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RUSH: Now, on to the Republican primary. There’s a “shock poll.” South Carolina primary Herman Cain, 26, Romney 25%, Perry at 15%. In Virginia, Cain and Romney are tied. Now, why is it a “shock poll”? Why is it a shock poll? Here we have an articulate, principled, non-establishment conservative, Herman Cain leading in a poll before a Republican primary. The media are shocked. Herman Cain is taking it to, for example, the Wall Street protestors. Every credible Republican presidential candidate ought to be doing the same thing. Every credible Republican presidential candidate ought to be talking about this protest business and the truth and relating it back to Obama and how he operates, how it’s artificial, how it’s not genuine, how it’s not spontaneous, how it’s being bought and paid for, the makeup.

Herman Cain is doing this. Herman Cain doesn’t have a whole lot of baggage. Romney has Romneycare. Rick Perry has immigration as a problem. Herman Cain’s problem is, he’s not a politician. He’s not an establishment Republican. Now, these polls don’t record the preferences of establishment Republicans; they reflect the thinking of individual Republicans leading their individual lives. You might be interested in knowing, ladies and gentlemen, Mitt Romney and Obama never met to discuss the federal health care law, but Romney’s advisors did. “New records reviewed by Michael Isikoff” who’s now at NBC; he left Newsweek, points out “‘White House officials had a dozen meetings in 2009 with three health-care advisers and experts who helped shape the health care reform law signed by Romney in 2006.’

“One meeting, NBC News reports, ‘was in the Oval Office and presided over by Barack Obama.’ Jon Gruber, one of the advisers who attended the Obama meeting, said that the White House ‘really wanted to know how we can take that same approach we used in Massachusetts and turn that into a national model.'” Okay, so obviously now somebody is leaking this; and it’s curious to me because I’m convinced the White House wants to run against Romney for this very reason. They hope to be able to discredit and destroy Romney by simply tying him to Obamacare, but leaking this story is gonna give some problems to Romney. Now, let’s put this in perspective. If you want the straight scoop, here you go, and listen up: Romney is gonna get this nomination if nothing changes as of today.

This chaos in the streets is distracting from the Republican nomination battle. That’s another thing I think that’s by design here. All this chaos, all these phony protests is taking the focus away from the Republican nomination fight. Now, what’s happening, I think… Romney’s out there talking up Herman Cain. Romney’s up there saying, “Look, if you can’t vote for me, vote for Herman Cain,” and he’s doing that to defeat Perry. No question about it. Romney has decided he’d have an easier time against Cain. I’m convinced that he believes that. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but that’s not the point. The establishment now is firmly behind Romney, and every other conservative that’s in this race is under attack.

Perry, Cain, Bachmann, you name it. The establishment is now… They’re trying to get this wrapped up next week. They want to move the primaries up, they want this done and over. The Republican establishment is trying to take full advantage of the chaos of these protests to just nail this down and end it. They want Romney to be the nominee, and that’s that. I don’t care who the conservative is. We’ve got a debate. It’s tonight, right, in New Hampshire. You watch… Who’s hosting this debate? I’ve been out of it for the last three days, folks, I hate to tell you, but who is hosting this debate tonight? Do we…? Well, who’s broadcasting? Let me ask that.

Do we know who’s broadcasting it? Charlie Rose is hosting. Okay. Regardless, here’s my point. You watch tonight how the conservatives from Rick Perry to Bachmann to Santorum, you name it, are gonna be targeted in this debate tonight. Because the objective here is to wipe ’em out. The objective here is just take ’em out and elevate Romney by default. They’re trying to pick off the conservatives one by one. Cain has emerged now as a major challenger to Romney. Romney is planning to swamp him with money and organization in the early states in New Hampshire and Florida and Nevada. That’s how he’s gonna get rid of Cain, but he wants to talk Cain up as a means of marginalizing and getting rid of Perry. That’s what I think is going on with all this right now.


RUSH: Here’s the scoop on this debate. It’s on Bloomberg TV, it’s Bloomberg TV’s first debate. Well, Bloomberg and the Washington Post, and it’s gonna focus solely on the candidates’ economic and job creation plans. It’s hosted by Charlie Rose and Karen Tumulty. Now, you couldn’t get two more classically liberal mainstream media people than these two. You just watch what’s gonna happen. It’s being advertised here as a nontraditional debate format.

“Candidates will ditch the podium and debate while seated at a table next to their fellow candidates and surrounded by audience members. Debate moderators, including famed TV host and roundtable connoisseur, Charlie Rose, Bloomberg TV’s Julianna Goldman and The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty, will join the candidates at the table.” It’s at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Dartmouth is the official host, a fairly decent sized student population. Yeah, yeah. The Dartmouth Review is where a lot of conservative — Dinesh D’Souza got started there, Laura Ingraham, yeah. That’s where a lot of today’s well-known conservative writers got their start, is at the Dartmouth Review.

