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RUSH: This is Obama this afternoon in Pittsburgh. He’s at the IBEW Local 25. (Number 29 is the sound bite number, Mike.) This is the IBEW, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Training Center, and here is what he said about the jobs bill…

OBAMA: The American Jobs Act that I’m putting forward obviously contains many ideas like infrastructure investment that should be pretty straightforward, and our hope is — is that we are able to get those passed in the next couple of months. But we’re not gonna wait for Congress. Soooo my instruction to Jeff and Gene and Valerie and all the advisors who are sitting around the table is: Scour this report, identify all those areas in which we can act administratively without additional congressional authorization and just get it done. Anything that’s within our authority to do as an administration we start doin’ immediately, and we don’t wait for Congress.

RUSH: So Obama convened a meeting of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. He just said: To hell with Congress. “I’ve told Jeff and Gene and Valerie, all the other advisors sitting around the table, have at it. We’re not gonna wait for Congress. We’re just gonna implement this jobs bill however we can. He’s speaking to a union audience, the very people he wants to funnel the money to. These are the people gonna get the money. There is no jobs. There are no jobs. It’s a tax bill! It’s money laundering. These are the people that are going to get the money, and they will turn around and send some of it back to Obama to run his campaign. Now, if he had the administrative power to create jobs without Congress, why is he waiting until now to order his staff to act?

I’m just playing this under a hypothetical tent: If he has the administrative power to create jobs without Congress, why wait? Why didn’t he do this the first month of the regime? But beyond that, here is the president openly, with cameras and microphones in the room, basically saying, “You know, I may as well be Hugo Chavez. I don’t care. If the Congress won’t act, I’m gonna get the money to you anyway.” He’s saying that to his union audience. “I don’t care.” Why didn’t he just cut out the middleman? That’s what he’s talking about: Congress is the middleman here. Just cut out the middleman and just order his staff to send the money to Obama 2012 campaign.

Why even mess with that? Just take this money and put it right into his campaign coffers. Why even mess with sending it out to the unions first under the guise of having a “jobs” bill? Now, here’s what I want to know. Again, under this hypothetical tent that we’re playing here based on what he says: Where does the money come from? He has the administrative authority to create jobs without Congress. That’s what he just said here. He told his staff to go out and find it. Where is the money going to come from? (interruption) No! Well, maybe some unspent stimulus, maybe unspent TARP, but I don’t even think he cares about that. Just authorize it. Now, here’s another thing, folks.

Now, this is important to those of us who care about the Constitution: This jobs bill is new money. It can’t start in the Senate. It’s supposed to start in the House of Representatives. New money legislation has to start in the House, and this is starting in the Senate. Now, there may be some legislative games he can play by taking a dormant House bill that Reid will then attach this to, ’cause I’m sure there’s some legislation that’s floating around that’s nothing is happening on; and Reid can simply take that and add this to it as an amendment, but they are circumventing the Constitution.

New money, new spending cannot originate in the Senate, which is where Obama’s jobs bill is — and it’s the only place that it is. So we have a lawless regime here, acting outside the Constitution; and then furthermore, in front of cameras and microphones, instructing his advisors: To heck with Congress! If they won’t do anything, we’re just gonna find a way to get this money to the unions or whoever is gonna get it without Congress. We’re not gonna wait for ’em. “Anything that’s within our authority to do as an administration, we start doing immediately, and we don’t wait for Congress,” and he’s got his staff looking for ways to do that now. That’s who this guy is, and that’s what everybody’s up against — and if we don’t have a Republican leadership that’s willing to deal with people like this, he’s gonna get away with it. There isn’t gonna be anybody to stop him.

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