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RUSH: Tony in Tampa, great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, the regime hates the private sector. The same thing with those stool pigeons on Wall Street. It was the private sector that put out the P-51 mustang. I think North American did that. It was the private sector that put out the B-17, Boeing did that, which Barack and his union thugs, they despise that company. The B-17 decimated Germany. It was the private sector that put out the P-38 Lightning. Did you ever see the P-38 Lightning, Rush?

RUSH: I have seen the P-38 Lightning, yes.

CALLER: Is that not a beautiful airplane?

RUSH: It’s a gorgeous airplane, but I’m partial to P-51 because my dad flew it.

CALLER: Yeah, your father flew the P-51 with the drop tanks, man, another beautiful airplane. When Goering first saw the P-51 over Berlin he said the war is over. So what I’m trying to say is it was the private sector which put these aircraft out —

RUSH: You know what Obama would say? Obama would say, “Well, you might think so, but you couldn’t have built that P-51 if the government hadn’t authorized the expenditure of World War II and we couldn’t if the government hadn’t agreed to pay salaries for some of the workers and government provided the roads and the bridges for all the parts to be delivered to the factory,” blah, blah, blah. That’s what Obama would say.

CALLER: Yeah. Obama doesn’t know that it takes people in the private sector to design that aircraft.

RUSH: I think he knows it, he resents it.

CALLER: Oh, he does resent it, he resents the private sector, as he resents the military. The same thing with those stool pigeons on Wall Street. If it wasn’t for the private sector, Rush, Barack and those stool pigeons on Wall Street would be living under some brutal sadistic violent communist dictator. Let’s see if you like that, Barack.

RUSH: Well, that’s what some of them want. Obama wants to be the dictator; the people on Wall Street want to be the subjects. Some of these people on Wall Street actually want that. Some of these protesters, the Occupy Wall Street Now, some of them actually want that. Some of them actually want to be serfs. That’s how they look at freedom and equality, and egalitarianism and so forth. That’s what some of them want. That’s what they’ve been taught, and it’s superior, it’s fairer, it’s better for everybody. A lot of them are saying, “Look, go ahead and stay in business, we love what you make, just don’t make a profit. Why can’t you make iPhones and just break even? Why do you have to show a profit?”

That’s their mentality. Why can’t you provide us what we want but why do you have to make a profit in the process? That’s objectifying us, that’s taking advantage of people, that’s overcharging people, that’s just unfair, why don’t you just do what you do — this is a very naive thought, but many people have it, particularly young, idealistic people. Why don’t you make that car and sell it to us for no more than what it cost you and then everybody would be happy. You’ll make the cars, we’ll buy the cars, we’ll be able to buy the cars at a much cheaper price and then everybody will be able to afford one. But the minute people start putting profit into it, that’s where we have problems because that’s exploitation and unfairness. That’s what they’re taught. Some people are just oriented toward being slaves, natural born subservient people, and they will give away their freedom as fast as they can, at the same time trying to get you to do the same thing.

Now, I have a story here, this is Pajamas Media, it’s a blog and a lot of people contribute there. “Occupy Barack: Obama Has Raised More from Wall Street than All the GOP Contenders, Combined.” They’ve got a fake logo here, Goldman Sachs with the O in Goldman being the Obama logo, and they say that this logo “is more accurate than we thought. Obama even raked in more cash from Bain Capital, which Mitt Romney founded, than Romney did. Despite frosty relations with the titans of Wall Street, President Obama has still managed to raise far more money this year from the financial and banking sector than Mitt Romney or any other Republican presidential candidate, according to new fundraising data.

“ObamaÂ’s key advantage is his ability to collect bigger checks from fewer donors, because he raises money for both his own campaign committee and for the Democratic National Committee, which will aid in his reelection effort. As a result, Obama has brought in more money from employees of banks, hedge funds and other financial service companies than all the other GOP candidates combined, according to a Washington Post analysis of contribution data.” So Obama, folks, in case you’ve forgotten, Obama is the banker of the national student loan program. The federal government has nationalized that. They took it over, took it away from the banks. Wall Street is in his hip pocket, and he is in theirs, and yet these stool pigeons want him reelected.

Now, the idea here that Obama is somehow removed and repulsed by Wall Street is what is laughable. Oh, I know he says so. I know he and the Democrats talk a good game of hating these Wall Street bankers, but they’re all in bed with each other, and this is where people get confused. In the case of the banks, hedge funds, financial institutions, ideology has very little to do with it, although the people that run Goldman Sachs, commie bastards, a lot of these Wall Street financial people are. One of the biggest myths out there is that all big businesspeople are conservative, ideological conservatives or Republicans. Many of them aren’t. To whatever extent they are ideological, they’re Democrats or they’re liberals. But before any of that matters, they gravitate to wherever the power is, for two reasons: to get in bed with it and to protect themselves from it.

So Obama and Biden and everybody are running around, and they are trying to dredge up exactly what’s happening with these Occupy Wall Street people: Hatred and opposition for the banks. You’d think in a normal world the people that run the banks and these Wall Street firms would get mad, say, “The hell with you, we donated to your campaign, here you are denigrating us.” Instead they donate even more money. They contribute even more. They’re trying to get Obama to leave them alone. Or there is a wink, wink Obama to the bankers and the Wall Street people, “Look, you know I have to say this, I have to do this, I got my base. Just go along with it. When the rubber meets the road, you and I are gonna be fine.” That’s basically what happens.

