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RUSH: We at TwoIfByTea.com are running a little contest. This is not our next big promotion. We’re just gonna have a little fun here. We want you to create your own 30-second YouTube commercial video. Go to TwoIfByTea.com and look at all the rules and regulations there, and the prizes. There are three winners that we will select. First place is a 55-inch Sony flat-screen TV; second prize is a 15-inch MacBook Pro laptop and six cases of Two If By Tea; and there’s a third prize thrown in there, too. Your submissions have to be 30 seconds in length. The commercial should have a theme: “History meets modern day.” TwoIfByTea.com: One if by land, Two If By Tea.

We’re looking for creative videos. We might even end up using these commercials that our winners produce someday in an actual commercial, but we are just doing this to have a little fun with this. The tag line (you have to mention the tag line once in your commercial) is “From Tea to Shining Tea.” You must have that line in your commercial. Just go to TwoIfByTea.com, and look at the YouTube commercial contest. Everything that you need to know about it is listed there: Time frames, what you have to do, what your best odds are of winning, what the requirements are, what the prizes are and so forth. Just to have some fun with it. TwoIfByTea.com, the YouTube commercial contest.


RUSH: Let me give you some tips. If you’re gonna participate in the 30-second TV commercial for TwoIfByTea.com, things that just spring to my creative mind. “Two If By Tea: The way tea ought to be, a takeoff on my book.” “A tea you will ‘Revere,'” as I am Rush Revere on the label. “You said the taste is revolutionary,” any number of ways to play this. We got a commercial already. Somebody created a commercial with their two cats singing a song about the tea. It’s hilarious. It’s just something to have fun with and you might win some cool prizes if you emerge victorious in this. There are three different winners.

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