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RUSH: A Two If By Tea update. We were swamped yesterday. We were overwhelmed with people who want to get in on our latest promotion: Las Vegas is Open for Business. Remember, Obama told everybody, don’t go to Vegas, and he made it a stigma if anybody went. The Republican debate is there tonight. We’ve been tying our Two If By Tea contests and promotions to Republican debates and straw polls. So I have made two executive decisions, actually. We had so much response at both our website and our call center — let me first explain the process. There are a hundred winners this time around. Grand prize winner is three days, two nights to Las Vegas at a classy hotel. No wedding chapel hotel.

Airfare, I found out an underling put this together with coach airfare. That underling has been suspended. We don’t send anybody coach at Two If By Tea. So what I have done, the grand prize was three days and two nights for one winner. I have expanded the number of winners, so we’re gonna have a grand total of four grand prize winners. What are you smirking at in there? Save the company money? What about the image of the company? Send people coach? That’s what everybody else does. Not us. You win a coach trip to Vegas, big whoop. No, we’re gonna send people out first or business, whichever we can get, but we’re also gonna expand the number of grand prize winners from one to four, ’cause so many people have entered here.

So there’s gonna be a total of four winners who will get three days and two nights in Las Vegas at a class act, quality hotel, second prize winner gets a thousand-dollar gas card. The other winners get an auto autographed eight by ten photo of me and all you have to do is buy a case of tea at TwoIfByTea.com between now and 11:59 p.m. tonight. It’s just that simple. And the real key here is this is the best iced tea you’ve ever tasted. It is without question, there’s nothing even close out there. It’s the official beverage, of course, of the EIB Network. We have a great sponsor, too. We sponsor the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation with every purchase, and that is a charity that provides scholarships, college scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action.

So you got two ways to enter, TwoIfByTea.com is our website, and all the rules are spelled out there, or our call center, simply call 866-662-1776 if you want to order a case or more by phone. Each case is $23.76 and shipping is free. And that’s a big nut, too, but we take it. So we’ll ship it out for free, you’ll get it within three days, and that’s what it takes to enter. You have to buy a case by 11:59 p.m. tonight. Everybody loves these promos that we do, and the numbers are just over the top. I was talking to Kathryn last night, said, “With this many people entering, we’ve gotta have more than one grand prize winner here.” She agreed. And then when I found out that we’re sending the winners out coach I about blew a gasket. That’s just not what we do here. So I got that fixed. I don’t know if the rules reflect the change yet on the website. Another underling is doing that and subject to suspension if they don’t get it right.

So a grand total of four winners, three days, two nights in Las Vegas, first class airfare, and we’ve upgraded the flights from coach to first class. Everybody that purchased yesterday as well as anybody that purchases today before 11:59 p.m. Pacific time is automatically entered to win “Las Vegas is Open for Business.” So four grand prize winners will receive round trip first class airfare for two to Las Vegas, three days, two nights at a well known Vegas hotel, credit towards meals. A hundred additional winners. The odds are pretty good here, folks, that you’re gonna get something, and with four big grand prize winners.

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