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RUSH: I told you yesterday I knew it would be the case: Calypso Louie not happy with the death of Brother Moammar Khadafy. Yesterday in Chicago on the radio, Calypso Louie had this to say about the death of his ousted brother, Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy.

FARRAKHAN: Khadafy died in honor, fighting for the Libya that he believed in. They would never have won if Nay-to was not bombing day in and day out!

RUSH: But they were. (laughing)

FARRAKHAN: They went for humanitarian purposes, yet 50,000 Libyans lie dead because of the West wanted access to the wealth of Libya. Now let me tell you what this man did. Did he kill people? Well, hell! Did our president kill people? Talk back to me! You have made your president an assassin!

RUSH: And we’ll take a — (laughing) jeez! — time-out.


RUSH: A little bit more on Calypso Louie, who issued basically a fatwa on the killing of his close friend and sugar daddy, Colonel Khadafy. It’s a shame after all those years he never got a promotion. He was born a colonel and he died a colonel. He never got promoted in all of his years running Libya. From what I understand, folks, there will not be a tombstone, so we won’t know how he actually spelled his own name. One of the upshots of his death was the world learning how he spelled his name, but I’m told there won’t be a tombstone. Calypso Louie, on the other hand, feels a great loss. In addition to the bite that we just played you, Farrakhan acknowledged that Khadafy killed people but he, as you heard him say, says that Obama does, too — meaning Osama Bin Laden.

Because, according to Farrakhan, Bin Laden should have been put on trial so that we would know the “real truth” behind 9/11 which is (in his world) an inside job by the Jews. Farrakhan blames Obama’s foreign policy on the wicked demons who are being controlled by “powerful international corporations,” meaning the Jews. Farrakhan said Khadafy’s image has been tarnished by the news media which Farrakhan says “controlled by the banks,” meaning the Jews — and naturally Farrakhan actually supports the Occupy Wall Street protests since they have pretty much the same enemies: corporations, banks, the Jews. Oh, and Farrakhan also says that the US is through as a world power, which oddly enough is also what Obama likes to tell us. Obama tells us that we are finished as a world power, that we’re no longer going to lead. The American consumer, the American worker, are no longer going to lead. Those days are over, Obama says.


RUSH: Here’s John in Salt Lake City as we head to the phones. Hello, sir, great to have you here.

CALLER: Rush, great to be on the program.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I am one of those students that you speak of. I’m also a former student of the great Walter Williams so I think I’ll get through without the liberal bias.

RUSH: There you go, good for you.

CALLER: So I’m calling because I think that one of the biggest things tying to what you said about what we’re expected to do, as conservatives we’ve become conditioned, almost self-conditioned that we shouldn’t offend, we shouldn’t upset, we shouldn’t be aggressive, we shouldn’t tell the truth, we shouldn’t say the truth for what it is. And this is something that has been conditioned into us. We fear the social reaction to things like the truth. So going back to Farrakhan’s comment that we have turned our president into an assassin, to that I say good. That is his job. It is his job to protect us. He is the father of our republic. It is his sworn duty to keep us safe. This is a man who by any measure could not be considered anything less than a direct constant threat to the United States. And for our president, through NATO, to sanction what Farrakhan wants to call an assassination, I will agree with him. I say, good. This is the world we live and work in, and I will no longer allow my safety to be superseded by my concern that I would offend somebody.

RUSH: Okay. So you want it said that Obama is an assassin?

CALLER: I want the truth to be said for what it is.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: We went into another country and we killed an individual. That is my definition of assassination.

RUSH: Okay. So Farrakhan — (crosstalk)

CALLER: — bad person that threatened our republic.

RUSH: Farrakhan was right, Obama is an assassin. Works for me.

CALLER: And I think this just ties into the general use of euphemisms.

RUSH: Fine. That works for me, Obama is an assassin? I’ll take it.

CALLER: I’m glad I could give you that on this fine morning.

RUSH: Well, this is why we go to the phones. Sometimes enlightenment does take place on the phone. You’re absolutely right. Multiple assassin. Bin Laden, Khadafy, US economy. I like it.

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