Anyway, Dartmouth hosted one of the Democrat candidate debates in 2007. So it’s a roundtable debate on the economy and jobs. And this story here that Romney’s advisors met with Obama to discuss the implementation of Obamacare the same way that Romney had done it in Massachusetts? This is from the Atlantic Wire. By the way, Mitt Romney — (interruption) you’re looking at me like you haven’t heard this. “Mitt Romney and Barack Obama never met to discuss the federal health care law, but Romney’s advisers did. New records reviewed by NBC News’s Michael Isikoff point out that ‘White House officials had a dozen meetings in 2009 with three health-care advisers and experts who helped shape the health care reform law signed by Romney in 2006.’ One meeting, NBC News reports, ‘was in the Oval Office and presided over by Barack Obama.’ Jon Gruber, one of the advisers who attended the Obama meeting, said that the White House ‘really wanted to know how we can take that same approach we used in Massachusetts and turn that into a national model.'”

Now, this is ripe tonight for Perry and Cain and all the others to use. I don’t care whether this debate’s not about health care or the economy or whatever. This is about the economy. Now, obviously this is the White House leaking to Isikoff, who’s no longer at Newsweek; he is at NBC. Now, it’s obvious that the regime wants to run against Romney, and I mentioned this last week. They think Romney would be the easiest candidate of these three to beat because he’s least conservative. Don’t doubt me on this. There’s no question they want to run against Romney. However, leaking this right now, to come out so close to this debate tonight is a rather curious thing, because, again, just to make this point again, folks, I think what’s happening, the Republican establishment is trying to get this wrapped up for Romney now. They are doing everything they can to smear, marginalize, take out people like Santorum, Bachmann, Herman Cain, you name it, any other conservative that is competing for the nomination.

Romney, for his part, is now pushing Herman Cain. “If you can’t vote for me, vote for Herman Cain. I like Herman Cain,” and the reason he’s doing this is to get rid of Perry. He wants Perry out of the equation. Because he’s decided he’ll have a much easier time against Herman Cain ’cause Herman Cain doesn’t have any money. Herman Cain has the least amount of money, although it’s changing a little bit but he still doesn’t have the money that Perry has and he’s nowhere near the money that Romney has. So what is happening here, Romney wants to swamp Cain or Perry wherever with money and organization in the early states: New Hampshire, Florida, and Nevada, and that is where he expects to be crowned the inevitable Republican nominee by the lib media.

Our guys are still out, the Republican establishment is still totally interested and focused on what the mainstream media says about them. It’s one of the big problems that we face. The Republican establishment still craves the approval, the relationship that they have with the mainstream media. The Republican leadership in the House and Senate both still use the mainstream media as their primary means of disseminating information. They think that the mainstream media is still the power broker, still the power maker, and they’re gonna go through them. Romney is also signaling that he will consider Cain for vice president. So he’s building Herman Cain up because he figures he can take Cain out. If Cain can supplant Romney and become number two, then Romney figures it’s over.
Cain doesn’t have much of an organization, he doesn’t have nearly as much money, he could get this thing wrapped up next week, figuratively speaking, which is the objective. That’s what’s taking place. Just my humble opinion.


RUSH: Yeah, I may have to rethink that. I may have to correct myself. I’m still not quite sure. With the White House leaking the fact that Romney’s advisors were consulted on putting together Obamacare, it would stand to reason that they want to damage Romney and therefore don’t want to run against him, that they would prefer to run against somebody else, but that’s not what I’ve heard from other sources. So I gotta sort this out.


RUSH: According to Fox News and Carl Cameron, Chris Christie is gonna go up to Dartmouth tonight and endorse Mitt Romney. Now, this fits with a theory that I have that the White House might be afraid that Romney’s gonna wrap this up too early and they’re trying for their own Operation Chaos. Here’s my problem, folks. I have heard from reputable people that the White House is eager to run against Romney. I’ve also heard that they’d prefer to run against Perry. Now, leaking the fact that Romney advisors helped Obama advisors, including a meeting where Obama was in the Oval Office, implement Obamacare, is clearly designed to damage Romney. There’s no question about it.

I do know that the Republican establishment is desperate for Romney to be the nominee and to have this wrapped up as soon as possible, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the reasons why Christie’s going up there to Dartmouth to endorse Romney today. They’re doing everything they can to make sure — you know, Bachmann, Santorum, they’re not in the top tier now, but they want to make sure they stay. Perry is the only genuine conservative threat to Romney, and this is an effort to take him out. You got Herman Cain who is going to be promoted, talked up, because if Herman Cain supplants Perry, the thinking is Herman Cain doesn’t have anywhere near the organization or the money to compete with Romney. Nobody does, really, in terms of money.

