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“I just wish that people on our side could get unified and understand that the problem is not Herman Cain, the problem is not Rick Perry, the problem is not Rick Santorum, the problem is not any of our people. The problem is Barack Obama and what he has done so far to this country and what he will continue to do if given the chance.”

“I’m not trying to throw a bone to the rich. I’m trying to get money returned to the private sector from the public sector. I’m trying to get money back out of Washington, back to Main Street.”

“The massive landslide 2010 election was based on what? Opposition to liberalism. Opposition to Obama specifically. The 2010 midterms were a direct rejection of big Washington, big government, big liberal, big Democrat, what have you. The 2010 midterms were not an endorsement of the Republican Party.”

“It’s middle class jobs that are being destroyed. Middle class education being dumbed down to the point that people in the middle class are not being educated to be upwardly mobile. This is not a coincidence, and it can’t be denied.”

“We had the largest middle class in the world, and it’s under assault from practically every direction.”

“Obama’s ideas are unworkable. His policies are stupid. His ideas are naive and dangerous. His record is a disaster. He is the most unqualified, irresponsible, disastrous candidate. Not the conservatives!”

“The middle class has always been the best kept secret of this country in terms of its meaning. The middle class is where the people who made this country work, live. It’s where they are. And it’s the middle class that’s under assault by all that Obama has done.”

“Any one of these Republican candidates would be such a vast improvement over what we have now. And they’ve all thrown their hat in the ring, they’ve all taken the plunge, they’ve all been willing to take the media anal exam.”

“The family home was the largest asset most people in the middle class have, and it’s being destroyed, after being talked up for generation after generation.”

“Herman Cain commercials will start soon. It doesn’t mean that we’ve endorsed Herman Cain, and it doesn’t mean that we’re not gonna talk about anybody else. You know, Romney can buy some time. Rick Perry can buy some time. If they wish. I just don’t want anybody to think here that the fact that one of the candidates has purchased time means that we have endorsed.”

“We’ve got the most incompetent, dangerous group of people running this country in my lifetime and beyond, and anybody on our side seeking to displace them would be a 2,000% improvement.”

“You want to talk about what’s radical, Obamaism is radical. What’s radical is what Obama has done and what he continues to do.”

“The 2010 midterms were not an endorsement of the Republican Party. The Republican Party was not out there saying vote for us because of. The Republican Party got the votes by default. People were opposed to what’s happening. That’s why this is so damn frustrating!”

“Contrary to what some people think, the rich are not born that way. Well, a few of them are, the Kennedys and others, but the vast majority of the rich are made. Hard work, you name it.”

“Middle class upward mobility is what set this country apart from every other country in the world. And now where is middle class upward mobility? It has been targeted.”

“Have you ever looked at the expiration date on a Twinkie? They outlast cockroaches. A Twinkie would outlast a nuclear blast. You could have a Twinkie on the shelf for 35,000 years.”

“I was born to host, and you were born to listen. It’s been working great for 23-plus years; it’s gonna work for 23 more, however much longer I want to do this. When I figure I’ve saved the country then I’m outta here, somebody else can take over.”

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