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RUSH: Now, a couple days ago, might have even been yesterday, our buddies at the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell, they sent a guy down to Ground Zero, the Occupy Wall Street. By the way, folks, let me ask you something. I don’t know about you. I’m getting Occupy Wall Street fatigue. I’ve had it since Day One. That’s not a problem for the media. They’re hanging on the every action that the Occupy Wall Street people are taking, and I’m convinced that the media is hanging on here hoping and praying that we get the equivalent of a car wreck. They’re hoping some sort of Kent State-type massacre is gonna take place. They are hoping that there’s going to be some kind of civil disobedience. They are hoping that general unrest is gonna take place, the riot is gonna start, the cops are gonna go in there to try to quell the riot. I think that’s what they’re hoping for. This is the chaos that everybody is looking for.

Have you seen the photos? Have you seen the photos of these parks after the occupation protests have been forced, to de-occupy ’em so people can go in there and clean ’em up? Where’s all the recycling? Where is all the saving the environment? Where’s all the organic stuff? Where’s whatever these people claim is necessary to save the planet? I can’t tell if these are pictures from Occupy Wall Street or from that earthquake in Turkey. These people are pigs! They’re leaving their places an absolute mess — and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of recycling going on, unless you count recycling bunch of hippie nonsense from the sixties in terms of attitude and behavior. I thought these are the people that love Gaia. I thought these are the people that love Mother Earth. I thought these are the people that didn’t like any pollution, didn’t like any trash, didn’t like any garbage. Look at the mess they’re making wherever they are, and you didn’t see these kind of messes following Tea Party rallies.

Anyway, the people at Media Research Center sent one of their reporters down there yesterday (Dan Joseph is his name) and he went around and asked them a simple question: “Who do you think is more dangerous to American society, Rush Limbaugh or Al-Qaeda?” And here’s what he got.

JOSEPH: Who do you think is more dangerous to American society, Rush Limbaugh or Al-Qaeda?

WOMAN: Both.

JOSEPH: Both, equally?

WOMAN: (giggling)

MAN: Both.

JOSEPH: Both equally?

MAN: Yes.

JOSEPH: Wow. Rush Limbaugh or Al-Qaeda?

MAN: What’s the difference?

MAN 2: Rush Limbaugh.

JOSEPH: Okay. Al-Qaeda or Rush Limbaugh?

WOMAN: Probably Rush Limbaugh.

JOSEPH: Why Rush Limbaugh?

WOMAN: Because he has a greater effect. He’s on TV every day speaking to us. Al-Qaeda’s not.

RUSH: This… (laughing) I don’t know. (laughing) (interruption) You mean about being on TV every day? I am on TV every day! I am on TV practically every day. There are snippets. (interruption) No, no. She didn’t specify that. There are snippets from the Dittocam taken every day, and they are played all over cable news networks. I am on television every day. I’m not being paid for it (and of course not doing any extra work for it, either), but I am on television every day. I’m probably the most recognizable radio person ever, ’cause I am on television every day. So these people… You know, I went back and forth about whether to even play this or not because it’s silly, “Rush Limbaugh or Al-Qaeda?” But I wanted you to hear this one woman: “Limbaugh is worse,” and there’s another bite here, one more, I think.

WOMAN: That’s a hard question.

MAN: It’s tricky.

WOMAN: Very.

JOSEPH: Think about it.

MAN: They both inspire hated, so, ahhh, Al-Qaeda’s sliding its way out; Rush Limbaugh seems to be going up in popularity.

MAN 2: He’s an instigata.

JOSEPH: He’s an instigator?

WOMAN: Yeah.


MAN 3: We see things such as Fox News and CNN but we’re not seeing what’s going on in the world and in fact we’re the terrorists going to other countries such as Iraq and Iran and overthrowing their governments to institute a — a — a — a democracy, so to speak, and something that can obviously be not be worked with, at least at the level that they’re at. So, ultimately, Americans are the terrorists.

RUSH: Right out of the thought process of Jeremiah Wright: “So, ultimately, the Americans are the terrorists.” I decided to go ahead and air this once again just to illustrate in their own words who these people are, how utterly dumb they are, how purely stupid they are. And they’re products of their education. They’ve been taught this. They believe it.

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