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RUSH: ABC Radio News at the top of the hour, if your EIB affiliate carries ABC Radio News, you just heard that they are very concerned about this pastor who introduced Rick Perry, who said something along the lines that Romney’s religion is a “cult.” They’re very concerned out there, folks. The media is very, very, very concerned over this pastor. Yes, they are. They’re trying to make a big kerfuffle out of this. They didn’t give a whit about Jeremiah Wright. They couldn’t-a cared less about “G-D America!” Jeremiah Wright said 9/11 was deserved because we nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (impression) “It’s in our own front yaaaaards. America’s chickenssss have come home to roost!” He was all excited about 9/11. Nobody cared about that.

You gotta wonder something. Obama’s out there, we all know (this an old story) and wanted to apologize to Japanese for Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and the Japanese said (paraphrased), “No way, pal. You’re not doing that. We got a nuclear industry here that’s thriving and we don’t want a bunch of malcontents showing up. It’s old news. No, no, no.” So he had to be talked out of it by the Japanese. Now everybody’s wondering… That sermon that we’ve played for you and you’ve heard it everywhere of Jeremiah Wright, the “America’s chickens coming home to roost,” was his 9/11 sermon! That was the sermon the Sunday after 9/11, and we were wondering: “Did Obama go to church on the Sunday after 9/11? Do you think he would have?” I mean, for a lot of people it was like Easter: You show up. We don’t know.

But if Obama did — and I don’t think Obama needed to hear Jeremiah Wright condemn Nagasaki and Hiroshima. I don’t know. Well, I know Obama worships himself and going to church could be in his case going to the bathroom, the throne. But nevertheless: Wright’s up there in that sermon and he’s talking about all about how we deserved it. Now, all of a sudden — all of a sudden now — it’s very important to vet pastors. It’s very important to vet candidates’ pastors. They didn’t care a whit about Jeremiah Wright, but now we gotta go after this Jeffress guy because of what he said about Mormon — and, in fact, the media agrees! You just wait. If Romney gets the nomination, wait ’til you see what the media does with Mormonism. For crying out loud, didn’t they already? They already made a big deal of it the last time Romney ran back in 2008. They’ll do it again.

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