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RUSH: It’s a scam from the get-go just like Madoff was a scam,and of course there’s this. “Federal regulators have discovered that hundreds of millions of dollars in customer money has gone missing from MF Global in recent days, prompting an investigation into the brokerage firm, which is run by –” dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — the former governor of New Jersey, prominent Democrat with bad hair, “– Jon Corzine.” Corzine also used to run Goldman Sachs. Corzine was also a United States senator. He’s always used other people’s money. So he loses the governorship of New Jersey, pools his expertise as a senator, as a governor and his CEO status at Goldman Sachs, starts his own firm, MF Global, and millions of dollars of customer money is missing, just like investors in Madoff, their money ended up missing.

“The recognition that money was missing scuttled at the 11th hour an agreement to sell a major part of MF Global to a rival brokerage firm. MF Global had staked its survival on completing the deal. … Regulators are examining whether MF Global diverted some customer funds to support its own trades as the firm teetered on the brink of collapse. The discovery that money could not be located might simply –” Now, see, this is the New York Times and they’re reporting on a Democrat, “How could Corzine be so stupid?” Not, what a crook! “The discovery that money could not be located might simply reflect sloppy internal controls at MF Global.” Yeah, mistakes were made. Sounds familiar. Who else used that excuse? Someone in the Clinton regime, Sandy Burglar. Yeah, yeah, millions of dollars of customer money is missing and the New York Times says it could simply reflect sloppy internal controls.

It’s funny how Enron never got that benefit of the doubt. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Corzine had something to do with Enron. I think Corzine helped Enron invent an accounting scheme or financial product or something. Yeah, yeah, liabilities were converted to assets. Corzine helped Enron come up with a shenanigan that turned liabilities into assets on the balance sheet and they hid billions of dollars. That, of course, like all phony things is gonna collapse at some point, but it was Corzine who helped them do this. Simple mistakes were made. Just like, how could Bill Clinton be so silly not to get that dress back? Herman Cain, you lousy SOB, you dirty, rotten sexual harasser skunk, we’re gonna get rid of you, you SOB. We hate your guts, Herman! How could Bill Clinton be so silly and stupid to not get that dress back? You note how the coverage changes. Can somebody tell me what the MF stands for in MF Global?

Anybody want to take a wild guess at what the MF stands for in MF Global, after all this? As the New York Times dutifully, almost sorrowfully reports, “It is still unclear where the money went. At first, as much as $950 million was believed to be missing, but as the firm sorted through its bankruptcy, that figure fell to less than $700 million by late Monday…” Oh, well, that makes it okay! Okay, nothing to see here. It was almost a billion, but it’s only $700 million! No big deal. How could Jon Corzine make such a mistake? “But the investigation, which is in its earliest stages, may uncover something more intentional and troubling.

“In any case, what led to the unaccounted-for cash could violate a tenet of Wall Street regulation: CustomersÂ’ funds must be kept separate from company money. One of the basic duties of any brokerage firm is to keep track of customer accounts on a daily basis.” How could Corzine have been so lackadaisical? “Neither MF Global nor Mr. Corzine has been accused of any wrongdoing,” unlike Herman Cain. “Lawyers for MF Global did not respond to requests for comment. Now, the inquiry threatens to tarnish further the reputation of Mr. Corzine,” who we’re doing everything we can to protect here at the New York Times, because he’s a Democrat.

“MF Global was seen as having taken on an enormous amount of risk with little room for error given its size. By Friday evening, MF Global was under pressure to put up more money to support its trading positions, threatening to drain the firmÂ’s remaining cash,” but Herman Cain? He’s going down! (growling) Herman Cain, did you see what Politico said? We’re not putting up with Herman Cain. No more! Clinton, yeah, he’s a hero to us. You know why? Because he so frustrates you people. We love taking you people out for things that we praise our side for doing ’cause we know how it irritates you.

That’s the operating standard of the New York Times or the left-wing media.

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