay Carney at the White House, much the same thing, says this is nothing more than gamesmanship and disingenuous. Which it is. I mean it is gamesmanship. McConnell is saying, “Look, we’re not the ones standing in the way, and we’re gonna illustrate here how it’s the Democrats who don’t want any part of this. So go ahead, we’re gonna arrange for a vote on this in the Senate.” And Dingy Harry said, “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, nope, not gonna play those political games, ain’t happening.”

Audio sound bites starting with Obama yesterday in Mesquite, Texas.

OBAMA: Yesterday the Republican majority leader in Congress, Eric Cantor, said thaaaat right now he won’t even let this jobs bill have a vote in the House of Representatives.

FOLLOWERS: (grumbling and booing)

RUSH: Boo! Ooh.

OBAMA: That’s what he said!

RUSH: Boo, boo!

OBAMA: Won’t even let it be debated.


OBAMA: Won’t even give it a chance to be debated on the floor of the House of Representatives. Think about that. I mean, what’s the problem? (stammering) Did they not have the time?

FOLLOWERS: (laughing)

OBAMA: They just had a week off. Is it inconvenient?

RUSH: All right. So, see? The table’s set: “I got a bill that’s gonna put everybody back to work — new schools, new roads and bridges — and the Republicans don’t want any part of it. They don’t want you to have a job.” Obama goes out and makes a speech. Here’s Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor yesterday.

MCCONNELL: Yesterday I tested the president’s rhetoric. I proposed that we do exactly what he wants and vote right away on the second stimulus bill he’s proposed as the supposed solution to our jobs crisis, and the Democrats blocked it. The president’s own party is the only obstacle to having a vote on his so-called jobs bill. So my suggestion to the White House is that if the president wants to keep traveling around the country demanding a vote on this second stimulus, that he focus his criticism on Democrats, not Republicans, because they’re the ones who are now standing in the way of an immediate vote on this legislation.

RUSH: And that’s absolutely true! Absolutely true. But you will not see the media report on this. In fact, AP story: “Senate Democrats intend to jettison provisions that Obama recommended to pay for his jobs bill and substitute a tax surcharge on millionaires. [Dingy Harry] outlined plans for a 5% surcharge in a closed-door meeting with the rank-and-file, according to participants, as Obama traveled to Texas to deliver his most caustic challenge yet to House Republicans who have not allowed a vote…” See? At the end of the day the Republicans are the problem. You just heard Mitch McConnell: “Let’s vote on it. Here’s Dingy Harry after the Republicans want an immediate vote on Obama’s so-called jobs bill that he is demanding. Dingy Harry says: Not so fast.

REID: (whispering) I was so disappointed yesterday when my friend, Republican leader, attempted to snuff out debate and prevent a bipartisan discussion about how to move the American Jobs Act forward.

RUSH: (laughing)

REID: Rather than debating this bill on the floor as we usually do, he wants to tack this important job creator —

RUSH: Stop the tape! Where was the debate on Obamacare? Where were all the committee hearings on Obamacare? No! Remember we had to pass that bill before we could know what was in it? Here’s the rest of the bite…

REID: — onto an unrelated measure. Again and again during the last few weeks Republicans have rejected an all-or-nothing approach to the legislation. So imagine my surprise when they were unwilling to engage in the thoughtful debate that this bill deserves.

RUSH: So Dingy Harry tries to turn it around, “No, no, no, no! We want to debate the bill. McConnell just wants a vote.” Well, that’s what the president says. The president says, “Give me a vote! Vote on it now! Pass this now.” Now, the problem in the House is (I hate to tell you, folks) that there still isn’t a bill in the House to vote on or debate. Nobody has put their name to it. I mean, it’s there, but it doesn’t have a sponsor. The only place where anybody can vote for or against Obama’s so-called jobs bill is in the Senate. It has not been introduced in the House of Representatives. So, this is classic. McConnell comes up with a solution: “Okay, president deserves a vote.” Dingy Harry says, “This is a trick! This is a trick, this is disingenuous, this is gamesmanship. We normally debate this around here, and my Republican friend is trying to forestall debates.” This morning, Dingy Harry tried a new tack.

REID: (whispering) Democrats have listened to the American people and they have been very, very clear. The American people believe it’s time for millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share to help this country thrive.

RUSH: Believe it’s time for millionaires and billionaires…? When have they not been paying their fair share? They’re the only ones paying their fair share, if the truth be known. So the Democrats are now saying — just as I told you — Republicans want your bridges to fall down so Obama won’t get reelected. This is Maxine Waters last night on PMSNBC.

WATERS: Are you kidding? These are job killers, these guys! They would rather try and undermine the president and not allow this jobs bill to come up for a vote than create jobs for their own constituents — or make sure that the highways and the byways are safe. In Eric Cantor’s district, 26% — well, in his state, 26% — of all the bridges are in structural disrepair or functionally not able to work very well.