So, you know, the White House might be worried that Romney will wrap this thing up too soon. Maybe trying to set up their own version of Operation Chaos with this leak. And make no mistake, folks, make no mistake, Operation Chaos rattled ’em in the Democrat Party. You remember what Operation Chaos was. If you are new to the program, let me tell you. If you are a veteran, let me remind you. Operation Chaos, when it looked like Obama, in the spring of 2008, was gonna wrap this up, the nomination of the Democrat Party, I, El Rushbo, as a broadcaster, I wasn’t really even thinking about politics so much here, that was secondary. I was thinking, “Okay, we need this thing to stay alive. We need this Democrat nomination to stay alive. We need to make sure that Hillary doesn’t get wiped out here too soon. We need ongoing chaos,” so I, El Rushbo, suggested that people in upcoming primary states, Republicans, reregister as Democrats and vote for Hillary in the Democrat primary against Obama. And it worked.

It was designed to see to it that they bloodied each other for many more months than would have happened. Obama was not being beat up. Obama was The One, he was The Messiah. The media was kid gloves. Hillary was standing there stunned. I mean she was the fait accompli. This was hers. She had lived all those years in the swamps of Arkansas, she had given up her whole life to make sure Bill Clinton got somewhere, even though she took over when he got there. It was her turn. It was payback. And then the good old boys network got together and said, “Okay, here comes a well-spoken, clean black guy, he’s our guy, to hell with Hillary.” And once again, women took it on the chin, disrespected by the Democrat Party, which claims, like they do with every group that supports them, to have their best interests at heart.

So it was the objective of Operation Chaos to keep that race going as long as possible so that Hillary would stay in it, continue to fight for it, and in the process bloody up Obama, about whom no negatives were being reported, written, or said. Folks, I’m telling you because the Democrat Party, they talked about it while it was going on, they continue to reference it now and then, and it shook ’em up. They have no doubt that it worked. It did work. There were news stories about increasing Democrat voter registration, and they were shocked, “What’s happening here? More and more people are registering as Democrats on the eve of the primary,” and all these yokels in the media, “What the hell is happening here?” and they started looking into it and they discovered Operation Chaos, and then they flipped a wig. They had it.

So what I’m thinking is that leaking this story to Isikoff is that Romney’s advisors had three visits to the White House to advise Obama’s people on how to implement Obamacare as Romney had implemented Romneycare, and in one of those meetings Obama was present for the meeting with Romney’s advisors. You have to conclude from this that the White House is trying to undercut Romney here. Now, let me be as blunt as I can. Everybody in the establishment, the Republican establishment and the Democrat establishment — everybody in both establishments — thinks that Romney is the nominee, and they have thought this for a while. They think nobody can beat Romney, and the reason they think this is Romney’s money and he’s had seasoning now. He knows how to do well in debates. He’s mastered the whole presence, smoothness, competent looking characteristics that one needs in these debates.

He is standing head and shoulders above all the others just in terms of debate performance, even before you get to substance. But they don’t want him to win it this soon, obviously. Now, if they had their druthers at the White House, I think they would prefer to run against Perry. As cockeyed as they are, they think that Perry would present them a bigger problem than Romney. They think Romney is beatable. And they think Romney’s beatable because Romney’s not conservative. They think Romney’s beatable because of Romneycare, frankly. In fact, they think it’s gonna be a slam dunk over Romney. They think they have the ammunition to totally deflate and dispirit Republican voters and keep ’em home, and it’s with stories like this. “Romney Advisers Helped the White House Draft Health Care Reform” leaked to Michael Isikoff at NBC News, which shows up on the Atlantic Wire.

So if that becomes the main thing the Republican nominee is known for, that his advisors helped Obama draft Obamacare legislation, they are figuring at the White House that’s all they need, Romney’s toast. Hence the leak. And now we’ve learned from Carl Cameron and Fox that Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, is on the way to Dartmouth, he’ll be there tonight, for the express purpose of endorsing Romney. And once again what we have here is the GOP establishment establishing its bona fides. Well, not bona fides. Letting us know where they are. It is them against the conservatives. The conservatives are Perry, Santorum, Cain, and Bachmann. And they are trying to wrap this up soon. So it appears the White House is trying to create problems for Romney to slow him down. And it’s understandable using the Operation Chaos blueprint: Slow it down, keep the chaos surrounding Romney, keep the fight alive, make Romney get bloodied up a little bit in this whole process, and then, in doing that, you weaken Romney.

There’s another reason the White House wants Romney. To them, Romney’s Wall Street. You can see the ad now. You can see the billboards, very simple: Romney Equals Wall Street Greed. Romney was Bain Capital, which is a classic Wall Street firm. I think it was a hedge fund but regardless it’s a classic Wall Street firm. So White House wants Romney because there are two ways they think they can easily defeat him, Wall Street and health care. So between Romneycare, which the right hates and which he will not disavow, he will not distance himself from it, between Romneycare and Wall Street, which the left hates, the White House thinks Romney will be their easiest target.

It’s clear that that’s what’s shaking out here. Sending Christie up to officially endorse Romney is the establishment of the Republican Party also signaling they want this over, they want this finished, they want it buttoned down. They don’t even want to go through the primary process. They want to force people out. They want Bachmann to quit. They want Santorum to quit. They want Cain to get outta here. Well, he’s not going to for a while. They want Perry to finally throw in the towel. They want everybody to realize they don’t have a prayer. It’s Romney.

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