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RUSH: As you may know, the House of Representatives is voting today on a bill restricting federal funds for abortion, which is puzzling to me because I thought that already was the case. But maybe somebody presented another bill to reverse it and say federal funds for abortion is okay so we’re gonna vote it down. Whatever. Here’s Pelosi this morning at a press briefing, her weekly press briefing, talking about the bill being voted on today restricting federal funds for abortion.

PELOSI: When the Republicans vote for this bill today, they will be voting to say that women can die on the floor and health care providers do not have to intervene if this bill is passed. It’s just appalling.

RUSH: That’s right. Republicans want women to die. Disgusting. That’s all they’ve got, folks. The only kind of thing they’ve got, we’re racists, we’re sexists, we’re pigs, we want women to die. That’s all they’ve got to run on. They cannot beat their chest and say, “Look what we did. You want more of this?” They can’t do that. They can’t run on their record. They can’t run on anything other than the usual smears.


RUSH: Folks, the bill that Pelosi was talking about in that bite as an attempt to tweak Obamacare. We were told Obamacare would not fund abortion. We were told Obamacare wouldn’t fund abortion. Now they have to take a vote to make sure that it doesn’t fund abortion. No federal funds. So as far as Pelosi is concerned, what the Republicans want with this vote is women dying on the floor and doctors can’t do anything to stop it. Kind of like the way Obama looks at abortion. If an abortion is intended and it’s botched and the baby survives, Obama supported legislation in Illinois that says you can’t save the baby because the original intention — this is when original intent counts — the original intention was for the baby to be aborted, the doctor can’t save the baby if the abortion is botched.

So babies dying on the floor, that’s fine. Obama’s in full-fledged support of that when he was in the Illinois legislature. Babies dying on the floor or in the operating room, wherever. But Republicans want women to die, ladies and gentlemen. That’s Pelosi. Even if you happen to agree with abortion, it’s an elective operation to have one. Nobody forces — well, I take that back. If Planned Parenthood catches you walking into a different doorway they’ll try to stop you and force you into having an abortion if you had an appointment. Why are we talking about paying for elective procedures in the first place? What other elective procedures does the federal government pay for? She always brings this stuff up. What a devout Catholic she is during all of this.

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