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RUSH: Here’s Susan in Chicago. Glad you waited. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a pleasure and an honor to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to say with this bill, that jobs bill he’s got coming up, he wants everybody to pass for him, and all he’s talking about are government jobs mostly: teachers and firefighters and construction workers that work for the cities and the counties. Why doesn’t he put together a bill to put the private sector back to work so that the local localities could take care of their teachers and their firefighters like it’s supposed to be?

RUSH: Because that’s not his objective.


RUSH: His objective is not putting private sector workers back to work. There’s a way to do that. It involves government getting out of the way, primarily. But he’s not about that. This is a tax increase bill, and, you’re right, the jobs that it creates are basically for one year: teachers, firefighters, cops. After the one year, it’s up to the local municipality to keep paying them or laying them off. In the meantime, they’re all members of unions and they all pay dues. And where do the dues go? To the Democrat Party. So this jobs bill is really nothing more than another slush fund, pure and simple.

I mean stop and think, folks, really. A jobs bill that’s $457 billion, or 427, whatever it is, when is the last time anybody ever credibly thought that this is how jobs are created, federal spending, and $427 billion, how many jobs can be created? The whole notion here is absurd. And so now to keep the ruse alive, Obama, (imitation) “Okay, they rejected the whole thing. Well, I’ll break it up into parts and I’ll have a $35 billion jobs bill,” this is for the teachers and the firefighters, “and let’s make the Republicans tell the nation why they don’t want cops to have jobs and why they don’t want teachers to have jobs and then when we get to the next section of it, let’s have the Republicans tell the American public why they don’t want new roads and why they don’t want new airports like the ChiComs have and why they don’t want new schools,” and all of this.

You gotta understand here, Susan, this is never supposed to pass. None of this is. I mean it would be a wet dream if it did, but it’s not supposed to. It is merely there as a campaign tool for Obama and the Democrats to hopefully be able to portray the Republicans at anti-people. The Republicans want dirtier air; the Republicans want dirtier water. And they want fewer people with health care. This is what Obama is saying. There’s already a 26 or $36 million save jobs for teachers bill in California. If you remember that one, the school districts that got the money did not use it to hire teachers. They used it to shore up the pension fund for existing teachers.


RUSH: You know, maybe if these events that President Obama is at, these staged, Astroturf events, if they weren’t stuffed with reporters at all these bus tour stops at North Carolina and Virginia, maybe somebody would stand up and ask, “Hey, Mr. President, you spend billions of our dollars on phony green jobs, solar, wind, jobs in China, jobs in Brazil, jobs in Mexico. How about you give us all that money back?” Where is there any accounting on the money that’s already been spent and been wasted by this regime? Look at all Solyndras that are out there that are known and look at all of the wind energy that is now being funded. And there’s no business to fund. No energy is being created. There aren’t any jobs being created.

There’s a whole lot of crony capitalism going on. And nobody ever, ever asks this guy to account for the money he’s already spent that’s ostensibly gone toward job creation. Really this is absurd. Almost a trillion dollars in combined stimulus before he throws this one up at everybody. In a sane media world the first question out of anybody’s mouth would be, “Well, the first one didn’t work, and no matter what you say we’re nowhere near the targets you said that first stimulus would get us. Why in the world are you doing it again?” There hasn’t been one question of that nature. The questions are all to the Republicans. “Why do you hate people? Why do you want people to have dirtier water and bumpy roads and dirty schools?” Flat-out, plain ridiculous and absurd.

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