RUSH: (laughing)

WATERS: He does not care about the safety of his district or his state or repairing this crumbling infrastructure. He would rather undermine the president; stop this jobs bill. But we’re up to the fight now.

RUSH: Yeah, see? Republicans want those bridges in North Carolina to fall down. And in South Carolina, Republicans want the bridges to fall down! Republicans want your senior citizen grandparents eating dog food! Republicans want your old folks kicked out of their houses and have their Social Security taken away, and now Republicans want the bridges to fall down, so Obama won’t get reelected, or things like that. Bridges are in structural disrepair or functionally unable to work very well. (interruption) Is there that money? Grooming money? Oh, I’m sure she could get it if she wanted. Grooming money. Yeah, I remember what you’re talking about.


RUSH: And moving right along, Maxine Waters. I want you to try to figure it out here. Again, this is from last night on MSNBC, and the question she was asked is (paraphrased): Congresswoman Waters, besides telling everybody that the Republicans want bridges to collapse and seniors to have no Social Security, what else can the Democrats do?

WATERS: These Republicans, the Tea Party people, who are opposed to creating jobs — opposed to making their states safe by repairing the infrastructure — they have got to be contacted! Their representatives keep them uncertain about what’s going on and they talk about, “Oh, those are the people who burn the American flag,” but they don’t talk about their economic condition! They don’t talk about the fact that they don’t have jobs, they don’t have health care clinics — and so Democrats have got to take that message right into their districts.

RUSH: Uhhh… Ehhhh… “Their representatives keep them uncertain about what’s going on and they talk about, ‘Those are the people who burn the American flag.’ They don’t talk about their economic condition.” They don’t? We don’t talk about our economic condition? “Baghdad” Jim McDermott got in on this. The question he got was, “Congressman McDermott,” aside from saying the Republicans want bridges to collapse and people to die in their cars going across the bridges and the senior citizens are gonna be eating dog food because they’re gonna have no Social Security, “what else can the president do? Is he doing all that he can do in your opinion?”

MCDERMOTT: John Boehner has 171 bridges in his own district that he doesn’t care about! He’d rather help Mitch McConnell sink the president, when that’s the highest priority. Those bridges you’re driving over are not safe, and John Boehner doesn’t care! I think sometimes about that bridge that fell down in Minneapolis, and you say to yourself, “How would you like that to be your legacy in your district, that you didn’t push to get those bridges repaired?”

RUSH: You would think I’m making this up, or just trying to be funny. This is what they’re saying: “Republicans want the bridges to collapse just so Obama will fail. Republicans want you to die. They don’t want you to have a house, they don’t want you to have a job. They don’t want to do anything.” That bridge in Minnesota wasn’t a repair problem, by the way. You know, these Wall Street clowns, they walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Did anybody warn them?


RUSH: Just to remind you: The Minnesota bridge, there was a design flaw in that bridge. It was not a repair problem. It was in excellent repair, in fact. It was design flaw. That was the regime’s own ruling, NTSB’s official ruling. Okay, the rats are now scrambling below deck. Dingy Harry just held a press conference to announce a vote in a few days on Obama’s tax bill.

REID: (whispering) The American Jobs Act, President Obama’s program that we’ve talked about the for the last several weeks. We hope to set up that first vote on that very, very soon within the next few days.

RUSH: Well, what happened? What changed here?

REID: We’re gonna propose to pay for this important jobs legislation by asking people who make more than a million dollars a year to pay 5% more to fund job creation and ensure this country’s economic success. It’s time for Republicans to stop their partisan games.

RUSH: (laughing)

REID: Yesterday what the Republican leader did on the floor is really disingenuous.

RUSH: Yeah, well, why are you reacting to it, slimeball? What a snake. You know, the piece of paper that this transcript is printed on is greasy. I can barely hold onto the piece of paper. What a slickster! Okay, so they’re now gonna have a vote. The rats are scrambling below decks. They’re gonna have a vote and they’re gonna set up a 5% tax increase to fund job creation. This is as idiotic as the Starbucks guy asking people to contribute $5 to a job creation fund when they buy a latte or whatever they buy at Starbucks. (interruption) You missed that yesterday? I thought you might-a missed that when you’re out there screening. Is this how we create jobs? We have a job fund at Starbucks? And, oh, by the way! Let me find it.

Obama’s getting on a “Tweet for Jobs.” Let me find that. I got that here in the stack. Yes. Why haven’t we thought of this before? “Tweet for Jobs.” Yep. “President Obama’s campaign is adding another social media tool to pressure Congress to act on his jobs bill. On Tuesday, the campaign is launching ‘Tweet for Jobs,’ a tool that allows users to find their legislators and tweet directly to lawmakers their support for Obama’s’ so-called jobs bill. “‘President Obama is calling on members of Congress to pass his plan to create jobs and strengthen the economy, the American Jobs Act — and you can help him urge your legislators to pass it, the new site reads. Use our tool to tweet your Republican lawmakers about why you support the PresidentÂ’s plan and why they should, too.'”

