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RUSH: I have here a series of sound bites, they’re from MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell interviewing Herman Cain. One, two, three, four, five of them. Our policy here, ladies and gentlemen, is not to include on our sound bites the employee of the network. We just use the guest. It’s primarily about fair usage. For example, Lawrence O’Donnell doesn’t work here, he works at MSNBC. So what happens on his show within time constraints is free for us to use under fair usage rules, but we’ve always drawn the line at actually using the talent unless it’s just a quick sentence or two. And I’m gonna abide by that because it’s a broadcast courtesy as well as anything else.

I was so close to making an exception because O’Donnell berates Herman Cain for not being a good black. He berates him for not actually understanding what it is to be black. And Herman Cain stands his ground here. This is the kind of thing that makes me think we are never going to overcome this divide because of the left. Now, they claim that they are the ones who are colorblind, they are the ones who are open-minded and tolerant, when in fact they are the biggest bigots among all of us. No, O’Donnell is not black. He is the plantation master. The libs run a plantation, and the blacks in the Democrat Party are the people that work for ’em. And in order to serve in the Democrat Party as a black, you gotta toe the line. It’s just a reworking on the old traditional arrangement.

I have a told you before, the Democrat Party is a coalition of disparate groups, various different constituents, and they really have nothing in common except for one thing, and that is big government running everything. And the way these groups stay in the good graces of the Democrat Party is to deliver votes and money. So in the case of the Reverend Jackson and the whole civil rights coalition, from People for the American Way to whatever the groups are, Jesse Jackson gets his seat at the Democrat Party power table by delivering votes and money and talking up the cause. And if he ever strayed from it, he’s gone, bye-bye. There’s no personal affection for Jesse Jackson. It’s really a loose-knit bunch of disparate constituency groups.

But when you hear some of these questions and Herman Cain’s answers you’ll understand, if you don’t already, I’m sure you do, that the left, for all their talk about colorblindness, wants to get rid of America’s original sin of delivery and get rid of their white guilt, it ain’t gonna happen if the black is a Republican. It ain’t gonna happen if the black is a conservative.

Let me give you an example. This is last night, The Last Word is the name of O’Donnell’s show and he’s talking to Herman Cain. He says, “The book you’re selling down there at Barnes & Noble today, you write, ‘The civil rights movement was a few years in front of me. I was too young to participate when they first started the freedom rides and the sit-ins. So, on a day-to-day basis it didn’t have an impact. I just kept going to school, doing what I was supposed to do, and stayed out of trouble. I didn’t go downtown and try to participate in sit-ins. Counter to our real feelings, we decided to avoid trouble by moving to the back of the bus when the driver told us to. Dad always said, “Stay out of trouble,” and we did.’ Where do you think black people would be sitting on the bus today if Rosa Parks had followed your father’s advice?” This is what Herman Cain said.

CAIN: My father was not giving Rosa Parks’ advice. You are distorting the intent of what I said. I was a high school student. The college students were doing the sit-ins. The college students were doing the freedom rides. If I had been a college student, I probably would have been participating. But if you’re a high school student in the 10th or 11th grade, you’re under 18 years of age, you didn’t need to get arrested and be in the middle of that. That was the intent of what I said relative to me not being involved. This is what my dad meant. It was not prudent for a high school student to be in the middle of what was going on in terms of those demonstrations.

RUSH: Then O’Donnell said, “Mr. Cain, in fact, you were in college from 1963 to 1967, at the height of the civil rights movement, exactly when the most important demonstrations and protests were going on. You could easily as a student at Morehouse between 1963 and 1967 actively have participated in the kinds of protests that got African-Americans the rights they enjoy today. You watched from that perspective at Morehouse when you were not participating in those processes. You watched black college students from around the country and white college students from around the country come to the South and be murdered, fighting for the rights of African-Americans. Do you regret sitting on those sidelines at that time?”

CAIN: Let me ask you a question. Did you expect every black student and every black college in America to be out there in the middle of every fight? The answer is no. So, for you to say “why was I sitting on the sidelines?” I think that that is an inaccurate deduction that you are trying to make. You didn’t know, Lawrence, what I was doing with the rest of my life. You didn’t know what my family situation may have been. Maybe, just maybe, I had a sick relative, which is why I might not have been sitting in or doing the freedom rides. So, what I’m saying, Lawrence, is — with all due respect, my friend — your deduction is incorrect and it’s not logical, okay?

RUSH: Okay, you see where this is going. He’s not “authentic.” He didn’t march, he didn’t protest, he didn’t get mixed up in all of that so he’s not really black. He wasn’t interested in that. He didn’t… (interruption) Well, no. “How come they didn’t ask Obama?” They have asked him. They did. During the 2008 campaign, they made all kinds of references to the fact that Obama didn’t do any of this, the fact that Obama wasn’t down for the struggle — remember — that’s why Sharpton early on was not for Obama, that why — and where do you think the “Magic Negro” thing came from, that columnist in the LA Times? ‘Cause Obama wasn’t authentic, he wasn’t down for the struggle. And when he went to Selma and started talking about how his dad was inspired by what went on there and started talking with the “black dialect,” the same day Hillary said, “I ain’t no way tired.”

