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RUSH: Now, according to reporters on the ground in Libya, Colonel Khadafy’s body — there’s one good thing about this guy’s death, and that is the tombstone. We’re finally gonna find out how he spells it. There are about 120 different versions of the spelling of Khadafy’s name. (interruption) Oh, they did? AP’s got a story on how he spells it, it’s in the stack here? Oh cool, we know that. So we don’t have to wait for the tombstone. Fine. Not what I was going to say anyway. That was just a random thought.

According to reporters on the ground in Libya, Colonel Khadafy’s body was put on the hood of a car and driven around the town of Misurata yesterday. Some of the rebels even posed with the corpse of Colonel Khadafy. This, ladies and gentlemen, apparently is how democracy works. Well, this is a Democratic movement here. We’re told this is the blossoming of democracy here in Libya and this is what happens in a democracy, you put the corpse on the hood of your car and you parade around the capital. (interruption) On the hood of the car he’s alive in the first video?

I saw that video yesterday. They hauled him off the back of a pickup truck and then the savagery began. Are you trying to tell me that he’s not dead, is that what you’re trying to tell me? You’re trying to tell me that you’re not convinced he’s dead yet. And the only reason you’re thinking that’s because we haven’t had the official confirmation from Calypso Louie. Farrakhan has not issued a statement. Now, Hugo Chavez has. Hugo Chavez called him a martyr. Hugo Chavez says its’ a bad move. But Calypso Louie has not said anything. The regime, the Obama bunch has told us that this is an outbreak of democracy, so I guess we have to add that to the definitions. You’re vanquished, you get put on the hood of a car and paraded around town.

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