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RUSH: By the way, Senator Dick “Turban” is circling the wagons around Plugs Biden. Durbin was on MSNBC this afternoon, and they were discussing Biden’s remarks about Republicans not passing the jobs bill leading to an increase in rapes and murders. You know, where is Biden saying this stuff? Flint, Michigan. Who’s running Flint, Michigan, for decades? Democrats. Everywhere Biden is going and making this claim, everywhere he’s going the Democrats have run the show for who knows how long. (interruption)


RUSH: Here’s Durbin talking with Andrea Mitchell. And she said that Joe Biden’s being roundly criticized by Republicans for having suggested that the failure to pass the jobs bill could lead to rape and murder, that there’s been more crime because of police and other security officials being laid off. Is that the kind of language we should expect to hear more of from the vice president?

DURBIN: Let me tell you what the vice president said and make the record clear. When we have fewer cops on the beat, we have more crime on the street. That’s a fact. And the numbers back it up. We have an amendment for the Senate to vote on today that’s part of President Obama’s jobs package that will make sure that we save the jobs of thousands of cops and firefighters and teachers across America by imposing a one half of 1% tax on millionaires. I think it’s far better for America to have safer streets, for our homes to be protected, and for these teachers to remain in the classroom. The crime rate that the vice president referred to is a matter of fact.

RUSH: This is unbelievable. It is just unbelievable, and it is entertaining as it can be. By the way, just so you know, John McCain is being reported by the New York Times as giving Obama direct credit for the death of Khadafy. McCain says the credit should all go to Obama. That’s why McCain’s not president. Things like that. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Trying to gain the favor of the media. I mean that’s pure and simple butt kissing, and who’s butt is being kissed here? Why does McCain think he’s gotta kiss anybody’s butt and who’s butt is he kissing with that comment? Obama’s? Obama doesn’t have a butt. Compared to his wife he really doesn’t have a butt. Well, they’re just things I notice.


RUSH: I am holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a piece here from the NRA, National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action website. FBI statistics show a decline in the US crime rate. “With gun ownership at an all-time high in the United States, most recent FBI stats contradict the anti-gun rhetoric about more guns causing more crime. Last month the FBI published their most recent findings on the US crime rate and for a fourth consecutive year the crime rate has dropped,” big time. Now, this juxtaposed against Plugs Biden running around talking about we need money, we need $35 billion by Friday, otherwise rapes and murders and robberies are gonna skyrocket. And Dick Durbin decides he’s out there walking the plank on his own, I’m gonna go out and rescue him, I’m gonna say the same stupid thing, $35 billion by Friday, otherwise rapes go up and there’d nothing we can do to stop it and we told you. Meanwhile, the crime rate in America is plummeting as gun ownership skyrockets out there.

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