These people routinely insult their audiences: Hillary, Obama using the black dialect. That was something that Obama had to overcome. The media didn’t give anybody trouble. It was individual newspaper columnists. Sharpton was, also. Don’t forget, you had Biden back then talking about, ‘Finally we Democrats, we have a clean and articulate black guy;” and Sharpton said, “What do you mean? I take showers every day. I can talk.” People forget this, but Sharpton was not on board this campaign from the get-go. Anyway, you see where this is going. Lawrence O’Donnell is telling Herman Cain: “You’re not black enough. You’re not authentic. Why weren’t you down there marching getting your head cracked open like everybody else?” Next question: “I gave your book a fair reading, Mr. Cain. I didn’t read anything about a ‘sick friend.’ What I read was a deliberate decision to not participate in the civil rights movement, the civil rights protests and I read a misleading sentence that indicated that in time you were in high school at the time when in fact you were in college from ’63 to ’67, right when it was happening in Atlanta.”

CAIN: Lawrence, I’m gonna try this one more time. I graduated from high school in 1963, okay? I didn’t start college until the fall of 1963. Now, I don’t understand why you’re trying to make a big deal out of this small point when we have an economy that is on life support. We got 14 million people out of work, and you want to try and deduce something that is incorrect from my words in my book, okay?

RUSH: Remember what I said back during the campaign, 2008, when everybody was saying, “Well, if we elect Obama, Rush, we can pretty much wipe the slate clean. That will end racism and just erase it; make up for all those horrible years of slavery and everything.” I said, “No, it won’t. It’s gonna make it worse. It is gonna get worse because any disagreement with Obama is gonna be chalked up to racism. Any controversy over policy whatsoever is gonna be chalked up to racism. Any opposition at all chalked up to racism,” I said, and has that not happened? Tea Party, who are they? Bunch of racists! Everybody who disagrees with Obama is a racist. We’re never gonna overcome this, folks. The left can’t afford for us to overcome it. The left needs this as the argument. The left needs this nation roiled over this.

The left needs perpetual white guilt over it. So the election, if it were to happen, of a Republican black, contrary to what the popular sentiment might be… Think of the treatment Clarence Thomas has gotten, and this is a little forerunner here. It wouldn’t be pretty. It wouldn’t solve anything. The left can’t afford for that to be solved. (interruption) I don’t know if O’Donnell was marching or not. You know, a lot of white people today claim they were there marching. Some were and some weren’t. But you can’t ask Lawrence O’Donnell where he was ’cause he’s the journalist, see. Journalists have in their own minds an immunity from any examination of the way they live or have lived. It’s not about them. So the next question from Lawrence O’Donnell: “A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed overwhelming bipartisan support for increasing taxes on income over a million dollars. It’s 81% support for increasing taxes for incomes over a million dollars. Has the Democrat Party somehow managed to brainwash 81% of the American people into supporting that idea?”

CAIN: The answer is yes, the Democrats have succeeded at brainwashing a lot of the American people. First of all, taxing people more that make over a million dollars isn’t gonna solve the problem. Secondly, they have just taken class warfare to another level. When for decades you are telling the American people that we ought to take more from the rich in order help pay off our debts but yet the debts don’t get paid off, they are just playing the class warfare card. I would counter that, Lawrence, with 50% of the taxpayers now pay 97% of the taxes. I don’t think that’s pretty fair already.

RUSH: Right. So, here’s O’Donnell. “Mr. Cain, you’ve also said in the past that African-Americans have been brainwashed into voting for Democrats. That’s an awful lot of successful brainwashing by Democrats. You’re now saying the Democrats have brainwashed Republicans, brainwashed Democrats, 81% of the country into thinking that there should be higher income taxes on incomes over a million dollars. You’re willing to take your brainwash idea and accuse 81% of the American people being brainwashed?”

CAIN: They brainwashed a lot of black Americans into just voting Democrat and not even considering an idea that would come from a conservative or Republican. The second part, yes. Some people, both Republicans and Democrats, have bought into the class warfare card, but a lot of people haven’t. So, you know, that number could be 81% or 85%. That just means that they’ve been succeeding. Now, what I’m doing is to try to un-brainwash people by presenting solutions that will allow everybody to try and achieve their dreams based upon their own individual effort in this nation. That’s what this nation is supposed to be about.

RUSH: So that’s how it ended, and it’s just a little forerunner of what would happen if Cain were to continue and improve and even get the nomination. The whole silliness of “Is he authentic or not?” would become the central discussion point about him.

