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RUSH: Saidy in Portland, Oregon. You are next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah, hi, Rush. You know, I’m just getting so tired of hearing you (scoffs) talk about (groans) —

RUSH: Nobody gets tired of hearing me talk!

CALLER: (continuing to talk) — and I have been turning it off because I’m getting so annoyed with you.

RUSH: Oh, no, no, no. Saidy, nobody gets tired —

CALLER: (talking)

RUSH: Here we got the cell phone thing. Anyway, nobody gets tired of hearing me talk.

CALLER: (grunts) Well, I’ve been listening to you for years, and —

RUSH: How long? How many?

CALLER: — I have a Rush Baby who’s 25 and he started listening to you when he was five years old.

RUSH: As he still?

CALLER: Yes. But he’s getting annoyed with you, too.

RUSH: Over what?

CALLER: Well, for one thing, you aren’t really talking about serious matters.



RUSH: Like what am I not talking about?

CALLER: Like, you’re talking about Herman Cain like he’s the best thing that ever came around.

RUSH: No, I’m not.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s the impression you’re giving people.

RUSH: No, it’s not. I haven’t said —

CALLER: You’re defending him in this.

RUSH: Nope.

CALLER: All of this bimbo eruption stuff, as you put it; well, when Clinton had all that bimbo eruption, you believed all those women. But now you’re defending Cain.


CALLER: And, you know, who knows if it’s true or not.

RUSH: No, I’m not.

CALLER: It probably is true at least with one person.

RUSH: I’m not doing that at all. You are not listening with a discerned ear.

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: No, you’re not.

CALLER: I’m listening.

RUSH: I haven’t… I don’t know whether Cain did it or not!

CALLER: Exactly but — (crosstalking)

RUSH: That has been my —

CALLER: (crosstalking)

RUSH: My point is —

CALLER: (crosstalking)

RUSH: No, no. Wait a minute. You —

CALLER: And Ann Coulter, she makes me sick. She is just so right-wing —

RUSH: All right, look, now you’re making me not believe what you’re saying about being a lifelong conservative with a Rush Baby kid —


RUSH: — and — and all that.

CALLER: Oh, yeah! I am! (crosstalking)

RUSH: You’re making it very tough for me to believe you here.

CALLER: I listened to you for years — (crosstalking)

RUSH: You’re filibustering out there trying to pretend to be on a cell phone because you know full people that I can’t hear people on a cell phone. Look, all I have pointed out here is that when a Democrat comes along with documented cases of sexual harassment, the media promotes them and goes after the women and tries to destroy them. When the same charges are leveled against Herman Cain, it’s a different story. They go out and try to destroy Herman Cain. What I’m trying to point out is the discrepancy and disparity in the way the stories are covered and promoted by the media, pure and simple. I don’t know whether Cain did it or not. I started the program today by saying, “I don’t care who leaked it. It only matters to me if he did it or didn’t.”

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: If somebody is lying about what he did, then it matters. If somebody’s leaking the truth, then it doesn’t matter who’s leaking it, he’s got a problem.

CALLER: And speaking of lying, he — he tries to act like he knows so much about Federal Reserve. He said it could audit itself? It was audited this year —

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: — by the Government Accountability Office.

RUSH: You —

CALLER: You know that between — (crosstalking)

RUSH: Do you have talk show? Iowa?

CALLER: — they have — they have —

RUSH: Saidy?

CALLER: — $16 trillion.

RUSH: Saidy?

CALLER: — banks, corporations, and —

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize. Really, I do. I cannot have a conversation with people on a cell phone because we’ve got piece of garbage phone system here, and there’s nothing apparently that can be done about it. So it’s just as frustrating as I can explain to you to try to deal with this. But, Saidy, the only way I can react to you here is to take you off the air. I’m sorry to have to do that but it is obvious that the real reason you’re calling is that you don’t like Herman Cain and anybody who’s gonna start “promoting,” in your mind, Herman Cain is what’s gonna get your dander up — and you’re fine! Feel free to oppose Herman Cain all you want.

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