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“One of the primary purposes, one of the main objectives on the left is controlling education. No question about it.”

“I tell you, you students with college loans and you parents of students with college loans, do you realize what dupes you are to the regime? It is amazing. The student loan program reform, it’s amazing.”

“I don’t want anybody to misunderstand. I am not telling you to punt college. I’m not telling you that’s the route you should take. But I do understand that it is an institution controlled by the left, and I don’t trust ’em.”

“Remember, now, Obama’s magic reelect number on unemployment is 8%. No president has ever been reelected in the modern era with the unemployment rate higher than 8%. And if the unemployment number gets below 9 — even if it’s 8.9%, forget the .9, all the media is gonna see is that 8 — the media and Obama are gonna go to town with it.”

“College to me never equaled education. Learning equaled education. And I always had a problem learning in forced, mass circumstances like schools where everybody had to conform and everybody was taught the same thing, and what you were interested in was of secondary importance.”

“I don’t care if it’s education, if it’s medicine, it’s pensions, everything’s underfunded! In other words, we’re spending more than anybody is taking in — and it contributes to this whole notion that nothing is real. It’s all been built on dreams, loans, debt, what have you.”

“My whole life has been show prep, essentially, being prepared to have to demonstrate what I know because I don’t have this magical piece of paper which says so.”

“The one institution in this country that is immune from such attack is education. Those people can charge whatever they want! Tuition could go up 200% and there’s never one peep about it. The Democrat Party and the American left never make Big Education justify what they’re doing.”

“If going to college equaled education, I’d have a lot fewer problems with it. But it doesn’t.”

“This is a stunning fact, folks. Tallying up all of the student loan debt in history, 82% of it was accrued in the last ten years.”

“Obamacare, there’s nothing affordable about it, there’s nothing far-reaching about it. None of the legislation coming out of this regime does anything it is named to do.”

“What do you think the purpose of the Kennedy School is at Harvard, the Kennedy School of Government? It’s to train you where to go to buy the right shoes if you work in the State Department; where to go to buy the right suit; on what occasion do you wear the tails. All the social, finer points and , all the language, all the techniques.”

“My personal slogan when it came to going to college: ‘Resist We Much!’ Even before I knew that was my slogan, that was my slogan.”

“My kids wouldn’t survive if I had any. They would have been tossed out along with me after one year of the garbage that suffices for an education these days in way too many schools in this country.”

“I understand liberals. I know how they try to control. I know how they try to limit people’s freedom. I know how they try to dumb down people in order to get them compliant and dependent. Gosh, the damage they’ve done to this country and the people of this country is just incalculable. It breaks my heart and ticks me off at the same time.”

“Look, if you want to understand this, think of it as reverse amortization. Think of it as the subprime mortgage crisis comes to student loans. That is how to look at this. The subprime mortgage technique, the subprime mortgage philosophy comes to student loans: You give money to people who will never be able to repay it on the basis that it’s not fair they can’t go to college, on the basis that everybody should go to college.”

“I knew way before college what I wanted to do, and all I wanted to do was things oriented toward advancing what I had already found out that I loved.”

“I, El Rushbo, el primo communicator in America, flunked speech class. You know why? Because it wasn’t a speech class. This is exactly my point. It was an outline class.”

“No president has ever been reelected in the modern era with the unemployment rate higher than 8%. And if the unemployment number gets below nine, if it’s 8.9%, forget the .9, all the media is gonna see is that eight.”

“Every time I start talking about education on this program, the phones melt. It matters to people. The education of their children matters to people like nothing else does.”

“We find out the Occupy protesters are not staying in tents at night, the homeless and a criminal element showing up for free spaghetti Bolognese — (laughing) — and the cooks say, ‘To hell with you, here’s some brown rice.’ (laughing) Isn’t irony ironic?”

“So here we have the Occupy Wall Street cooks, now part of the 1%. (laughing) They’re the haves. They’re part of the 1% who won’t feed the homeless. They won’t share the organic wealth.”

“When I went to high school and junior high, American history was taught from the standpoint of American greatness. The founding of the country was taught within the context of how miraculous it was, not as it’s taught today: A crime.”

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