RUSH: Tell you what we’re gonna do. I put together a montage of the questions. I want you to hear Lawrence O’Donnell asking these questions himself, just a montage of the questions. You’ve heard Herman Cain’s answers, you heard him stick to his guns. But basically what you have here, folks, Herman Cain’s gonna face this from here on out regardless how high he goes, how far he goes. The die’s been cast now. He’s gonna be baited. He is going to be insulted just because he’s black. They are gonna get away with racism and Lawrence O’Donnell proves it, illustrates it. The left will get away with racism. Herman Cain, unqualified, he’s not the right kind of black. He won’t behave the way liberal Democrat masters demand that their black people behave.

Herman Cain is not down for the struggle. Herman Cain’s father is not down for the struggle. Herman Cain’s father didn’t care that black people were getting beat upside the head. He’s not a real black. And who gets to determine who a real black is? The Democrat Party, the American left. It’s the same thing with Clarence Thomas. You know, people back then in the early nineties didn’t understand why — this went further than the fact that Clarence Thomas was conservative. I mean these people that were opposing Clarence Thomas were — and, by the way, it’s ginning back up over Obamacare. Clarence’s wife Ginni had a website, she worked with the Heritage Foundation. They were trying to say that she was out doing things in the political arena that he wasn’t telling anybody about, might taint his view on things. They were trying to pressure him to recuse himself, when actually if anybody needs to recuse themselves in the Supreme Court on Obamacare is Elena Kagan, who actually tried cases before the Supreme Court on behalf of the administration about Obamacare and related matters.

But, anyway, in Clarence Thomas’ case, it was purely and simply about the Civil Rights Coalition. That was the Thurgood Marshall seat, as it was known. And the fear was that if Clarence Thomas is confirmed then he becomes automatically the most powerful, influential black man in America, and he’s not a Democrat, he’s not a liberal, and he didn’t get anywhere using the recipes and the mandates of the left, affirmative action, protest march, he didn’t do any of that so he’s not qualified, he’s not a real black, he wasn’t authentic, can’t have that. So it was bring out the pubic hair on the Coke can time, whatever they come up with.

That gave birth to this silly notion “the seriousness of the charge.” No, actually that was the second prominent time it had been used. The first time “the seriousness of the charge” excuse was used was when this sicko named Gary Sick at Columbia University wrote a book claiming that George H. W. Bush, while vice president for Reagan, flew over to Paris in an SR-71 and made a secret deal with the Iranians to not release the hostages before the election. There’s no evidence for it. Tom Foley, Speaker of the House, (imitation) “Despite the fact that there’s no evidence, the seriousness of the charge requires us to investigate.” And they investigate and they found nothing ’cause it’s not possible.

So the seriousness of the charge came up again with a pubic hair on a Coke can with Anita Hill and X-rated videos and stuff. Pull out all the stops because of the threat a non-authentic black presents to the Democrat Party. Same thing with Herman Cain. If a conservative black’s ever elected president, folks, you’re gonna see genuine racism every day from the highest institutions of the media and the Democrat Party. It would be horrible, it would just be sick. So rather than hear me read Lawrence O’Donnell’s questions, here’s a montage of the questions he asked Herman Cain.

O’DONNELL: Where do you think black people would be sitting on the bus today if Rosa Parks had followed your father’s advice? / You watched from that perspective at Morehouse when you were not participating in those processes. You watched black college students from around the country and white college students from around the country come to the South and be murdered fighting for the rights of African-Americans. Do you regret sitting on those sidelines at that time? / Well I gave your book a fair reading, and I didn’t read anything about a sick friend. What I read was a deliberate decision to not participate in the civil rights movement and the civil rights protests, and I read a misleading sentence that indicated that in time you were — that what you tried to say here on the show, that you were in high school at that time when in fact you were in college from 1963 to 1967, right where —

CAIN: Lawrence, Lawrence —

O’DONNELL: — it was happening, in Atlanta, Georgia.

RUSH: So what? You see, Herman Cain is now disqualified because he didn’t march and his father didn’t march, and apparently they didn’t want to, they’re not qualified. Here we are in 2011, what does it really matter? In the daily scheme of things with the things this country faces, what does it really matter? And of course Obama didn’t. Obama didn’t. They tried to create a story linking his father to the great march in Selma. It was a joke. So baiting him, putting him down. It’s all happening, probably ’cause his book is out but also because he’s shooting up in the polls.


RUSH: Larry O’Donnell. You know, there are some gay rights issues happening in the country now — gay marriage and gays getting politically active — is Larry O’Donnell joining any of these gay marches and protests to show his solidarity or does he not care? He’s a journalist? I’m sorry, you can’t ask that. Journalists are immune from any comparison of the way they live their lives to the way they report on how others live theirs.


RUSH: You could even say, ladies and gentlemen, Herman Cain is marching now. He’s marching to protect the liberty and property of all Americans from avowed socialists like Larry O’Donnell, who proudly proclaims that he is one. Herman Cain’s doing his share of marchin’ right now.

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