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“The Lord’s Resistance Army is being accused of really bad stuff — child kidnapping, torture, murder, that kind of stuff. We just found out about this today and we’re gonna of course do our due diligence research on it, but nevertheless we have a hundred troops being sent over there to fight these guys.”

“Have you ever wondered why Wall Street’s being targeted now? Because blaming Bush has had its day. No longer works.”

“The education institutions are very important to Democrats. That’s where their friends work.”

“It’s always amazed me that universities can raise prices with impunity. Nobody ever does anything about it, Big Education. And the reason why is that’s where the brainwashing takes place.”

“This Occupy Wall Street is not an intellectual movement; it’s a temper tantrum by a bunch of spoiled rotten kids who don’t know anything.”

“The groups who organized and are running these protests are not interested in jobs or helping the economy. They’re not interested in work. They simply want to shift the blame for Obama’s failures.”

“Random acts of journalism. They are rare. That’s why we point them out when they happen. It is very rare indeed in this day and age for a journalist to actually commit journalism.”

“We need a new movie, not All the President’s Men, All the President’s Liars. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, all these other things, these are huge potential, scandalous, corrupt incidents.”

“These protestors are the product of liberalism. They’re not the product of compassion and good-heartedness and tolerance and all that other bogus stuff that supposedly attaches to liberals. This is nothing more than the success of ideological brainwashing — mind bending, programming, propaganda.”

“The numbers of people all over the country lined up to get iPhones today would dwarf this collection of smug stupidity that is running around thinking that they run the world.”

“These protestors are walking zombies. These are Obama Zombies. These are the kinds of people that totalitarians dream of.”

“Maybe some of these protestors do want jobs. But they wouldn’t know what to do with one if they got it. They may want jobs but they don’t want work. They want benefits, sick days, vacation, and health care, but they don’t want to work.”

“President Obama has deployed troops to another war, in Africa, ladies and gentlemen. Jacob Tapper, ABC News, is reporting that Obama has sent 100 US troops to Uganda to help combat Lord’s Resistance Army. I wonder how the Wall Street crowd is gonna react when they find out that Obama has sent troops to another war?”

“For those of you in Rio Linda, March comes before May.”

“The evil rich and Wall Street are the targets to shift the blame away from Obama for his reelection.”

“College professors are not, in many cases, producing informed citizens. I give you the Wall Street protests as an example. A lot of them are college students, and they’re dumb! They are stupid. They’re robots, they’re being programmed.”

“The Democrat Party lives in the world where everybody is like the Wall Street crowd — and you can’t blame ’em. They used to have a news monopoly, and it was much easier to create mind-numbed robots than it is today. But now there’s the evil Fox News, there is Rush Limbaugh, there’s an entire alternative media which has destroyed that monopoly. But they act as though the monopoly still exists, even though they know it doesn’t, and it frustrates them.”

“My instincts never fail me. Always listen to your invisible voice, the voice in your head, always listen to your heart. Your heart will never lie to you.”

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