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RUSH: A question: If Barack Obama can use taxpayer money to invest in risky private sector investments like all of these fraudulent, phony, there-is-no-business-there green energy loans…? If Obama could do that, if he can use taxpayer money to invest in risky private sector investments that go belly up, shouldn’t we be able to put our retirement money in a safer place than Washington? I personally don’t mind risking my money on investments I trust. What I don’t like is other people risking my own money on investments only a fool would trust. Privatizing a portion of Social Security is an argument that’s always out there, and any time somebody brings it up seriously within the realm of politics they get shot down as, “It’s the third rail, can’t do that.” And of course look at how it’s demagogued.

How is it demagogued? The argument for not privatizing even a portion of Social Security is that people might risk their retirement savings on risky investments. “Yes, these stupid idiot people might go out there and invest their money in bad places! They might put their money in the stock market — oh, no! — and they might lose everything,” and then they cite the most recent market crash they can think of. Well, excuse me, but isn’t Obama risking everybody’s retirement savings when he gives our money to green energy boondoggles? There is no Social Security lockbox. It’s all general funds. So Obama’s taking our retirement money, he places that money in very risky investments — crony capitalist investments — where the money, some of it, comes back to him in the form of campaign contributions.

These shady businesses that he forces us to invest in are run by his campaign contributors and bundlers, and they’re going belly up one after another. Now, somebody explain to me why he can do that with our money and we can’t. It’s our money, money that we want for our retirement, and any time somebody comes along and suggests that we have control of even a portion of it to invest ourselves someplace other than the black hole of Washington, “You can’t do that! Why, you don’t know what you’re doing out there, and you’re gonna invest it in the stock market, and those people are a bunch of crooks (even though they’re our largest donors). They’re a bunch of crooks and they’re gonna lose everything! You’re gonna be coming back to us when you lose it. We can’t let you do that!”

Fine. So we’re to sit idly by while you throw away our money on schemes nobody with half a brain would invest in. “What do you mean, Mr. Limbaugh, that nobody with half a brain would invest…?” If it weren’t for all of these government loans none of these green energy firms would ever get started. The very fact that they need guaranteed government loans is proof positive they can’t compete, and yet they’re invested in — and Obama, his investment skill, intuition? Nobody ever questions it! They all question our own ability to handle our own money — and they all, in Washington, conclude, that we don’t know what we’re doing — and that we’re gonna put in the stock market (Obama’s biggest donors, by the way) and that we’re gonna lose it, and then what?

Well, the way I see it, the government has lost $16 trillion since it was founded. That is the national debt. They’ve lost $16 trillion, and they tell us that we can’t be trusted with our money. It’s patently absurd. I was thinking about this a couple of nights ago. I really am sick of everybody sending Obama their money so he can spend it lavishly on his donors. Social Security is broke, and it’s not because any of you misspent your savings. Social Security is broke because the people you are forced to send it to can’t manage it properly. There’s not a moral argument for Obama to give or lend everybody else’s money to his friends or to anybody with a business that couldn’t get a bank loan, and that’s what’s happening. And how come nobody questions his smarts?

Why does nobody question his legal right to do that? You gotta look at it this way, folks. They tell you you’re not competent enough to handle your own retirement money that they take from you in the first place, in the form of your FICA deduction on your paycheck. They take it from you, then they tell you that you don’t have the smarts to deal with it, only they do. They have lost $16 trillion of that money and who knows where else it came from? Just another reason why Social Security and medical accounts all need to be privatized. Socialism has failed. It’s been tried, “With the smartest people, the most compassionate people, the people who are smarter and have so many good friends and they’ve studied it. The people who say, ‘Yes, it’s failed in the past but because the wrong people tried it and we never, ever really had it properly funded.'” Well, now, the “right” people are in charge, gotta properly fund it and it’s a bigger boondoggle than ever. We tried socialism; it fails. Only an idiot would continue to give good money to bad people. But the thing here is, we’re not giving it. It’s being taken. And a series of rank amateur hucksters led by Obama is taking our money and throwing it down a rathole called green energy, for the express purpose of a portion of it coming back to them in the form of campaign contributions.

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