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RUSH: Here is Zsa Zsa. She was on This Week with Christiane Amanpour, who said, “There’s a bit of a national sorta funk, isn’t there?”

HUFFINGTON: You see the president in front of crumbling bridges that have been crumbling ever since he’s been in the White House, but suddenly we’re getting close to 2012, so he wants to be seen to be trying to create infrastructure jobs. But it’s all a show. And the American people sense it, that there is no real effort or will to create jobs.

RUSH: What’s going on? Even Zsa Zsa knows Obama’s jobs bill’s a fraud. You know, Zsa Zsa has been upset with Obama for a long time. There has to be a reason and we’ll ferret it out. Ted in Gambier, Ohio, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good to be here, Rush. Hey, I’ve been involved with Issues 2 and 3 for quite a while here in Ohio and unfortunately most of us have a pretty bad feeling about how it’s gonna turn out and that both of them will probably not pass, which is one of the reasons why the Supreme Court, frankly, should not read too much into the health care freedom amendment if it doesn’t pass. The reason is these odd year elections seem to have very light turnout, and the union vote, the SB 5 vote, has really got the union folks very, very agitated, and a lot of us really, unfortunately, think that their turnout is going to be unusually large, so it’s gonna be really kind of a skewed electorate which then the health care freedom amendment, which has nothing to do with the SB 5 —

RUSH: Why is that, though, why is the opposition side here not revved?

CALLER: The opposition side here is revved, but we’re doing what I can, but a big part of the problem is — and this is in regards to both issues — is that the union folks are so well organized and so well funded —

RUSH: But they always are, and they don’t win every time.

CALLER: Correct. I understand that. But like, for instance, the health care freedom amendment, we’ve been working at getting that on the ballot. It took us a year and a half. I mean it’s hard for a grassroots organization that’s trying to build itself up to get, you know, a hundred thousand plus signatures. Whereas the union folks, all they do is snap their fingers and in a couple weeks they got it done.

RUSH: Well, we’ll see. You’re on the ground. You obviously have a better feel for it than do I. I’m a little bit more optimistic than you are, but we’ll have to just wait and see. To me they’re no-brainers. Regardless, off year, on year, but again, you’re much closer to it than I. I gotta run because of time. Thanks much for the call.

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