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RUSH: CBS News. This is Sharyl Attkisson. She’s got a story at CBS News. She had a tweet. “CBS News has learned a congressional subpoena directed to Attorney General Eric Holder could go out as early as Tuesday, ordering him to turn over documents to lawmakers about when he was aware of a controversial gun smuggling operation known as Fast and Furious.”

CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports the the subpoena will come from the House Oversight Committee, led by Republican Darrell Issa. It will ask for communications among senior Justice Department officials related to Fast and Furious and ‘gunwalking.’ The subpoena will list those officials, says Attkisson — more than a dozen of them — by name.” So another random act of journalism, committed here by Sharyl Attkisson. This is the reporter the White House has been screaming at, shouting at her, demanding that she explain to them why she’s reporting on this. I don’t know what happens if Holder doesn’t respond to this, but with this regime and their authoritarian nature, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ignores it, but “a congressional subpoena directed to Attorney General Eric Holder could go out as early as” today, and it will mention names.

RUSH: Is this Eric Holder’s press conference? A plot to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the US was foiled, he’s gonna announce that. What a great way to sidestep the fact that he’s being delivered a subpoena on Fast and Furious. Darrell Issa is going to subpoena Eric Holder, according to Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News, to testify about what he knew, when, about Fast and Furious. They found a hundred more guns, American-sold guns in the possession of drug cartel members in Mexico. So here comes Holder. What nice timing, give him something to distract everybody away from Fast and Furious. That’s exactly what this is all about, some plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US, Adel al-Jubeir. What great timing, a Mexican cartel, a hundred more weapons found. No question in my mind what Holder’s press conference is about.

RUSH: Folks, the networks are going nuts with this Saudi plot story. These kind of plots seem to be uncovered fairly regularly but they’re making a huge deal out of this today. I think part of it is cover for Holder on Fast and Furious but probably maybe helping to boost Obama burnish his foreign policy credentials or terrorism credentials or something ’cause it’s really out of proportion with the way this thing is being reported.

Have a wonderful rest of the day. Debate tonight, tell you what matters tomorrow.

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