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“Liberals want to talk about corporations and profits. Well, how about rich unions that don’t pay one penny in federal income tax? And they make lots of profit. They shouldn’t be tax exempt.”

“These Democrats in the Senate who are up for reelection, the last thing they want to do is go on record voting for this thing with all these tax increases in it. I don’t think Dingy Harry has enough votes to give all those guys a pass. He’s got too many senators up for reelection.”

“You cause the banking fees to go up with the Dodd-Frank regulatory reform bill, and when that happens you create a new bureaucracy to deal with it. It’s the way of the world for these people.”

“You know, for 30 years we’ve been told by the Democrats that children are the future. Save the children. Now we see what they’ve become. They’re not the future. They’re a total mess. There is no future. These people are all there is. Pack it in, folks.”

“Here you have Barack Obama who wants to raise taxes and he’s going out and he’s quoting Ronald Reagan, who everybody knows is famous for what? Cutting taxes.”

“Sharyl Attkisson once invited me to be her guest at the White House Correspondents Dinner, which I graciously turned down. She thought it would raise the roof off the place, which it would have. I didn’t want to sit at the CBS table.”

“Who in the world knits their own sleeping bags and has a board of directors meeting about it for an hour before they decide? These protestors! You know, I wouldn’t doubt if we’re not careful the next president of this country is gonna come out of this group.”

“Obama’s jobs bill was never intended to be signed, the bill was never intended to be passed. It’s there for the express purpose of allowing Obama and the Democrats to say the Republicans are the obstructionists. “

“Washington has nothing to do with job creation. As we’ve seen the last two and a half years, what Washington does is destroy jobs. What Washington does is put obstacles in the way of economic growth that would lead to job creation.”

“I’m a wordologist. Words are my business, so I listen very carefully to the words other people use.”

“It isn’t gonna be long, folks, before we are going to hear that the Republicans gave the protesters blankets that were infected with smallpox. You wait. Some of these people are gonna get sick, gonna blame it on Republican donations to try to thin the herd.”

“These protestors are urging the reelection of a guy who’s doing exactly what they say they detest. They’re just dumb.”

“How come nobody at the regime ever talks about trying to bring the cost of education down? It’s ’cause their buddies work there and that’s their standard of living.”

“My mom always told me not to laugh at people dumber than me. Sometimes I can’t help it.”

“My guess is that there is a whole lot of Reagan Democrats in these labor unions. There are a whole lot of conservatives in these labor unions. They’ve got no control over how their dues are spent, but they do control how they vote, and I don’t think they support the welfare state like this.”

“We used to talk about welfare queens, now we now have welfare punks.”

“Yeah, well, why are you [Dingy Harry] reacting to it, slimeball? What a snake. You know, the piece of paper that this transcript is printed on is greasy. I can barely hold onto the piece of paper. What a slickster!”

“This is why I called on the State-Controlled Media. It has been 92 days since the White House press corps asked Jay Carney about Fast and Furious. Ninety-two days.”

“What will the Wall Street crowd do for bathrooms? Well, no, no, no, no, you wouldn’t see Port-A-Potties, someone would have to pay for them. They probably go into Starbucks.”

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