General Electric, look at Jeffrey Immelt. Now, GE’s market cap is, what, $170 billion or some such thing? Whatever it is, it’s high and he doesn’t need federal subsidies or loans, but he takes ’em. Why? I don’t even know what Immelt’s ideology is. He makes it look like he’s a big liberal Democrat. I don’t know what he is, but if the government’s gonna come along and spend their money and you don’t have to spend yours, there’s an operative philosophy, people who believe in debt, a lot of people who do, yeah, use other people’s money to buy what you want, get other people’s money. Why use your own? If you can get somebody else to finance what you want to do, finance your growth, why wouldn’t you? So this is crony capitalism, and it has all kinds of different definitions and applications. Obama, as leftist as he is, is the biggest practitioner of crony capitalism since Mussolini.

I just find it laughable and humorous. All this is going on and these blind-as-a-bat protesters have no clue. The guy they support, the party they support is actually the number one enabler of the people they hate: the banks, the money people, Wall Street. Because, folks, at the end of the day when we’re talking about people like this, I’ve often said liberals are liberals first in trying to explain how is it that Jewish people can support Obama after his policies toward Israel, or how can any number of groups end up supporting Obama based on how he has attacked things that are very important or near and dear to them, and I’ve always said, “Well, liberals are liberals first,” which is true. But always follow the money.

That will explain so much of why Republicans appear to you and me to be ideologically wishy-washy. They want the money, too. They want to be in charge of who gets the money. That’s the game that’s played every four years we have a vote and really what it’s all about is who gets control of the money for the next four years or maybe eight. And after four or eight years a party loses and then the next party gets its turn. While that’s going on these ideological battles are fought on the surface to make it look like that’s what it’s really all about. But you and I know that it isn’t. How do we know it isn’t? Because everybody’s out there targeting these precious independents when it comes to time to win elections. They’re not going ideological. Now, rank-and-file, members of Congress, supporters, full-fledged leftists who do indeed, in addition to their quest for money, want to tear down the very structure that creates it and produces it. Nobody says they’re rational. In fact they’re very irrational.

I’ve always found it amazing that people on the left have gotten away with this notion that they’re altruistic about their pursuits, that they don’t really care about the money. They care about it more than anybody does. In fact, they care about it more, and they want money without having to work. Nonprofits, charities, what have you, where they live off the donations of others, their lives are nothing more than sending out fundraising letters begging people to send them money and they live off of it. The ideological divide still exists and it’s real and it is worth fighting, and even I think the best victories and the most long lasting political victories are in fact when ideology is what’s being fought over, fought about. That’s why I think ideology and principle ought to be part of every Republican election, in terms of the campaigns that they run.

But even with all that — and it’s still a major factor — you cannot rule out what everybody, every human being, wherever they live, quests for more money, a better lifestyle, we just have different ways of going about it. These Wall Street kids want it given to them under the guise that they’re Americans and it’s not fair that some should have more than they do. So some big power should come and take away from the people who have too much and give to those who don’t. I don’t want to have to work for it, no, no, no, unfair ’cause those rich people haven’t worked for it, they have stolen from people or they’ve cheated people or they have inherited or what have you. But it’s still all about money, and when you have as much money that pours into the federal Treasury and as much money is borrowed there and printed there, to have control over that, and what you can do with its disbursement in terms of cementing your own power, you just can’t ever rule that out, and you certainly can’t take it out of the top two reasons in most cases to explain anything that happens in politics.


RUSH: It’s funny. I have been inundated with e-mails. I was quoting this piece moments ago from Pajamas Media on a story about how in bed Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, other firms on Wall Street are with Obama, and I said that there’s a logo here, Goldman Sachs with the O in Goldman as the Obama logo. And I’m getting e-mail, “I’ve seen that before. You did it on your website a long time ago.” And I thought this looked familiar, and sure enough April 20th we ran this logo. We are so on the cutting edge here. We get lifted from all the time.

A lot of people out there just run around and they troll the Web looking for evidence that people are stealing from them and they make a big deal, and we never do. We just do our job every day and move on. Clearly we’ve been lifted from on this, but we get lifted from every day. That’s what happens. That’s why I say we’re show prep for the rest of the media. I don’t take it personally, and I don’t get mad about it. It’s not possible to stop and it’s too time-consuming to police it and distracting to worry about it. But I did want to mention this ’cause Koko and the boys and Michaele up there deserve credit because they were the original creators of this mock logo. In fact, we’ve got the best creative graphics consistently on a day-to-day basis at RushLimbaugh.com than anybody out there. There’s no question about it.

(interruption) By saying that he’s nobody better at crony capitalism than — he’s closer to Mussolini, call him fascist? So? So what? I’m fully aware of what I’m saying here. Not only am I aware of what I’m saying; I like what I say, I like hearing myself say it, and so do millions of others. And I don’t live in fear of what’s gonna come out of my mouth. I used to live in fear of what was gonna go in it. But I’m not even afraid of that anymore. I’m not afraid of the mouth as an entry or exit. I love hearing myself say what I say. You would, too, if you’re as right as often as I am.

Fascism is simply government control of the means of production. What would you call it? These green energy firms where there is no business, can’t survive without these bogus loans, and the money first starts out with these bundlers raising campaign donations for Obama. They send it to Obama, he gets elected, they start up these phony green businesses. Obama sends some of the money back to his donors in the form of a loan that does not have to be repaid to do their green energy. The business goes bankrupt, but the guy never does. And you keep spreading that around and it’s just a giant money laundering operation. Whether the business ever runs or not, it still wouldn’t ever have had a chance without Benito Obama.

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