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“The Republican establishment is doing all it can to force a nominee on the Tea Party that they don’t want. They’re trying to limit the presidential choice between a hard-leftist, socialist Democrat hell-bent on taking down the country and a fairly liberal Republican who doesn’t want to rock the boat.”

“I’ll tell you, 30 years ago if a president had personally taken an axe to the US economy, he wouldn’t have lasted the first term.”

“The Washington Post also has a front page piece: ‘Why Some Democrats Oppose the Jobs Bill.’ They don’t actually come right out and say it, of course, but the answer’s quite simple. It turns out that some Democrats love their jobs in Congress even more than they love Obama.”

“The Washington elite, the New York Times, and the media love a Republican elite that understands its place is number two in the pecking order. So the New York Times is now worried the ‘wrong’ people might get control of the GOP — and you know how concerned the New York Times is about the well-being of the Republican Party.”

“The Democrats claim that the Wall Street protestors represent hardworking, middle class Americans being screwed (somehow) by the Tea Party and the Republicans. That’s how out of touch the Democrats are with the population of this country.”

“If 80% of the American people think that the country’s on the wrong track — why is Obama at 40% in the polls or 42% in the polls? Some of this stuff just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“Conservatives run around the country, campaign, and get elected on conservatism; then go to Washington, get corrupted and co-opted by the culture there.”

“In the old days I used to have stacks positive and negative — and it was always one negative stack; the others were positive. Now I can barely struggle to find three positive things.”

“You can’t even get your whole brain around the massive misuse of federal money that we have going to the guys in green energy. It’s one of the biggest slush funds that has ever been created by a politician for himself.”

“Seriously, folks, what is a company that has a market cap of $170 billion doing getting $2 billion basically gratis to invest in wind turbines?”

“A brilliant solution to the housing crisis: just bulldoze houses where American families used to live. This is the new normal in the Obama economy.”

“So half a billion dollars in stimulus money, Porkulus money is supposed to go to jobs training for so-called green jobs. Three years later, only a third of that money has been spent, only 40% of the people who were to be trained have been trained, and only 15% of those trainees have gotten jobs, and only 12% of those people have kept the job for six months.”

“The whole reason for the creation of the Occupy Wall Street protests is to counter the impact of the Tea Party. It’s all part of a grand design.”

“I would love to be able to get my dad on this show as a guest. (laughing) Oh, jeez.”

“When it comes to out of the mouth of a Democrat, my first reaction is to think that it’s absolute poop.”

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