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RUSH: Anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head at Occupy Wall Street. We have an example here. This is a protestor named Danny Cline and an unidentified guy arguing about the protests, and the unidentified guy says — and this from a YouTube video, this is the audio — “Why are you against corporations?”

CLINE: Are you stupid?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I’m not stupid.

CLINE: Am I against corporations because they don’t pay?


CLINE: Seven dollars an hour!


CLINE: I got a job, Moe.


CLINE: I do have a job.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: You’re standing here like a bum.

CLINE: You’re a bum, Jew! I’m a Jew. Why you fighting with us?


CLINE: You got the money, that’s why you’re fighting, Jewish man!

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I got the money because I worked for 40 years day and night!

CLINE: We got…


CLINE: So? I worked… God bless! My father worked 40 years and we have a foreclosed house. My mother’s dead. She had a heart attack from stress. You tell the corporations to stop calling my mother.


CLINE: (mocking) “What?”

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: No, no, no, I don’t understand what you said.

CLINE: (mocking) “Whut? Whut? Whut? Duh, duhhh.” You can’t even speak English? What are you, Israeli? Go back to Israel!

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: What do you have against Israel?

CLINE: Israel! Go back to Shalom Israel!

ANOTHER KOOK: Wall Street got bailed out, the American people got sold out!


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: If you know so much, why don’t you go and save the country?

CLINE: I am right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: You’re not changing anything.

CLINE: I change day by day.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: You’re not changing anything.

CLINE: (shrugs) Yes, I am!

ANOTHER KOOK: Wall Street got bailed out, the American people got sold out!

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: What are you changing, standing around dressed like that?

CLINE: (screaming) I have a job! I’m a college graduate! I’m in the Local 1 Plumbers Union! Who are you to tell me I need a job? Look at you, you short little man! Go away!

RUSH: That’s who they are. “Look at the you, you short little man! Go away.” “You’re a bum, Jew!” and the Democrat Party’s embracing this. The Democrat Party and Chuck Schumer embrace it. “Yeah, these are the people that are more popular than the Tea Party! It continued. This is Charles C.W. Cooke interviewing Occupy Wall Street protestor Danny Cline and Cooke continued, “Is that why you’re here, to generally cause trouble?”

CLINE: No! To provocateur your intellectual mind, to get you to think, you dumb motherf(beep).

COOKE: Right.

CLINE: You’re not thinking! that’s why they can amuse you, glaaaamour you, glaaaaamour you.

COOKE: So would people…?

CLINE: I don’t watch television. I read and I eat healthy.

MAN IN BACKGROUND: I need $20,000.

CLINE: I got off of drugs.

COOKE: Would people, ummm —

CLINE: I’m not mentally ill.

COOKE: Would people only be “thinking” if they agreed with you?

COOKE: Exactly.

COOKE: Right.


RUSH: This guy thinks everybody should think the way he does. Here’s another one. Yesterday in New York City, Occupy Wall Street. This is a montage of a protestor and his complaint against Wall Street. There are some other voices that you’ll here.

ANTI-SEMITE: (crosstalk) Go home, Jewish billionaires! All those Jews are gonna (garbled)! Take a piece of this! (strikes)

JEWISH MAN: I’m a Jew and I’m not that (garbled)!

ANTI-SEMITE: I don’t care what you are! Freedom of speech!

JEWISH MAN: Freedom —

ANTI-SEMITE: This is not Israel! This is not Israel! Freedom of speech. The Jews control Wall Street! Google “Wall Street Jews,” Jews!

JEWISH MAN: Anti-Semite!

ANTI-SEMITE: Jews on Wall Street. Jews! Jews! These are the Jews! Jews control Wall Street.

WOMAN: People are saying that Fox News paid you $50. Did you get paid $50 to hold that sign?

ANTI-SEMITE: F(bleep) off, Jews! Jews not bulls(bleep)!

WOMAN: Did anyone pay to you to hold that sign?

ANTI-SEMITE: No, a f(bleep) Jew made that up!

RUSH: (laughing) “No, a … Jew made that up.” So the anti-Semitism is all over the place. I remember opining recently that this could have severe blowback the Democrat Party if this stuff keeps up and gets out, because the Democrats are embracing this. “Jews control Wall Street, yeah! Jews control Wall Street. Google Wall Street Jews. These are the Jews. The Jews control Wall Street.” And how about this woman? “People are saying Fox News gave you $50 to hold that sign. Did you get paid $50 to hold that sign? (stifling profanity) “F… f… f… Fox News! That’s bulls…!” (laughing) I just think of Roger Ailes sitting in his office watching this stuff go by. (laughing) Screw, Fox News! (laughing) And then yesterday Los Angeles, this is the Occupy Los Angeles protest.

PROTESTOR: One of the speakers said the solution is nonviolent movement. None, my friends! I’ll give you two examples: French revolution and Indian so-called revolution. Gandhi. Gandhi today is… With respect to all of you, Gandhi today is a tumor that the ruling class is using constantly to mislead us!

WOMAN: Damn, right!

PROTESTOR: Counterrevolution made from the mantel of transformation. But it got bloody. In India, the result of Gandhi is 600 million people living in maximum poverty! So ultimately bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution, yes! Revolution that is led by working class. Long live revolution! Long live socialism!

RUSH: That’s who they are. That’s who they are. Gandhi is a tumor the ruling class is using constantly to mislead us. That’s who they are, folks. That is indeed Organize Wall Street Now. Organize Los Angeles Now. Don’t you just love that, Fox News paid you $50 to carry that sign. (laughing) Google Jews, Google Jews and Wall Street. (laughing) No criticism, by the way. I mean these people are being protected, “You have to understand their rage.” You know it’s apparent in addition to hating money — maybe they don’t hate money, maybe they just hate the Jews, maybe Organize Wall Street is just made up of people that hate the Jews. That Adbusters bunch, the magazine, Adbusters, the outfit outta Canada that is really responsible for this, blatantly anti-Semitic. Don’t kid yourself, folks. There’s a large anti-Semite bloc that is running this show down there that’s responsible for this. And, again, I say the Democrat Party embraces it. It ought to embarrass ’em.

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