Meanwhile, the Republicans are not stopping it! This thing has no Democrat votes. So here’s Dingy Harry. McConnell’s move worked, ’cause people can logically figure this out. I mean, this is pathetic. The Democrats used to be much slicker and better at this, but this? This is embarrassing. McConnell calls for a vote, simply says, “That’s what the president wants. The president deserves a vote.” Dingy Harry says, “That’s gamesmanship. That’s disingenuous! Why, we always have debate around here.” Then the next day Dingy Harry says, “Okay, we’re gonna have a vote. We’re gonna add a 5% tax on people making more than a million dollars to fund job creation to ensure this country’s economic success.” (sigh)

You know, in the old days of this program, back when life was a little bit more carefree, every day after prepping the show I had a stack called the Silly Stack. The Silly Stack of Stuff: Lighthearted, goofball, oddball stuff going on that had nothing to do, in many ways, with politics. This would qualify for it. These people are just getting more and more transparently ridiculous every day. We’re gonna propose to pay for this jobs legislation by asking people making more than a million dollars a year to pay 5% more to fund job creation. As though Washington has anything to do with job creation! Washington has nothing to do with job creation. As we’ve seen the last two and a half years, what Washington does is destroy jobs. What Washington does is put obstacles in the way of economic growth that would lead to job creation. Particularly Washington when run by Democrats and liberals. Aren’t millionaires the ones that hire employees? Is this a good time to start punishing them? Chuck-U Schumer got in on the act. After Dingy Harry finished, Chuck-U Schumer strode to the microphone.

SCHUMER: We have spent the last several weeks planning how it can win the most votes on the Senate floor as one package. We believe we have found the best answer available. These tough economic times call for sacrifice — SHARED sacrifice — so we believe the best way to ensure this worthy package does not add to the deficit is to get rid of unneeded tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

RUSH: (chuckling)

SCHUMER: This is a change from the original proposal, but we’ve consulted with the White House on this, and they’re fine with the idea.

RUSH: Oh, really? The White House plan had no tax increases on the millionaires and billionaires? (laughing) I can’t keep a straight face. You know the scary thing (and at the same time the funny thing) is that there are dunderheads who believe this! There are knuckleheads — there are plain just dumb people — who believe all of this. And they’re there, and you’ve gotta deal with it and put you people with ’em. But this is just over the top ridiculous. Now, “Tweet for Jobs,” a tax increase to fund job creation, Starbucks collecting $5 to create jobs — and I’ll bet you, you walk into your average public school, high school, middle school, grade school; pop your head into any class with some stupid teachers — and believe me, by “stupid,” I mean ill-educated, misinformed, don’t know what’s right; they’ve been taught a bunch of lies when they went to college or learned to be teachers — are filling their kids’ heads with the biggest bunch of economic junk.

I’ll bet we could pop our heads in one of those classrooms, pick one at random, and we would be shocked what we hear. Nah, probably not. It’s been going on long enough now that we’re familiar with it. So, anyway, there you have it: “Tweet for Jobs, a new tax increase, Dingy Harry. Obviously the pressure, the pressure to vote on this bill is intense — and what this means is that Dingy Harry’s effort yesterday was a total bomb. It means that McConnell won this one. Why wouldn’t he? Obama is waving it around, “Pass this bill now!” McConnell says, “The president deserves a vote on his bill.” Dingy Harry says, “This is gamesmanship, we always have debate around here. We’re not gonna vote on this! We’re not gonna give the Republicans what they want. They just want to make sure our bridges fall down and our senior citizens die from eating poisoned dog food, and we’re not gonna let that happen.”

And then the next day, today, Dingy Harry comes, “Okay we’re gonna have a vote on it real soon and we’re gonna add something to it: We’re gonna raise taxes even again, and the White House is all for it.” Why wouldn’t they be? You want to take a bet that there won’t be a vote on this? These Democrats in the Senate who are up for reelection, the last thing they want to do is go on record voting for this thing with all these tax increases in it. I don’t think Dingy Harry has enough votes to give all those guys a pass. He’s got too many senators up for reelection. I don’t think he can give them a pass to let them all vote “no” because then the bill won’t pass, and I can’t believe that they’re gonna have a vote on this when the bill fails. You don’t do that. The president’s out there waving it around; the Democrats run the Senate, they have a vote, and it’s defeated. I mean, that blows up the whole purpose of this.


RUSH: We got more details here on the millionaires tax for ten years that Schumer and Dingy Harry are proposing. Senator Schumer said the surtax would impact any income earned by people above a million dollars annually, would also impact dividends and capital gains, and Schumer said that it would be in place for ten years. So presumably this 5% tax would be piggybacked on the tax increase when the Bush tax cuts end in 2013. Major tax increase, Dingy Harry is adding to Obama’s bill.

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